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  • GemZone_97


    What is the name of the second story ?

    2022-06-14 09:38:47
  • Cami Lupe

    Cami Lupe

    That was a lot of words in those lyrics again, good for the auther... but that was 2-3 pages of wasted space for me. No need to write up the hole song for us.

    2022-12-19 06:48:13
  • Rachel Tipton

    Rachel Tipton

    I don't appreciate paying money to read a song someone is singing, not once or twice but repeatedly. It's ripping off people who actually want to read a good story

    2022-10-23 21:50:40
  • Bernese Siameses

    Bernese Siameses

    Lyrics again?

    2022-10-15 23:12:59
  • Becky Spencer

    Becky Spencer

    Trying to get rid of voucher banner, what do I need to do?

    2023-12-18 05:56:03
  • Adeolami89


    this is one of the best stories Novel cat has to offer

    2023-10-14 00:44:32
  • M J_90

    M J_90

    Interesting enough story but very short chapters.. chapters could be doubled up and still be short.. as we pay to read a chapter I am stopping at chapter 25 now.. not getting enough enjoyment from it to carry on reading.. coins rapidly dwindling..

    2023-05-13 02:25:15
  • M J_90

    M J_90

    We are paying to read song lyrics? x 2 seriously... ?

    2023-05-12 22:42:35
  • Bianca Christophersen

    Bianca Christophersen

    stop with the lyrics!

    2023-03-08 23:36:18
  • Lisa Ward_5

    Lisa Ward_5

    well that is a really shitty ending to the book.

    2023-02-06 10:35:54
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