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Capturing my wolf whisperer

A Lifetime With You


Author:Estrella Don



What if the cursed son of a dark dragon falls in love with the sacrifice woman of heaven Will the curse be revoked by the power of love Autumn the winds are blowing the hem of a lovely princess white dress waivy lenght hair that fall to her waist snowy wh I fell in love with a single gentleman named Damien. He was tall, handsome, hot and rich. He perfected excellent in every aspect, except he didn't love me. But who cared? If such an eligible bachelor could be my husband, I could do anything! And I really made it. I drugged him and slept with him. Damien was now my husband. I tried my best to be a good wife. But I didn't expect he would find my ruse. He hated me. He never treated me as his wife. He messed up with other women, even her sister. Knowing my sister conceived my husband's baby, I first thought if I was wrong in the start of my marriage. I was tired. I requested divorce. But why did Damien refuse?

In City A, at Gadbury Group's Headquarters.

Before entering the elevator, Ava Nagel called her husband, who only went home once a month. However, he rejected her call right away.

She bit her lower lip and went straight to the president's office on the building's top floor with a cold expression on her face.

"Miss Nagel, I'm sorry, you can't go in." The secretary stopped Ava politely, but her tone was very icy.

Ava gave her an icy look. "Get out of the way!"

The beautiful female secretary glanced at Ava indifferently and snorted. "Miss Nagel, our president told me to just throw you out the next time I see you. So, if you don't leave now, I will call the security guards."

That husband of hers didn't want to see her at all, did he?

There was a pain in Ava's heart, but she maintained a calm expression. "This is my husband's company. Who do you think you are to throw me out? Get out of my way!"

She shoved the secretary away and kicked the office door open with a bang.

Moans of a woman suddenly rang out from the room.

Her husband, whom she had been married to for two years, was leaning against his office chair with a woman straddling him. The top half of the woman's blouse was unbuttoned, and they looked extremely intimate.

Ava's eyes welled up with tears, and she clenched her fists tightly.

Now that he was disturbed, Damien Radburry frowned in displeasure. He glared rudely at Ava, and his gaze was deep and gloomy.

"Get out of here."

His tone was cold and ruthless.

Ava took a deep breath. The look on her face was extremely calm and composed. Even though Damien was staring sharply at her, she walked towards him.

"Your parents told us to have dinner with them this Saturday."

This was the reason why she had no choice but to look for him. Damien never picked up her phone calls. He never returned to their mansion unless he was drunk either.

Even though they had been married for two years, they were practically strangers.

"Got it. You can get out of here now." After Damien finished speaking, he didn't even look at Ava as he caressed the woman in his arms.

The woman moaned softly and wrapped her arms around Damien's body.

Ava could feel her heart bleeding.

She clenched her fists tightly. She wanted to drag that woman off Damien. She wanted to pick up the glass on the table and splash water at the two of them. She wanted to scream loudly and ask Damien why he had to cheat on her and why he was always messing around with other women...

Her nails dug into her skin, and the pain made her regain her senses.

She couldn't do any of that as she was the young mistress of the Nagel family. She was not a shrew on the streets. She had to maintain her pride and dignity.

Moreover, her marriage to this man was only a marriage of convenience.

It was her parents who tried all means and methods, including getting him drunk so that he would have sex with her, to make her the daughter-in-law of the Radbury family.

It was only a marriage of convenience. There was no love involved.

Although she loved this man to the bones, he didn't care about her at all.

What was the point of crying, yelling, and making a scene? It would only make Damien hate her even more.

However, the more her heart hurt, the calmer she became.

"Damien, you're really not picky at all when it comes to women. You don't even find such a sl*t dirty." She smiled and said mockingly.

The expression of the woman in Damien's arms changed, and she glared fiercely at Ava. She then put on an upset expression, leaning against Damien's chest and sobbing. "Damien, I swear that I'm clean and innocent. I want only you. How could she call me dirty..."

Damien hugged her and patted her back to soothe her with a tender expression on his face. He then stared coldly at Ava.

"What right do you have to call someone dirty? You're the dirtiest piece of trash in the world."

Ava's face turned pale, but she flashed an even brighter smile. "Then, since you are married to me, doesn't it mean that you trash too? Am I right, Damien Radbury?"

After she finished speaking, she turned and strode away.

She was afraid that she might fly into a rage if she were to stay there any longer.

As she left the office, she met the secretary who tried to stop her from going in just now. When the secretary saw how flustered Ava appeared, she looked at Ava with a mocking expression.

Even though Ava's whole body was limp, she straightened her back and walked into the elevator.

Only when the elevator doors were closed did she dare to show her weak side and slowly squat down.

It turned out that to him, she was nothing but a piece of trash...