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Super Dope Son-in-law

Author:Shining Star




Cover made by maahisingh1 Trixie Brown a young woman from Los Angeles She is the only living heir of billionaire Joseph Brown and stood to inherit his fortune after he died But Joseph her grandfather put a clause in his will He stated that Trixie was to b What is the point, if a man can not show his strength? Chace Boyle, the matrilocal son-in-law that has been looked down on, finally learns about it. He decides to show his hand and stops pretending. He is not only the heir of the richest man, but also the top veteran!

"Mr. Chace, congratulations on passing the test. Boss sent me to pick you up."

Chace Boyle was walking down the street. Half an hour ago, a group of men in suits went to his hometown in luxurious cars. They told Chace that he was the heir of the Boyle Group in the capital city. And his father was the richest man in Province G.

It turned out that everything in Chace's life was arranged by his biological parents since he was five years old. He was sent to Dane Boyle, who turned out to be his foster father now. Chace had been living his life as his parents planned. He joined the army and went to jail. He even married into another family as a matrilocal son—in—law.

Chase simply could not accept it, even if his parents were very rich. He did not care about it. He used to be a soldier, who had killed and gone to jail. He had long since looked down on these things, so he told those men to get away from him.

"Chace, you haven't made dinner yet? And you didn't clean the floor. Yoselin is about to get home from work. Are you going to keep them waiting?"

Chace went to cook as soon as he came back home. His mother—in—law also got home after playing mahjong.

"Mom, I went out for something today."

"Why are you always finding excuses? You can't do this little thing well. No wonder everyone says you're a loser. What bad luck to have you as my son—in—law. Nobody respects me." His mother—in—law, Tia Haley, stood at the door and scolded him.

Chace was irritated, but he just washed the vegetables silently.

Six months ago, Chace married Yoselin Haley and became the matrilocal son—in—law of the Haleys. However, Chace had never slept with Yoselin, let alone kiss her. They just used each other. The Haleys needed him as their son—in—law to inherit the family's property. As for Chace, he had to make money to send his younger brother and sister to school after Dane died.

Yoselin's parents had been unsatisfied with Chace and judging him. Chace had no dignity at all as a matrilocal son—in—law.

At night, Yoselin took a bath and put lotion in her room. Chace opened the door and saw her putting lotion on her long and fair legs. Yoselin was wearing a black nightgown, looking very sexy and attractive.

"Who let you in? Why don't you knock?" Yoselin stood up with a cold face.

"We should get divorced!" Chace leaned against the wall and said.

"Divorce?" Yoselin was stunned. Then she snorted coldly, "Good for you, Chace. You even ask for a divorce yourself. Looks like you've made something of yourself, loser."

"When you married into my family, I gave you 500,000 to treat your father. Now that your father passed away, and you want to break the contract? But don't forget. You're not allowed to divorce me in the contract."

"Don't worry. I won't keep you here. I'll dump you after I got what I want!"

Chace said nothing. Then he turned and left.

The next afternoon, Yoselin suddenly called Chace. She left an important document at home and wanted him to take it to the company now.

The receptionist brought Chace to Yoselin's office. Seeing a group of people standing inside, Chace stopped at the door.

"Yoselin, just give up. You failed in lots of business in the past few months. The company has been losing money. What do you have to compete with me?" Collin Haley was complacent. "Do you think it's that easy to get the family property by marriage?"

"I know that you're behind this. Collin, don't be happy too early. This isn't the end. You can't get me out of the family!" Yoselin's face turned red with anger.

"We'll see. I heard that you messed up again in the cooperation with Leo. Grandpa was very disappointed when he knew it. Come on, my baby sister." Collin sneered and walked out with his men.

Collin passed Chace and got surprised for a moment. Then Collin said with disdain, "What are you looking at? Loser!"

Chace frowned and watched Collin waltzing out.

"Hey, who told you to come? You'll embarrass Ms. Yoselin!"

Jade Nelson was Yoselin's colleague and best friend. Jade was very angry now, and she was more distressed when she saw Chace. Because Jade thought that Chace was just a loser relying on his wife.

"Me. I asked him to bring the document." Yoselin waved her hand and said unhappily, "Why are you still standing there?"

Chace walked in and put the document on the table. He hesitated for a moment and said, "What's going on? Do you need any help?"

"What can you do, you piece of crap?" Jade snorted in disdain, "It's so silly. Who do you think you are? Do you know who Leo is?"

Chace sighed in his heart. He thought that he really needed to end this ridiculous marriage. He had thought if he should ask the Boyle Group to help Yoselin. However, with their attitude, he gave up this idea. He never wanted to ask the Boyle Group for help.

At dinner, Yoselin's father, Reid Haley got a call. He picked it up, and his face changed. He stood up and said,

"Dad is sent to hospital again. He probably won't make it this time. We should go there now. Otherwise, Kane would do something."

"Then let's go. Hurry up." Tia immediately stood up.

Chace played an important role in Yoselin's family when it came to fighting over property. Reid only had one daughter, and she had to marry into another family. That would make them suffer a huge loss in the division of the family property. Therefore, the best way was to get a matrilocal son—in—law.

So, Chace went to the hospital with them.

Outside Daniel Haley's operating room, there were a lot of Haleys. When Reid and Yoselin arrived, Collin and his parents mocked them. Collin sneered,

"Uncle Reid, Yoselin, Grandpa has been ill for a few months, and I haven't seen you go back and see him for a few times. Now you know that he won't make it. This time, you come really quickly for his property."

Yoselin retorted, "I care about Grandpa as much as you do. Collin, everyone knows what you're thinking."

Not long after, a doctor walked out of the operating room and took off his mask. "I'm sorry. We tried our best. His heart failed, and there was nothing we could do. Before he died, he asked me to give this will to you."

Hearing this, Reid and Kane ran over to take the will. They were fighting like crazy. So, they could only have their butler to read the will.

Collin and Yoselin got forty percent each. The rest was left to the other Haleys.

After hearing this, Yoselin's parents finally got relieved. But Collin and his parents were so angry that their faces turned ashen. Especially Kane, he said excitedly,

"No. That's impossible. I am his eldest son and Collin is his eldest grandson. How can I share it equally with Reid? No, the will must be fake!"

"Mr. Kane, it is indeed Mr. Daniel's handwriting. I can tell it," The butler said.

"Kane, what are you talking about? The will is here. Do you want to deny it?" Reid said with a cold face, "If it weren't for you guys forcing us, we wouldn't have fought like this."

"We are both his sons. Yoselin is his granddaughter. Why can't we split it equally?"

"No, Yoselin is a girl. And she's married. Are you going to give her share to an outsider?" Kane retorted.

"I know Yoselin is married, but she didn't marry into another family. Chace is the matrilocal son—in—law. What is Yoselin's will always be hers. What do you mean by giving it to an outsider?" Tia said impatiently.

"How dare you mention Chace? This loser is never good enough for our family. I know that you just found some random guy to fool Dad!" Kane glared at Chace with hatred.

"Yeah. Yoselin, at the very least, you should get a decent man. Yet you chose a loser like Chace. That is just too obvious." Collin sneered.

Yoselin gritted her teeth and said angrily, "Collin, who do you think you are when you give me that comment? No matter what, Chace is my husband. And I know all the nasty things you've done all these years."

"What do you mean? What have I done? Just say it." Collin pointed at Yoselin.

"How many times have Uncle Kane solved problems for you? You've forgot what you have done to a girl of the University S last month?"

"Bullshit! How dare you accuse me with lies? I'll teach you a good lesson today!" Yoselin called Collin's bluff in front of everyone. He was so angry that he rushed to Yoselin and tried to slap her across the face.

No one had expected that Collin would be so angry and suddenly come at Yoselin. And Yoselin was scared. She stood there at a loss and closed her eyes as Collin's hand was getting closer to her.

"She's my wife. You can't just hit her."

The slap did not land on Yoselin's face. She was puzzled, and then she heard Chace's voice.

Yoselin opened her eyes and was shocked. Chace stood beside her and grabbed Collin's wrist tightly.

Everyone was surprised that Chace stood out in time. After all, in their eyes, Chace was a useless loser.

Collin sneered, "You trash want to go against me? Do you think that you're my brother—in—law, so I won't hit you?"

"No, you won't!"

Chace let go of Collin and replied calmly. Chace seemed to have completely changed, especially in Yoselin's eyes. He used to be obedient and docile like a dog. Yoselin had never seen him being so intimidating.

"Is he Chace?" Yoselin muttered to herself.

"Stop it. It's not easy to tell such a big family business apart quickly. Now, you'd better think about how to arrange for Mr. Daniel's funeral. If things get out of hand, people will laugh at you." The butler shook his head in disappointment.

So, they all calmed down. After all, none of them wanted to be called unfilial now. However, Collin was still glaring at Chace.

After discussing about the funeral, they went back home.

"Chace, you acted like a man just now. But don't think that you can make us change the idea. You must remember your identity. You are just a matrilocal son—in—law."

Tia said in a strange tone just as she got home. Chace didn't know if it was a compliment or a warning.

He didn't say anything. He turned around and went back to his room. However, Yoselin saw the contempt in his eyes when he left, which made her very uncomfortable. Chace seemed to be mocking them!

Everything was settled after the Haleys held Daniel's funeral.

Tonight, Yoselin and her parents were enjoying fruit in the living room. Chace could not participate in them, so he stayed in his room and read a book.

Suddenly, the door opened and Yoselin walked in, wearing a short skirt. She crossed her arms and said coldly, "Today you should get your paycheck. Why didn't you ask me for it? Do you want me to put it in your hands? Do you think that you're a gigolo?"

Chace frowned and said indifferently, "Even if I were a gigolo, you wouldn't be able to afford me with this little money."

"You've been tougher after you asked for a divorce. Alright, don't ask me for money anymore." Yoselin was in a bad mood, so she said rudely. However, she did not expect Chace to talk back, which made her angry.

Chace smiled and didn't say anything. Yoselin became even angrier and continued, "Tomorrow is my mother's birthday. Buy her a decent present. Don't be so shabby. I don't want to embarrass myself."

After saying that, she threw 20,000 to Chace and walked out.

It was Tia's birthday soon after Daniel's funeral. So, they didn't make a big deal out of it. They only invited their neighbors to celebrate at a high—end restaurant that night.

In the evening, Chace brought a gift and went to the box with Yoselin. When they arrived, her parents were chatting with their friends.

"Yoselin is here. Oh, so is Chace."

"Chace, you look so handsome today. What a lovely couple."

Their neighbors and friends did not know that they married with a purpose and greeted them politely.

Hearing this, Tia felt a little uncomfortable and laughed awkwardly.

"Hello." Yoselin greeted them. Then she walked over to hug Tia and smiled, "Happy birthday, Mom. A present for you."

Tia smiled. Everyone began to praise Yoselin for being sensible.

Chace also went up and gave Tia the gift. He only said, "Happy Birthday, Mom."

Tia treated him completely differently. She put on a stern face. "Put it there."

"Chace is such a filial man. Ms. Tia, you're so lucky. My son—in—law didn't send me anything at my birthday. He just called me. I'm envious of you."

"Yeah, Ms. Tia. Hurry up and open the gift. Let's see what Chace bought you."

Everyone was speaking nicely. Since they were curious, Tia opened the box. Inside was an exquisite jade bracelet.

"Wow, what a beautiful bracelet. Look at how exquisite it is."

"It looks familiar. Is it from Dior? I remember it is in a new arrival."

A plump woman asked enviously as she stood up and walked up to look at the bracelet.

"That's right. It's from Dior." Chace nodded.

"Ms. Tia, you're so lucky. This bracelet costs 23,000. I've wanted it for a long time, but it's too expensive. Chace is very generous to you," Said the woman.

Everyone was envious.

Sitting at the side, Yoselin smiled. Chace finally did something good.

However, Tia didn't seem to be happy at all. She glared at Chace and said loudly, "No, he isn't. He didn't pay 20,000 for the bracelet. He doesn't care about how much it costs."

"Ms. Tia, what do you mean?" A middle—aged man on the right was confused and asked.

"Chace is a matrilocal son—in—law. He doesn't work and stays at home all day. Where does he get the money? My daughter gave it to him," Tia said unhappily.

Then everyone understood it. They looked at Chace meaningfully. He took money from the Haleys and did nothing at home? So, he was a loser relying on his wife?

Chace pursed his lips and subdued his anger. He said to himself that this kind of life was ending, so he didn't need to mind about Tia.

"Mom, what are you talking about?"

Seeing Chace's face went an ugly green, Yoselin pulled Tia. She also felt that Tia had hurt Chace a lot.

"Why are you still standing there?" Tia said angrily to Chace.

Chace walked to Yoselin and sat down without saying a word. Yoselin secretly shook her head, feeling a little disappointed. Actually, she wanted Chace to have an attitude. He was too cowardly. That was why Yoselin looked down on him.

When everyone arrived, Reid asked waiters to started serving them. All kinds of delicacies were served. Just as everyone picked up their chopsticks, the door suddenly opened. A handsome man in a white suit walked in with a bunch of flowers.