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Billionaire Bad Boy

Claimed by Him

Author:Dynamic Duo




The shivering cold sensations make her untouchable The terrifying harsh mannerisms make her unreachable and the agonizing shattered heart make her undesirable She is the Ruthless the nerd and was falling out of love slowly until she met the bad boy in the You want it? Then fight for it. When Serena was rejected by her mate, she made it to the other side but she wasn't the same anymore. she became bitter. lt would be the only way to put it. She leaves behind everything to get away from her ex-mate but she stumbles into unknown pack territory. she meets her second chance there. Adrian's past is filled with pain and heartache. He didn't even think in his wildest imaginations that he would have a second chance.Let alone come face to face with her. will he be able to battle his own demons and love again? Serena is determined to make this work. she is going to battle everything and everyone in her way to get to the mate who keeps pushing her away. As they say; the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.

I stare out my window, enjoying the feeling of the warm summer breeze whipping my face. My wolf purred at the feeling and I smile at that. She hardly does that any more. My smile fades away at that memory and I quickly shoved it away. I felt a painful sensation in my chest every time I thought of that night. I quickly parked my car on the side of the road and got out. I walked into the diner and went into the back to put on my apron.

I stood by the counter when my boss called me into his office.

"You're fired," He said.

"What?!" I yell as I stood up in shock.

"You heard me," He narrowed his eyes at me.

"Why?" I ask.

"You come late, you're too clumsy, and not capable of the job," He replied.

"Not capable of the job?!" I snap, "I just fucking wait on tables!"

"I will not tolerate your bad mouth in here!" He snapped back.

"Listen here douche pants! I don't deserve to be fired!" I snap.

"Serena," He sighed.

I cock my face to the side and look at him.

"You need to leave," He said apologetically.

'I think something's up,' My wolf narrowed her eyes.

"Fine!" I snap and turn around to walk out.

"Serena," He called.

I turn around to raise my brow.

"Someone had called for you an hour ago, so you can call back if you want, they left you this number," He pushes a piece of paper at the edge of his desk then stands up and walks past me.

I slowly walk over to the table and pick up the paper. I look down at the number and feel a pang of hurt sear through my chest. I already know this number off by heart. It's his...

I take in a deep breath and pick up the phone. I dial the number and wait for someone to pick it up.

"Hello?" Someone says from the other side.

"Hello," I make sure to keep my voice emotionless as I hear his voice.

"Serena?!" He asks.

"Why did you call?" I ask in a cold voice.

"You can't talk to me like that! I'm your Alpha!" He snaps.

"Right. Alpha, why did you call me?" I grit my teeth.

"If you don't remember, you're still part of my pack and I will not allow you to leave," He says.

"But you did, didn't you?" I clench my jaw.

"You will come back tomorrow, that's an order Serena," He orders me in his Alpha tone.

"No," I reply simply.

"You will come back!" He growled.

My wolf wanted to bow down to his order and tone but my ego would not allow me that.

"Consider me rogue," I say calmly before hanging up.

I walk out of the office and take my apron off.

I am fired so why stick around while I have to run from here before Xavier, my packs Alpha..... Ex—pack's Alpha comes after me.

You're probably wondering why I hate him so much? Or why I disobeyed my Alpha? Well, here's your answer, I was his mate and he rejected me. Even though he's mated to another woman, he won't let me go and that made me want to rip him limb by limb. He said I was not capable of being Luna. I was too weak and his pack needed someone strong. Yeah well, he got a bitch didn't he?

I roll my eyes at the thought and quickly get into my old beat up car.

I drive for nearly five hours before I cross a second city. I see a diner and decide to stop here for lunch.

I park my car at the side of the road and decide to not stay here for too long even if it's unclaimed territory.

I quickly walk in and take a seat at the booth in the left corner of the diner.

"What can I get you?" A sweet voice asks all of a sudden causing me to jump in surprise.

"Hey, I'll just have the cappuccino," I reply kindly.

I tap my fingers on the table as I wait for her to bring me my coffee. The diner door opened and I looked up to see a few men walk in. Judging by their scents they were wolf's too... which means I'm trespassing... Shit! I thought this was unclaimed land!

I sink low in my chair in order to avoid being spotted. I slowly get up but the really sweet waitress brings my cappuccino.

"Are you going somewhere?" She asks.

"Ahh, Yeah, I just remembered I have a really important... meeting?" I reply.

"But—" She starts but I quickly slam a fifty dollar bill on the table and rush out. All I need to do is cross the boundary then I'm going to be fine.

"Where are you going?" I heard a growl behind me.

I halted in my steps and slowly turned around to face a really good looking guy. He seemed to be at least five to six inches taller than me. He had really good, deep green eyes and chiseled features.

"Who are you and why are you here?" He questioned.

"Look, I didn't know this was your territory and I was just passing by," I try to reason with him but he just sent me a cold glare.

"So it was nice meeting you, I'll just be heading back," I chuckle nervously as I start to walk backwards.

I quickly turn around to sprint away but come face to face with the most handsome man I've seen in two years now.

He narrowed his eyes at me and I saw something flash in his eyes.

I've seen that look once... in Xavier's eyes...

"Hey..." I furrow my brows.

"Mate?" He questioned as though it was the most unbelievable thing ever.