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  • it preshy

    it preshy

    I like the story but why did u use Yoruba not everyone understand the language now it as discourage me from reading it

    2022-11-04 15:55:21
  • Davidolu


    Great start. I love werewolf novels. and this one looks good.

    2022-09-03 14:54:34
  • Beatrice O

    Beatrice O

    for a start this novel shows potential. I'm willing to read and know the end of her story

    2022-09-03 14:54:06
  • Tee10


    Pls author, still expecting update.

    2022-09-11 20:35:20
  • Tee10


    Interesting author, pls update more.

    2022-09-10 14:27:11
  • Dada Teniola

    Dada Teniola


    2022-12-21 03:25:22
  • Dada Teniola

    Dada Teniola

    No Sarah cannot die i want to read how her pregnancy go author u are the best💋

    2022-12-21 03:13:36
  • Ikujenya Ayomide

    Ikujenya Ayomide

    Wow congratulation lune but what about the war I hope she don’t lost the baby

    2022-12-20 09:36:47
  • Dada Teniola

    Dada Teniola

    Where is my popcorn 🍿 great start author ( wink 😉)

    2022-12-15 05:28:27
  • Oluwatoyosi


    this novel is so good.

    2022-09-23 05:29:55
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