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Ruthless Empire A Dark Mafia Collection

The Ugly One

Author:Angela Lynn Carver

Author:Seth Eden


General Romance

Luca is the oldest son of a mafia boss He s the sanest one in his family if you ask me His little girl makes him human But danger is still his middle name I m drawn to his power His devilish gaze that wants every part of me He has a dark soul that fills a As an ordinary girl who was not-so-good-looking, it's my dream to get the attention of boys, but! I didn't expect, I got the attention of two bad boys! One of them, Jack, the notorious bad guy, forced me to be his wing-woman to help him woo my sister. The other, Aaron, who was Jack's brother and it said that he was even worse than Jack! After being haunted by them, I thought I was going to live in hell, but I accidentally found out Aaron's tenderness and he was protecting me from the bully. And at the exact same time, Jack told me he had given up on my sister and fell in love with me! Yes, two bad boys loved me, should I deal with them?

  Hello, My name is Jane and between me and my sister, I am the ugly one. And no, I am not an insecure bitch who likes to complain about my looks all the time.

  My sister Liliana is blessed with the beauty genes. She had long flowing blonde hair with bright blue eyes and pink lips that remind you of delicate flower petals.

  I, on the other hand, didn't look anything like that. I had coarse brown hair that tangled at the slightest touch, my eyes and lips were also way too big for my face. Okay, maybe I am being too hard on myself. I wasn't completely hideous but when I stand next to her, her beauty overshadowed me and I ended up looking like a troll which is why I tried my hardest not to stand next to her.

  I tried to ask my mom if I was adopted, that way I can go look for my birth parents and get away from her but my mom just blew me off.

  In high school, I felt insignificant next to her every time guys openly hit on her and pretended like I didn't exist even though I was standing right next to her.

  But being extremely beautiful had it's downside too. She had plenty of admirers who were harmless but she also had to deal with a few stalkers and creepy guys hitting on her. At least I was safe from all of that.

  "Jane, come on, we are gonna be late!" Liliana said.

  It was the first day of school. I was a junior and she was a senior.

  "Yay, can't wait to start another year being the understudy of Miss beauty queen," I said.

  "Oh don't start Jane, I told you if you took care of yourself a little better and dressed more...stylish, guys will notice you too!" Liliana chirped.

  "I like my sweatpants look, it's much more comfortable," I said.

  "Whatever, let's get going," she said and pulled me to the car.

  We arrived at school just before the bell rang so I hurried to get to class. My First class had to be located all the way to the end of the building so I decided to make a run for it.

  I crashed into something hard and tumbled forward, taking down whoever it was I bumped into. Pretty soon I was staring at a pair of dark brown eyes as I hovered over none other than Jake Morris.

  Ah Jake, the high school bad boy. Also one of many admirers of Liliana. Jake had been trying to get into her pants since ninth grade but Liliana paid no attention to him. She didn't like his kind is what she said to me. But that didn't mean he quit trying.

  Jake wasn't one of those bad boys you learn about in romance novels. You know the ones that are rough on the outside but secretly a softy on the inside? Nope, not him. He was the actual devil. I secretly call him Damien, the evil child from the movie The Omen. Because he looks like an angel from the outside but in reality, he is most likely a spawn of the devil. I bet if I parted his hair, I'll see the birthmark 666 on his scalp. Okay, I might be exaggerating a little bit but he is the worst. I'll tell you how bad later.

  But for now, I have to figure out how to get out of this situation.