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Sinful Passion A G

Her Dark Lycan





I don 't like to be disobeyed so now you have to be punished she smirks pushing me against her desk harshly n n nEveryone says that if you play with fire you 'll always get burnt in the end but Y/n couldn 't control the thrilling sensation Miss Grande gav "Fuck you, fuck this, I'm rejecting you"; she hissed through clenched teeth. Her hands clenching to fists by her side, her chocolate brown eyes flashing with anger. His eyes darkened upon her outburst, the ocean blue of his left eye turning black, while simultaneously the green of his right eye that had gold specks surrounding the pupil started to dim, the darkness taking over, both orbs turning black. His lycan was trying to push through, her announcement of rejecting him didn't sit well with his lycan, who was trying to take control and mark her, to make her his. Forever. "I Venus Harrison, reject you Dante En-" her statement got cut off by a pair of warm and firm lips over hers. Sparks flew upon their touch, as he moved his lips against hers, growling when she wouldn't open her mouth for him, he squeezed her derrière in his rough hands and forcefully pushed his tongue into her mouth for it to clash with hers. -------------------------------------------------------------- Venus Harrison was on the run, trying to find a pack to settle into after her old pack Blood Moon was destroyed by the Dark Crescent pack. She only wanted to live as a normal werewolf and escape her abusive past. Dante Enzo Salvatore, the only lycan left and the Alpha of the biggest and fiercest pack ever known. Cold and ruthless, Dante had no intentions of ever finding his mate, he didn't want one. But the plans of both change when Venus stumbles into Dantes pack, only to find they both were mates. Despite the shadows lurking in the corners, will they learn to accept and love each other? Or will they go up in flames?

  "Yes alpha, the pack has been finished, though i must say Alpha Josh did put up a fight," the new pack member reported, standing at attention in front of their alpha, as he stood in front of the glass windows, his back to them, staring out at the dark cloudy skies, ones in likeness to his soul, dark, dark and angry.

  As the rumbling of the clouds indicated that a storm was soon to come, as their alpha stood straight, the broad expanse of his shoulders blocking their view of what was outside, and his tall frame of 6'3 didn't help either, as he wore a dark suit, his entire look sharp.

  His hands behind his back, showing light glimpses of the many tattoos that were hidden under his jacket, as the fabric around his arms stretched, trying to hold in the rippling muscle underneath that threatened to break free.

  His hair, ended right above his nape, as they looked messy from him running his rough tan hands through them.

  He then turned around, assessing his warriors that had brought them news, both of them were in their 20's tall and built, but they couldn't compare to their alpha.

  His hair was in likeness to his thick brows, dark, as dark as midnight, as dark as a starless night sky. While his features were sharp and hard, his jaw was square and chiseled, with a light stubble on it, his cheekbones were high and wide, his nose straight, his lips firm and full, and his skin tan.

  His penetrating gaze left the best of men trembling under his dark gaze.

  "Is there anything else alpha?" The warrior asked, trying to keep his voice strong.

  "Was there anything else that needed my attention?" He asked, his voice deep and rich, carrying authority in it.

  It was then that the curious new pack member lifted his gaze, and for the first time looked into his alphas eyes,

  They say eyes are the window to the soul, the trembling warrior didn't know what to say after he looked into his superiors eyes.

  One of his eye was a dark glacier blue, like looking into the depths of the ocean, like being drowned by tidal waves, the iris had a thin black ring surrounding it, like that of darkness surrounding the silver of the moon. The other however, was a warm green with flecks of gold around the pupil, the kind of gold that looked like droplets of the sun. Ice and fire, such beautiful contradictions, and they were staring right at the frozen warrior, waiting for his answer.

  His eyes framed by thick and dark lashes, adding to his allure.

  The other warrior next to him, cleared his throat to get the attention of his new friend who seemed to be rooted to his place and tongue tied, to save himself from the impatient alphas wrath, he answered for his dear friend instead,

  "No alpha, that was all," he said, his head slightly bent with respect.

  The alpha nodded curtly and both the warriors left.

  Dante Enzo Salvatore, alpha of the Dark Crescent pack, one of the most biggest and fiercest pack ever known, feared by all.

  After the death of his parents, at the age of 19, he took the rightful place as alpha, with his own blood and sweat he raised the pack to what it was now, he was dark, cold and ruthless, now at the age of 28 he was still mateless, some called it a curse for his dark doings, destroying packs who didn't do as he wished. He was also a lycan.

  The alpha only believed in a few things and love, was not one of them. He gave up on ever finding a mate, he never wanted one.

  He bedded women when he desired for them to tend to his carnal needs, and that was all, no attachments. A good fuck was enough.

  No one ever questioned him, and the ones who did, didnt live to see tomorrow.


  She walked down the muddied forest floor, clutching the straps of her back pack, today the weather didn't seem as pleasant as it did the day before, the clouds were rumbling, warning her to find shelter.

  She had escaped and it had been two days since, walking around human towns, trying to find somewhere to live to spend the night and start her journey the next day, hoping to find refuge in a pack where she could blend in and not be noticed, and try to carry on with life.

  Her old pack, Blood Moon pack had been attacked by the Dark Crescent pack, all her pack members including her uncle were now dead. She didn't mind.

  The pack had been nasty to her, treating her like filth, she had been demoted to omega for no reason, and she was in the hands of her uncle ever since her parents had died in a fire, her uncle was an abusive drunk, at the age of 20 she had no freedom, she would be beaten by her uncle and mocked by her pack members, she had no friends, and she still hadn't found her mate, normally werewolves found their mates when they turned 18, but that wasn't so for Venus Harrison.

  At the night of the attack, she escaped, with the help of the moon goddess who guided her, answering her prayers.

  She walked into a gas station, bought some snacks for the way and walked to the bathroom, as she washed her hands she looked up into the mirror, she looked better, compared to the days back in her old pack, the bruises on her body had vanished, as she assessed her features, satisfied with how she looked.

  Her warm beige coloured skin was clear, except for the light freckles under her eyes, her nose was small, and her lips pink and plump, her brows were arched and in likeness to her hair, a beautiful shade of pecan brown, her eyes were a hickory as rich as the earths soil, stained with the color of hot chocolate on a cold day, they were a deep earthy brown, but as when the sun rays touched them they were copper against honey and when they watered they glowed like two perfect orbs the same shade as nature after it rains.

  Her eyes were framed by thick and long lashes, making them more stunning upon ones eye, as she ran her soft hands through her locks, as she then gathered her waist length straight hair into a pony tail.

  As she straightened her shirt that had slight wrinkles to them, her hour glass figure mostly called unwanted attention from men, as the unmated males in the pack tried to get a taste of her but she was stronger in fighting back.

  Her breasts were in perfect proportion to her, while her stomach was flat and her waist was small, and her hips then rounded as they the led to long shapely legs that were now encompassed by dark washed jeans. Her feminine frame of 5'6 was slightly different from other she wolves, that were lightly muscled and toned and were slightly taller.

  As Venus grabbed her stuff and made her way to her destination, in hopes of finding the peace that was taken from her.


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