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The Hidden Vampire Princess

Author:Ambria Rayne



General Romance

Humanswhohadhiddenintheshadowsforhundredsofyears,peoplewithabilities.Somechosetosharetheirknowledgetotherestoftheworldinhopesofwinningthewar,whileotherskepttheirabilitiestothemselves.Quinnhadlosteverythingtothewar,hishome,hisfamilyandtheonlythinghehadinhe Charlotte, a royal pure blood vampire who is next in line to be queen. Pure blood vampires are stronger, faster, and more powerful, everything about them is better than your average vampires. But when you mix the blood of a pure blood vampire with a royal vampire than you are one of the most powerful vampires in the world. That mixture is exactly where Charlotte falls. With a little bit of magic, Charlotte easily falls into a web of lies as she pretends to live a normal human life. All was going great, until a new group of royal vampires start attending her school. The question is, will she make it through school without getting caught or ending up dead?

  "Sweetie, wake up." Someone said, causing me to turn and groan.

  "Come on, Charlotte you have school today." My mother said and I groaned again only louder.

  "I'm up, I’m up." I said rubbing my eyes and sitting up with a yawn.Yes, I sleep. Just because I am a Vampire doesn't mean I don't sleep.That crap you read in Twilight is mostly all fake. I looked up at the clock to see it's 5:30. I have just enough time to get ready.

  I walked into my bathroom and turned on the shower. I stripped out of my purple silky pajamas and jumped into the nice hot water. After about a half an hour, I got out of the shower and wrapped a purple fluffy towel around me and started blow drying my hair so it went into its natural waves. When I was dry, I went into my room and changed into a pair of balck ripped jeans, a purple tank top, and a ripped jean jacket.

  I finished up my outfit with a pair of converse and some makeup. I applied a little bit of eyeliner, blush, and light pink sparkly lip gloss. I looked at myself one more time and made sure my nails looked okay. I smiled as they were still white and not chipped.

  I looked at the clock and saw it was 6:38 AM and rushed down stairs into the kitchen using my vampire speed. School starts at 7:30 so I had to leave now if I wanted to stop at my locker and see my friends.

  "Hello, Mother." I said, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

  "I warmed up some blood for you, the cup is on the counter." My Mother said and I nodded and thanked her. I quickly finished the cup and put it in the sink.

  "Okay, I'm Leaving now. Bye, I love you both." I said and quickly rushed out of our Palace. I live in Burton. A place crawling with more vampires than humans. Many guards outside of the palace played the role as cops so I had no problem speeding through here. I jumped into my white Audi and zoomed off. I made it to school by 7 and parked into the third parking spot by the school, The first one was left for the "It' Boys and the second one is for the "It' Girls. I once was asked if I wanted to be in the "It" girls group but I turned them down, but I was still close friends with the girls.

  They gave me the third parking spot since I was considered popular since I am dating one of the "It" Boys Jake. I got out of my Ferrari and as I grabbed my black purse. I noticed there was a different car in the first parking spot but I just shrugged it off.

  "Lottie!" My Best friend, Jasmina squealed as her and my other two best friends came up to me. Jasmina and I did the whole kiss, kiss thing.

  "Jazzy!" I squealed back.

  "Did you hear?" Melanie asked me.

  "Did I hear what?" I questioned.

  "The "It" Boys have been replaced!" My other Best friend, Molly Exclaimed.

  "What?" I exclaimed. "How on earth did they get replaced? That's impossible."

  "It's true, Charlotte." Chloe the head "It" Girl said as she walked up to me with her group.

  "How is this possible? The "It" Boys are the hottest guys in our school. Please explain to me who is suddenly hotter?" I questioned.

  "You haven’t seen them yet?" April, another "It" Girl asked me while chewing her gum very loudly.

  "Oh, you will totally understand when you see them. I mean they are like Gods." Jasmine squealed again.

  "I don’t really care anymore I'm going to go find Jake.

  You guys coming?" I asked my friends. Which they replied with 'Yeahs' and 'Sures'.

  "Bye Chloe." I waved and walked away.

  "How are you friends with them? They walk around chewing their gum so loud and wear 6-inch heels which are so annoying to hear in the hall. Have I mentioned how they dress!" Jasmine said when they were out of hearing and we walked into the school.

  "I know you hate them but they are always Nice to me so I have no reason to be mean to them." I said with a shrug.

  "Oh, by the way C you look hot." Melanie said with a smile.

  "Thanks!!" I said returning a smile. "Oh, there’s Jake!! Do I look Okay?" I asked my group.

  "Gorgeous as Always!!" Ashlyn said.

  "Okay, i'll talk to you guys later. see you in first Period Jazz." I said and I walked over to Jake.

  "Hey Babe." He said and gave me a quick kiss.

  "How are you guys doing?" I asked.

  "Honestly I want to beat the Shit out of these guys when I meet them." Jake growled.

  "Aw I know Babe. It's okay though because I doubt they’re hot."I said and he nodded.

  "This is why your my Girl." Jake said putting his arm around me.

  "This is Such an embarrassment ." Mason said, frowning while shaking his head.

  "Don't worry, eventually all the Girls will realize they aren't Hot and you will get your Parking Spot back and your table and Number 1 in the school." I said with a sad smile.

  "We Lost our table too!!" Caleb said then punched a locker.

  "Don't worry boys you can sit with the Nerds now." Chloe said while she was walking by.

  "I Never realized it till today that Chloe is such a Bitch." Jake said, causing me to giggle.

  "Well I Have to go to class. The Bell is about to ring." I said and Jake nodded, giving me a peck on the lips and I walked to English.