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Your Heart is my Heart Stefanielle

You Like It Hot

Author:Jennie Hum




Danielle is the CEO of a record label along with her best friend She has girl drama daily with her toxic girlfriend she feels used and useless until a certain brunette comes along and changed how she feels n Savannah was an adorable college student. To revenge her ex-boyfriend, Savannah was boldly intended to kiss a "handsome enough" man and take a video to piss her ex off. However, she chose Callan, the most eligible bachelor in the world. Out of Savannah's prediction, she was teased that she had no idea what a real kiss was. Then the man even taught her in person. In a great panic, Savannah ran away. Savannah left a deep impression on Callan. However, he never thought he would meet Savannah so soon, especially, at the... male toilet!

At the airport in City T.

It was crowded and noisy at the exit of the international flight security checkpoint.

Savannah Lea looked serious with her cheeks slightly bulging. She stood in the crowd with her hands hanging down and her eyes staring at the security exit. Her long eyelashes fluttered up and down from time to time like two butterflies that were about to fly. Her pink lips pouted slightly, and her brows furrowed. She looked very troubled.

"Well, I can't do that one."

"This, those lips are too plump."

"Well, the beard is too long."

She was murmuring some words, her lips parting from time to time. Every time a man came out of the exit, she would comment on his appearance, as if she was picking out a target!

Yes, she was picking out a target, choosing a target to kiss!

However, she was very annoyed now. Why wasn't there a man who looked appealing?

"What should I do? None of them are attractive enough. How can I shoot this video?"

All of a sudden, Savannah's eyes lit up. She couldn't help squinting and the corners of her mouth lifted slightly. "It's him!"

She saw a man walking out of the exit and he was absolutely charming!

He towered over everyone else. A well-pressed suit clung to his enticing frame. Both of his legs were incredibly straight and toned. The hair on his temples was neatly trimmed, and it was a light chestnut brown color. His bangs were a little long, that obscured his massive sunglasses. His nose was tall and slightly aquiline, which made him look very overbearing. His thin lips were pursed into a straight line and the corners of his mouth were slightly lifted, looking as if he was projected with a natural dignity and power.

Savannah's heart skipped a beat. She clenched her fists and summoned her courage to step forward.

"Hello." Savannah grinned at the handsome man.

Callan Handerson did not see the person who was supposed to pick him up after getting off the plane. When he was about to call and ask about it, he suddenly saw a girl standing in front of him. Through the sunglasses, Callan glanced at her and said. "You, Nick Jonah is..."

Callan didn't have time to ask anything, and something unexpected happened!

Savannah suddenly tiptoed, wrapped her arms around his neck, and pulled him closer. She breathed out a fragrant breath and said, "Do me a favor. Kiss me. Please, 30 seconds, 30 seconds is enough."

As she spoke, she took out her phone from her pocket and turned on the selfie mode. She hooked Callan with one hand and held the phone with the other. Her two pink and tender lips were then attached to Callan's.

Their lips were stuck together. They were really just sticking together, simple and pure...

Callan was caught off guard by the kiss. He slightly raised his eyebrows. "What's going on? He was forced to kiss a stranger on the first day he returned to City T? Are girls nowadays so open-minded? And she even wanted to record it?"

However, the kiss was not bad. Her lips were plump, and very soft. He couldn't help but wanted to continue.

In an instant, Callan took over the wheel. He held Savannah's back with both hands and pulled her close to his chest. His thin lips slightly opened and covered hers. There was a faint peach taste, which was very elastic-like jelly.

"I want more..." Callan found himself addicted to it, so he couldn't help but want to open up her teeth.

The situation suddenly changed. Savannah panicked and struggled. Wait, why did it become like this? What was the man doing?

"Let me go, uh..."

Savannah kept patting Callan's shoulder, and her mobile phone slipped to the ground.

Callan kissed deeper.

"Well, let go..." Savannah was so anxious that her eyes turned red. She wanted to break free, but her body was firmly restrained by him. Through the thin clothes, she could feel his chest under the shirt. The smell of the man was filling her mouth and spreading.

In a hurry, Savannah made up her mind. She opened her mouth and bit Callan. The faint smell of blood spread in each other's mouths.

"Hiss!" Callan sighed and ended the kiss.

Savannah raised her hand and was about to slap Callan, but he quickly grabbed her wrist firmly.

"What? I got a bite and hit right after a kiss. Are you really willing to do that to me?" Callan sneered at Savannah through the sunglasses.

Savannah's face turned red, and she glared at Callan Handerson with anger. Tears seemed to be flowing out of her eyes at any time. "You... pervert!"

"I'm a pervert?" Callan sneered, and his hands were still firmly wrapped around Savannah. "Don't talk nonsense. There are CCTVs at the airport. It's obviously you who took the initiative to come up to hug and kiss me."

"..." Savannah pouted and couldn't say anything. Yes, she was the one who wanted to kiss first, but who asked him to kiss so deeply?

Callan guessed Savannah's thoughts and smiled evilly. "Little girl, you've never kissed before, have you? First time? Do you think sticking your lips with your mouth closed is a kiss? A real kiss is... what we did just now."

"Hmph!" Savannah did not know how to argue. Obviously, she suffered losses but there was nothing she could say. "Let me go!"

"Let you go? Then how would you explain the kiss you forced on me?" Callan suddenly became interested and felt that the little girl in front of him was very unique. He had not been so interested in a woman for a long time!

"What... what do you want me to do? It's you who took advantage of me!" Savannah kept struggling, but Callan's arms were as firm as iron buckets that she couldn't get loose of them.

"What's your name?" Callanlowered his head and pressed his thin lips against hers. He was about to kiss her again.

Savannah was scared and her face changed. She suddenly raised her foot and kicked hard at Callan's lower body.

"Hiss!" He let go of Savannah in pain.

Savannah took the opportunity to run away. Looking at Callan bending down painfully, she felt a little guilty and shouted, "Don't blame me! Who asked you to bully me? This is self-defense. Besides, I didn't use any strength!"

"B*tch!" He cursed angrily as he watched her running away. His handsome face was crumpled, "B*tch, stop!"

How could Savannah have heard his curse? She had run out of sight in the blink of an eye.

"Master Handerson."

Callan Handerson's subordinates were finally here. Seeing the master's look, they all stood aside with fear and respect. Only his assistant, Nick Jonah, dared to approach him.

"Master Handerson, what are you doing here?" Nick Jonah was puzzled. They were only a few minutes late, why did Master Handerson seem to have been beaten up? Who dared to attack him? Or, could someone even hurt the master?

Callan could not say anything about the incident, so he could only swallow his anger.

"Let's go!"

Suddenly, he looked down and saw the phone on the ground. It was the girl who dropped it. Callan picked up the phone and his mood suddenly turned good.