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Walk Into The Light Shadows of the Night 6

Running away from the Alpha King




General Romance

There are some absolute truths I believe in You have to have principles if you want to survive in this world You need something to hold on to to survive the bumps in the road life throws in your way Call it what you want but it 's like there 's a set of l I was forced to marry my Mate, the Alpha King. But I said hell no! As a white she-wolf, I, Christal, am also an noble Alpha. Though it was my destiny to marry him, I had never met him, I felt nothing for him! What's more, I've heard he's an extremely violent tyrant. That's why, I chose to escape from my Pack! By pretending to be a human being. However, he found me, captured me, and tried to conquer me. I thought he was cold-bloody, but he protected me, spoiled me, and even got to know me deeply. God, what a gentle Alpha King! Gradually, I totally fell in love with him, but when he proposed to me again, I had to reject him. Because I had a dark dirty secret, that I could never tell him...


  "Hey ass! Did you just drink all of the milk?!" I said yelling to Jason from the kitchen.

  "I didn't!"

  Judging by the direction and smell coming from him, he's in the Tv room.

  "Liar! I can see your saliva in the carton." I rolled my eyes. "Just wait Jason! I'll beat your ass!" I got up and started dragging my feet.

  This stupid brother of mine keeps emptying the fridge by himself, he's lucky he's a werewolf if he wasn't, he would be a fatass for all i care.


  He was already at the window trying to escape when i got there. I ran to him and almost got his shirt but he successfully jumped off the window, leaving me angry looking down at his presence.

  "Sorry sis! Alpha meeting." He winked and sped off. Ugh i hate my brother so much.

  And yes, He's an Alpha. Alpha of the BlueStone Pack. Making me also an Alpha's daughter. I glanced away and grumpily walked downstairs to meet Carly, my bestfriend.

  "Good Morning." She smiles.

  "Not a good one."

  "Oh, it's your brother isn't it?" She chuckles. "You of all people should be used to his behavior Christal."

  "He has an annoying-ass behavior, don't you even dare take his side."

  She giggles. "You hate him that much?" she says playing along.

  "Uh yeah? Did you forget when he had gone psycho when he found out that a boy was in my room?"

  "He was just being a typical big Bro." She says defending him, which made me irritated.

  "I was only 6! "

  "Really? That's an overprotective brother."

  "You have no idea."

  The Truth is, i know why he was being protective shit on me. Our Parents died after my mom gave birth to me, leaving us both with no choice but to survive without them. Yes, it's hard to live without parents who get to tell you everything but i think Jason had it way tougher than i did. He had a bond with Mom and Dad and i? Nope, i didn't even get to meet them.

  When i tried investigating their Death because Jason keeps shutting me out, everyone seemed to know but preferred to keep it a secret from me, making me just turn away from it. If they don't want to tell me, it's fine.

  We walked till we reached the kitchen, she told me that she would just prepare me breakfast than eating cereal, this is why i love her so much. She's the perfect wife.

  "One day i'll be able to beat his Alpha butt," I said out of the blue.

  "I would love to see that." She smirks.

  "Oh? So you're on my side now? What a bitch." I smirked also.

  "Christal! Language."

  "Whatever." I rolled my eyes.

  She has always been my Mom, she scolds me about everything, i mean literally everything. She's even crying for me, and i just don't know why she's so pure. Maybe just my luck. Werewolves are creatures that are aggressive, and she was none of those.

  When she finished cooking her breathtakingly delicious breakfast just for me, i smiled and started filling my mouth with it.

  Gosh, this is so good.

  "You must be my mother," I said while eating.

  "You're over-reacting. Oh before i forget to tell you." She got up and returned with a paper at her hand.


  "What's that?" My eyebrow raised.

  "A warning."

  "From who?"

  "The Alpha, he said only you can open it. You're also an Alpha you know."

  "I don't want to." I said and returned it to her.

  She gave me a puzzled look and asked. "Why?"

  "Because it's Alpha Business. I don't want to get involved in one of those boring-ass meetings."

  "Just read it, I'm also curious."

  "Why don't you open it then?"

  "Because.." She says but paused trying to fine an answer. She doesn't even know what to say. Typical Carly,

  I sighed. "What is this About?"

  "How could i know?" She rolled her eyes at me.

  "Fine," I said and finally opened the Mail that Jason brought for me. My eyes shifted from text to text, sinking the words to my mind. My actions halted when i realized that the warning was for me.

  It was addressed to every white wolf from the AlphaKing. He aggressively warns us not to resist, but to submit to him once proven that one of us is his mate.

  When i finished reading the Letter, i couldn't help but shiver in fear. They were coming.. For me. Of all people, an Alpha King?

  Thankfully Carly caught me before i was able to fall to the cold ground. I tried to stop the shaking from my feet,

  i couldn't move.

  I know i can't mess with the Alpha king. But he said that we were the last pack. I am possibly the last White wolf he's looking for.

  In the World of Werewolves, every Alpha has his mate, a White Wolf. Only a White Wolf can be an Alpha's Mate. That's why when i first shifted, i never trained outside or took a run with my wolf, they would know that i am an Alpha's Mate. All the White wolf i know is already a Luna. Of course, when a she-wolf discovers that she's a White Wolf, she'll immediately expose herself among the alphas to find her mate, but i wasn't planning to do that.

  There's no way i'm gonna be anyone's mate! I know that i am not sure yet if he is my mate just because we haven't seen each other yet. But can i really run away from an Alpha King? I hope he's not my Mate. Damn! Why am scared?! Did I train hard all these years for nothing? No. I won't let that happen.

  "You have got to be kidding me!" I said in frustration.

  Carly was way more nervous than i am though, she was pacing back and forth looking like she was trying to think of something good. "Don't do that if you're not even gonna think Carly."

  "Oh Gosh Christal, what do we do?" He says as she ignores what i said.

  "I don't know," I said, it's the truth. thankfully she was the only person who knew that i was a white wolf. Because she was the only person besides me when my first shift occurred. I made her promise that she wouldn't tell anybody.

  Not a single soul.


  "Oh my gosh Christal! You're shifting!" Carly said excitedly.

  "Shut up! This Fucking hurts!" I shouted. My bones were cracking everywhere and i was already on the cold ground.

  I can't believe that she's happy standing beside me while i'm in a shitty moment of my life.

  i didn't know it takes so long to shift.

  "Carly! Make it stop! It hurts!"

  "Of course it will, it's your first shift that's why its taking time. Just wait."

  "God i swear i'll kill you when i see my wolf." I hissed at her, still trying to gain my consciousness.

  We were both alone in a room. It started when we were watching movie, i told her that i was feeling strange, then i felt my bones cracking. And right now, i'm trying to WAIT for it to stop.

  "I'm so excited!"

  "If you're so excited please take my place." I managed to say.

  I glared at her and just focused at my agony. My bones were larger and i was already growing white Fur? Oh no.

  She gasps.

  I finally shifted and looked at Carly who was smaller than me. My wolf form towering over her small human height. We were both shocked at the moment. I can't believe i'm a white wolf.

  "I can't believe you're a White Wolf." Carly says.

  •End of Flashback•