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The Relationship Contract

My Pregnant Wife

Author:Faith Lucky




Kimberly thinks she has her life figured out with her about to graduate from college A small job on the side to take care of her expenses but what happens when she spills coffee on the wrong person n nJace the handsome arrogant businessman that collides w I live in an open marriage with my husband. We are both rich. We married for business needs. He sleeps with anything in short skirts. He f*cks all the young pretty employees in his company, office, his car, his hotels. But he comes home every night and sleeps with me. I don't care. I don't love him, he's just a jerk to me. But one day I found that I am pregnant. I recalled I had a crazy sex with my husband two months ago when we both got drunk and he didn't wear a condom. I had a thought to get rid of the baby, but somehow I feel it's cruel to be a murderer. I called my husband finally. I couldn't imagine what face he would put on hearing the news. Would a play guy care about his baby?


  I was awoken by the blaring sound of the alarm and I cursed silently as I forced my eyes open.

  Oh! Damn it! I was still having a nice sleep!

  I grumbled and reached to turn off the alarm, only to discover it wasn't the alarm ringing.


  It was actually his phone - Leo's phone!!!

  What the hell!!!

  I stood up in rage and grabbed the phone. How many f**king times do I have to tell him to quit keeping his phone close to me???

  He makes and receives calls like the president of New York. So, why would he leave his phone on the bed when he knows I'm still asleep??

  I was about throwing the phone against the wall when my eyes gripped the name of the caller on the screen.


  It was saved as "Betty"

  Yes - Betty with a love emoji beside it.

  what the heck?? That was his secretary.

  I fumed as I held it in my hand and stared at it. Gosh! I felt like smashing it.

  Well, what do I expect from a 21 year old god - forsaken husband who's a flirt?

  The door opened immediately and he walked in from the bathroom.

  His hair was dripping wet and had just a white towel tied around his tiny waist. can say he's handsome.

  "Hey, you!" I snapped at him.

  "Why the f**k did you keep your phone close to me when you knew I'm still asleep??"

  He looked at me and didn't say a word.

  He walked closer to me, took the phone from my hand and proceeded to the wardrobe.


  "Your dumb secretary actually disrupted my sleep. Betty - Betty with a love emoji" I said sarcastically and folded my hands, but he didn't react as he focused on the wardrobe.


  "Are your ears blocked or something?" I asked again, but the same thing happened.

  I gritted my teeth in annoyance and wished I could punch him.

  Anyway, its almost time for lectures. So, I guess he's lucky.

  I got coffee - hungry and decided to make one for myself. And on my way to the door, I stopped by his wardrobe.

  "You're a jerk, you know?" I snapped.

  "And next time, warn your secretary not to call while I'm asleep else, I'll fry her fake hair".

  "Gosh. You talk too much" he mumbled just when I was about opening the door and I paused to scoff at him.


  I huffed and walked out, headed for the kitchen.

  Well, a little introduction;

  I'm Mandy Jones - 20 years old.


  And 2nd year in college.

  Just in case you're wondering, Leo and I had to get married out of wedlock. Yeah, I call it wedlock because we were forced by our parents.

  Although, he's cute, freaking wealthy - he's actually the youngest CEO and rules his father's company. A lot of people actually think I should feel lucky getting married to him. But the truth is, he's a jerk.

  He's a flirt

  F**ks anything in skirt and has broken like a thousand hearts.

  He's f**king rude and snobbish - like you'd seen a while ago. He can be really crazy, but the good news is - I'm crazier.

  Yeah....we're the perfect crazy couples. I don't take trash from no one.

  He's just as angry as I am about this marriage stuff. I mean, he feels he's too young and perhaps cute to get married and I feel same as well.

  So, we really don't care about each other. We're just here for the company. But that doesn't mean I'm ever gonna take trash for him.

  Maybe when the contract is solid enough, we might actually divorce cause he's a total jerk.

  Yeah - a cute jerk.

  I finally arrived at the kitchen and met the old witch - Becca. She was Leo's aunt.

  I call her a witch because she acts like one. I seems she does like me. But its not like I give a damn anyway. I was actually forced into this damn marriage anyway.

  And...don't mind me. She isn't really old. She's actually a young pretty woman. But I still call her an old witch.

  Oh!! And just in case you're wondering, Leo and I are staying with his parents - yeah. The family mansion.

  Although, he's got his own house, we actually think it's pointless going to leave alone. So, we just share a room here.

  Besides, he's a busy bee. Yeah - always busy with meetings and f**king ugly ladies as well.

  Its not like I care, anyway.

  "Good morning", I said to Becca as I stood beside her in front of the kitchen counter.

  "Yeah.." Was all she murmured and I looked at her and scoffed.


  I rolled my eyes and reached for the tin of cocoa. Although, the maids could easily make the coffee for me, but I preferred doing it myself.

  Becca finished up what she was doing and turned around to leave.

  But just then, I felt something crazy - something different.

  Like..,...I wanna puke.

  What's going on??

  I tried covering my mouth, but the urge became strong and I found myself releasing it all on the floor.


  Oh my God!

  Not on the floor;

  But on Becca's legs.

  She gasped and looked at me in shock. Then, at her legs.

  Hold on;

  Why the hell did I throw up????




  Who's ready for this?

  Grab your popcorn, guys.