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  • dangerous cat

    dangerous cat

    It’s a heartbreaking story,i feel like i’m in the story i feel pity to the main character can you at least make it a bit easier on her part ? The story is good but my heart is broken, i know you made a rules in your story but then can you lessen the burden she has been suffering .thanks what ever ths story goes ill still support you goodluck

    2021-10-24 15:11:49
  • CHD


    I am sooooo in love with this story! You are a very talented writer!!! Thank you!

    2022-01-31 05:45:17
  • Irma Sosa

    Irma Sosa

    I'm loving the story! It's so good, I don't think about stopping to comment. i just want to get to the next chapter. great job!

    2022-06-25 02:30:13
  • Phumla Chitwa

    Phumla Chitwa

    For someone who is supposed to be a powerful wolf you have portrayed her to be very weak in a lot of these chapters. I think we have heard enough of her abuse. Can we now get to the good part where she unleashes her powers.

    2022-04-20 14:25:58
  • Kay Kay_55

    Kay Kay_55

    ok...I'm tired of this.....please make sense of this....hurry up and let lycus find nyx and nyx be a more responsible parent, remember she rejected lycus and left not thinking about her child at all.....I'm tired of her being stupid and being abused in almost every other chapter... .just please fix this story

    2022-03-21 10:04:57
  • Clarisa Malabanan

    Clarisa Malabanan

    Update more chapters please.

    2021-11-10 10:13:56
  • Michelle Hampton

    Michelle Hampton

    Can't wait to read more

    2021-10-23 22:30:11
  • Marjorie Simmons

    Marjorie Simmons

    time to kick beta ass

    2022-07-31 04:00:40
  • Malene Jeppesen

    Malene Jeppesen

    can't belive she gave him another chance he dont deserve it

    2022-07-03 03:34:26
  • Laura Carlisle

    Laura Carlisle

    Where her special powers being a silver wolf

    2022-05-17 17:47:04
  • Jessi Shermer

    Jessi Shermer

    The stupid decisions being made by her is frustrating.. She's obviously in a situation that is potentially dangerous, why would she not say something? Doesn't she also realize her daughter is in danger with Alpha Titan around?

    2022-05-07 07:55:50
  • Sharlene Mcfarlane

    Sharlene Mcfarlane

    he's innocent

    2022-04-30 13:07:14
  • Nora Frost_1

    Nora Frost_1

    Omg...for a moment I thought Lycus didn't make it😭

    2022-04-28 09:15:55
  • Kay Kay_55

    Kay Kay_55

    I am getting tired of her weakness and why won't she tell Lycus how the beta keeps threatening her

    2022-03-20 10:47:12
  • Badgirldesire Fire

    Badgirldesire Fire

    When will she stop being weak and stand up for herself?

    2022-03-11 15:08:31


    you are a fool... you just said that you would rather be dead than eating dirty food and again you are back to you being weak..

    2022-01-26 13:52:34


    she was never innocent.....

    2022-01-26 13:32:00
  • Wendy Hardcastle

    Wendy Hardcastle

    I guess I'm a pessimist, I think she will find Lycus with Laya and be hurt all over again. Andros seems like a good guy, but there is something we are missing about him. not sure if he is true to his word, but I think he has an agenda too. Laya needs to be put down...litterally.

    2022-01-24 07:33:07


    don't be stupid.... tell him about your past

    2022-01-10 23:45:48


    oh come on you are better than this. you should have confronted Lycus or take your daughter and leave that place..

    2021-12-08 20:55:56
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