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The Goblin s Crown

One Mate and a Rejection





The Goblin 's Trilogy 1 n nAfter being raised by her three criminal brothers Matilda is used to stealing what she wants However when she picks the wrong person 's pocket she unfortunately wins the attentions of the goblin king or well prince actually In o Like any other girl in Barbra High, Emerald Carson was deeply head over heels for Jared Thompson, the school's perfect 'it' guy, who also happens to be her two year boyfriend. Who knew the night Jared turned eighteen would be worst night of her life. The day that Jared shifts into a wolf for the first time and determines if she's his mate or not. When he made contact with the waitress and Emerald dropped the plates, they shattered a long with Emerald's heart. So she runs away, mateless and broken. But what happens three weeks later, when she turns eighteen. Shifting into a wolf is a painful process, your mate has to help you or else the chances of survival are low. Emerald finds herself frightened in the forest with no one to help her. And than Blade Russel from the enemy pack steps in to help. Emerald instantly falls for him, he's her mate. But they are enemy's and his pack means a lot more to him than some girl, so he rejects her. And once again, Emerald finds herself mateless and broken. But will Blade resist the pull? How long will it be before he gives out?

Emerald's POV

"Hi honey, sorry I'm late." I hugged my boyfriend, who had just finished his lacrosse game, and there was no doubt that our pack team had won.

He shrugged, "Happy you're here now, I know you hate lacrosse."

Suddenly, the crowd erupted in cheers as they clapped for Blade, the MVP of the game. I didn't know him very well, all I was aware of was his constantly changing reputation. He's the bad boy in this school, the massive player, and also the enemy of our pack.

His father was part of our pack, but rebelled against them and decided to start his own before he died, leaving Blade in charge.

"I think you should be the MVP, not him." I said, glancing at Blade and looking back at Jared. "I hate him!"

He laughed with me and cockily agreed. By the time Jared got dressed, we were in the car together, and ready to go to the party.

"Jared, are you sure we should be going to Blades house? He's our enemy."

"Don't worry, he said it's just a party, nothing else. Our parents don't know it's his party." He chuckled and kissed my forehead

I loved how much treated me like a princess and cared for me.

Every time he touched me, I'd tingle and burn pleasurably.

Werewolves can shift when they turn 18, and also can find out their mate. Jared is about to turn 18, and I'm sure he had to be my mate. He must be.

The next morning, I came downstairs with a happy mood and saw my father and mother were having breakfast.

"Good morning, Mom and Dad,"I greeted.

"Good morning," they answered, and then dad asked, "Why did you get home so late last night?" "Jared and I went to the party, and you know, the game won." I said.

"Honey you're too attached to him. He may not be your mate," said mom.

I sigh, "Mom, he is. He has to be. I just know it."

"Isn't he turning 18 tonight?"

"Yeah, we'll find out if he's really my mate tonight, when he begins to shift." "What does he think?"

"He says we have to be mates."

"Guess we'll find out tonight," she muttered.

I got to school the same time Jared did.

He ran to my car and opened the door, letting me out.

"We'll have dinner tonight."Jared said with a smile.

"And then?""I asked, somewhat expectantly.

"Then I will know you are my mate for the first time." I was pleased with his response, but I remembered my mother's words and asked, "What if I'm not your mate? What if it's someone else?" "Then I will reject her. I only want you," Jared promised me by raising his hand to his chest. Jared walked me to class and bid me a kiss goodbye. In the hallway, I saw Blade making out with a girl. I couldn't help rolling my eyes. How could anyone like such a player?


The bell rang signaling classes to begin.

Blade walked forward and took a seat right beside John.

The humans in the classroom all muttered about how unfair it is that he didn't get detention.

They didn't know that it was because Mr. Black is a werewolf from our pack. Giving Blade, the alpha of the enemy pack, a detention, would cause unnecessary problems. Suddenly, the door opened again and a brown haired girl walked in.

"Hi," she muttered to the teacher," I'm Jasmine, the new student, sorry I'm late. I got lost." Mr. Blake nodded," It's alright. Take a seat."

Jasmine took a seat beside me, placing her books on her desk.

"Class, welcome our new student, Jasmine. Emerald, can you be her buddy for the day and show her around?"

I nodded, "Sure."

I turned towards Jasmine and shook her hand," I'm Emerald."

She smiled," pretty name."


The rest of the morning drifted away quick and before I knew it, lunch began. I walked with Jasmine towards the lunch room, making sure to show her classes on the way. When we reached the cafeteria, I saw Jared in line, ordering food.

"Do you see that guy over there," I said to Jasmine, pointing at him.

She nodded," yeah."

"That's my boyfriend."

"Is he your mate?"

"Oh you're a werewolf?" I asked.

She nodded.

"Um cool, we're gonna find out if we're mates tonight, when he shifts."

"Who's to say you're his mate?"Jasmine said to me, but she didn't take her eyes off Jared. “What do you mean?” I asked her angrily.

"He's charming. Maybe he deserves better." Jasmine said, waving her hand at me. "I'm going to the library first. See you later."

I wanted to grab her to argue with her, but Jared was already walking towards me.

In the evening, I changed into my beautiful dress and makeup, getting ready to head to the restaurant with Jared.

My friends Lisa and John both texted me and wished me good luck.

We ate in a very luxurious restaurant, where only Jared could book because he was Alpha's son. We had wonderful food and spent most of the night dancing.

As the clock approached 12, I began to get nervous.

I looked at the time.


"Jared?" I asked, suddenly panicking.

"Yeah?" he answered, his eyes twinkling.

"We have to leave. It's almost twelve and we need to get ready."

He looked up at the clock, his eyes widening.

"Shit, I shift at twelve right?"

"No, my dad said you find your mate at twelve. A couple of minutes later you'd shift." "Still, we should leave. I don't wanna take a risk."

I nodded and watched as he called somebody for the cheque.

I looked at the clock again.

11: 57

I reached for Jared's present under the table.

Maybe I'll have time to show it to him.

I felt someone approaching our table and looked up to see Jasmine from our school. "Jasmine," I greeted," what a pleasant surprise."

"Hi," she said, but she wasn't looking at me, instead she was watching Jared.

I felt my body immediately tense up.

As I picked up an empty plate from the table to give to her, I watched with the corner of my eye as Jared handed her the cheque, and their hands made contact the same time the clock struck twelve. I watched as both their eyes widened as they discovered what would truly break what's left of me.

The plates in my hand slipped and fell into the ground, shattering into a million pieces, and as did my heart.

"We're—" Jasmine gasped out.


They're mates.