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Welcome to Ravenwood Institute A school for Dominants and submissives to find their perfect partner and learn about the lifestyle Damian Leigh is not so lucky though His lack of sight makes that none of the Dominants are interested in him Until n n 391 in Lexi Pattel is a girl born in an ordinary family. Luckily, she is appreciated by the old madam of the richest family and is appointed to be her grandson, Jamie Barrett's fiancee. However, Lexi decides to cut off the engagement because she has lost her virginity to a stranger who she has no idea. To her surprise, Jamie Barrett also refuses to accept her as his fiancee. He sleeps with a stranger by accident and only wants to make her his wife. But Jamie requires they hold the engagement ceremony first and cancel it a month later. On the day of engagement, Jamie suddenly finds Lexi may be the girl he is looking for...

"Don't touch me, don't touch me! Go away..."

In the dark room, Lexi Pattel moved herself closer to the corner of the bed in a panic. However, when she took a step back, the man in front of her moved towards her closer than before. 

It was as if a fierce looking demon, with sharp fangs and brandishing claws, was about to tear her into pieces.

"Don't come any closer... Please, please let me go..."


A deep and hoarse evil laugh was heard in the midst of darkness, contemptuous and dangerous.

The powerful hand suddenly grabbed her chin, and the man's face got closer inch by inch in the dark.

His breath was steaming hot, and he said, "Whoever dares to provoke me must pay the price."

"Pay the price?"

"What price?" she thought to herself.

Lexi was so frightened that she could not think any further. She frantically struggled, and said "Don't..."

Before she could finish her words, her voice was completely devoured by the man's tongue, leaving her no room for escape.


Lexi opened her eyes, and she was almost blinded by a strong beam of sunlight which shone through the car window. Immediately, she covered her eyes.

Her face turned pale, and her forehead was full of cold sweat. Also, her glare was still filled with fear.

"It's a dream. I dreamt about this again."

But the pain in her leg did not completely heal, cruelly reminded her about the frightening incident last night.

And when she hurt the man and ran away, he gritted his teeth and said, "I will never let you go!"

He would not let her go. This was not merely a threat!

Because Lexi sensed something so dangerous that she could not handle.

He might find her soon.

Lexi's fingers were trembling. She held her head in fear and tried to recall what happened that night. However, she couldn't remember a thing as she was too drunk.

She did not know who the man was, and did not even know how she messed with him.

"Miss Lexi, we're here."

The chauffeur's words interrupted Lexi's train of thought.

Slightly stunned, she looked up and saw the fancy cafe outside the car window, which made her feel a little nervous and uneasy.

The one she was going to meet was her fiance, Jamie Barrett, the son of the richest family in Mataque, who was also the current CEO of the Barrett Group, and they were getting engaged tomorrow. 

It was said that he spent only five years to transform Barrett Group, which was originally a local company, into a prestigious international enterprise. His means of actions were bold, fearless and ruthless, without leaving any space of tolerance, which frightened most of their business partners. 

Countless young ladies and celebrities wanted to get close to him and become the Barrett family's young mistress. However, it just so happened that the one who had received this honor was Lexi, someone from a very ordinary family.

And it was just because she was chosen by the Old Madam of Barrett's family.

Lexi didn t know why Jamie wanted to see her on the day before the engagement, but this was a good opportunity for her.

She would make use of the opportunity to cancel the engagement.

Although this was a marriage that countless women dream of, Lexi couldn't be the bride since she had lost her virginity before marriage. She couldn't bear to be the bride as she thought the incident brought shame to her.

However, how dare she break off this engagement with this man who was from the top tier of the society?

Lexi felt guilty as she tidied up the scarf on her neck, as she wanted to hide the hickeys left behind by the man from the night before.


At this moment, in the lavish Misty Hatter Cafe, it was so quiet as there were no customers, even the waiters were absent.

In a corner with excellent privacy, which was also against the windows, sat a man with a graceful manner. He wore a black-striped suit that perfectly showed his figure, crossing his long straight legs.

Looking further, there was a charming face which could drive all women crazy. He had a defined chin, sexy lips, a straight nose, as well as a pair of dark blue-colored pupils that could make people shiver.

With just one look, he could charm people, and could even frighten them.

He held a cup of coffee in his hand and raised his thin lips, which sent a cool aura.

"You can't find her?"

Standing in front of him, his personal assistant, Asher Carter, trembled and immediately bowed deeply, with cold sweat dripping on his forehead.

"I'm sorry, sir. The surveillance video in your hotel was deliberately destroyed the night before yesterday, so I can't see who entered your room. It's difficult to confirm her identity before tomorrow."

Could not be confirmed, which meant that the bride couldn't be replaced at the engagement party tomorrow.

However, as long as Jamie wanted that woman, it was impossible for him to not get it.

Moreover, she had provoked him. How could he let her off? The flirty act during the night before was just a beginning...

"One month."

Jamie smirked. There was a sense of determination in his eyes. "Find her at all costs."

"Then... what about your engagement tomorrow?"

Jamie turned and saw a Bentleys through the windows, which had just stopped. The corners of his mouth curled up into a cold smile.

The plan had to be changed a little.


Lexi walked into the coffee shop and didn't see the waiter. Instead, she saw a man who looked like a special assistant. He stood up straight. It seemed that he was waiting for her.

"Miss Lexi, Sir is inside. Please follow me."

"All right."

First it was the arrangement of having a driver to pick her up, and then it was the reservation of the whole restaurant. Lexi felt even more guilty and uneasy as she was receiving so much gentle care and from her fiance.

If he started discussing the engagement details with her later, how could she cruelly say that she would like to break off the engagement?

Lexi lowered her head and walked with a flustered heart, until she saw the man's shiny leather shoes. She stopped.

"She arrived."

What was supposed to come would still come.

She clenched her purse nervously and tried her best to raise her head with a smile.

"Hello, Mr. Barrett."

Lexi was taken aback. She did not expect her fiance to be this charming. He was so handsome that he looked like a charming man who had just walked out of a painting. He was stunningly good-looking and had an extraordinary temperament, giving off an aura which was filled with nobility, and it was too high and mighty for her to reach.

People would look up to him subconsciously, and he would not be disrespected easily.

And so, if she were to break off the engagement, it would be the most sinful offense.

Beads of cold sweat appeared on Lexi's forehead and she became even more nervous. She felt as if there was a huge rock blocking her throat, making it difficult for her to open her mouth.

"The reason why I came here today was actually to talk about our marriage..."

"I won't marry you."

Jamie interrupted her with a commanding tone. There was no room for negotiation.

He tasted the coffee and didn't even glance at her.

Lexi was dumbfounded. She was so shocked that her mind went blank. She looked at Jamie in disbelief.

Not going to marry her?

That means, his intention was the same as hers!

Suppressing her ecstasy, Lexi asked nervously, "So you're here today to break off the engagement?"

"The engagement will be held as usual. I will announce the cancellation of the engagement with you a month later."

Jamie raised his eyes and glanced at Lexi as if he was bestowing a gift for her. Then, he placed a cheque on the table.

Lexi looked at the amount listed on the cheque in shock. There was...

One million!

Lexi had never seen so much money before, not to mention that it could be hers.

She swallowed her saliva and looked away from the cheque with effort. "Why do you have to wait for a month to cancel the engagement?"

"Wasn't it better if the engagement was cancelled first? Since it would impact both parties the least."

"That's not for you to worry about."

He was all cold and aloof.

Jamie stood up and didn't bother Lexi at all, and strode out of the room.

He did not have the patience to talk to Lexi. The only thing that interested him was the woman last night.

"He left just like that?"

Lexi stood there in a daze, staring at the man's back as he walked further away, and she seemed to have yet to recover from the shock.

He invited her, and left after saying just a few sentences in less than a minute.

This was too swift, and she didn't even have the chance to say yes or no.

However ...

This was good too. She would be able to make ends meet if she played the role with Jamie for a month.