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Nightmare Wolves MxM Polyamory Horror Fantasy Completed

Billionaire Boss Wants A Baby With Me





Unedited n nNoel was just seventeen almost eighteen years old when he was admitted into an asylum by his own father The cause of such an act was a mere slip of the tongue when Noel 's nightmares came to life Fuel was added to the fire when Noel 's school She laughed. "You're crazy." "Yeah, you've said that before." I said, annoyed at her continuous repetition of 'you're crazy.' it wasn't a crazy suggestion. It was a brilliant idea where both parties benefit. ....... "Okay. I accept your deal. I want to get my brother out of the trouble he's in." "Great, we'll need to start working then," I said with a smirk. "Working? Aren't we going to do insemination?" she asked with her brows raised. "Nope," I said, popping the p. "Any child of mine will be conceived naturally."

  Kyle's POV

  I found it very difficult to focus on the work in front of me. I knew I'm not supposed to be staring, but I can't help myself.

  I took a deep breath and let my eyes travelled over her body. She had a very defined shape. Her curves were just right. Her nose was straight, and her cheekbones slashed. Her lengthy brunette hair danced on her shoulders. She was beautiful, and she fitted the description of the woman I want my child to be bear from.

  My Heir

  This beautiful woman who was setting out the files on the conference table will be my child's mother, the one that will take over Dale's Corp. I had no doubt it will be her. After doing a background check, I realize that she needed money. Her younger brother keeps getting himself in trouble, and she's the one who's always running to help him even though she wasn't financially secure herself. She loved her brother, and she will not decline an offer such as sweet as mine.

  Jade Brown has been working as my secretary for a year and a half now. I've never actually spoken to her; she took instruction from my personal assistant, Dane. But I know that she was a very hard worker. She gots everything done on time, and we never have to shout or argue with her. She was also always punctual, and I admire when a person is early and present.

  She's never gotten ill, at least from what I saw. She's never been absent of work.

  She was always here doing her work, and she didn't folly around with the other workers who seem to take my private affairs as a job by itself. She isn't prying, and that was great. I needed a humble person. Based on the private investigator's research, she had a clean record and did community service from time to time. I need a woman like her. When the gossiping starts, they won't have any bad things to say about her apart from her brother, but I can easily make him disappear. I could easily send him off to a Caribbean island to settle himself.

  Jade and her brother; whose name I'm yet to find out, parents' died in a Tsunami when they went on vacation in Japan. Jade was sixteen when it happened, and her brother was just ten, both young. The research also showed that their parents left quite a sum of money, but their greedy uncle invested it all in a company that went bankrupt.

  Jade had struggled to make it back up. All through her college years, she was on scholarships which meant she is a brilliant person. I needed that in my son. My heir has to have ambition, he needs to be motivated to do good and to work hard, and that's why I've chosen Jade.

  She has been through a lot and is still facing trials with her brother, but she hasn't given up. She comes to work each day and does her best. I admired that about her. She is worthy of carrying my child. I choose her because the other women that I date wouldn't fit. They were all money-hungry, gold diggers and most of them weren't exactly what you called smart. I don't want my heir to turn out worthless like some of these women I date. I needed my heir to be humble, some of my personalities and some of his mother's.

  "Thank you, Jade." My assistant Dane said. Jade turned and left the room. I was really enjoying the view of her ass. It is round, it wasn't big, but it wasn't small either. It was just right. Personally, I'm not a butt person; I like the breast. I love when my women have a nice shaped breast. I don't really care about the breast's size, but I like it when it was like an orange size, not huge, not small.

  "Mr Dale will take over from here." I smile and stand up to give my presentation.

  Yuen Wong Company Ltd, which is owned and financed by Yuen Wong, was trying to join the business with me. I loved the idea of working with the Chinese. They knew what they want, and they went after it. If they invest in my company, they will be getting back many profits, which is the only reason they want to do business with one of American's finest trading company.

  Dale's Corp is known worldwide. Many people want to trade with us because we offer great service and participate in my community activities and give many donations to the needy and the poor. Of course, people will be drawn to us. We aim to please, satisfy and create a friendship. That is our motto, and my family generation has been living up to the standard of our motto, and that's why the person I chose as the mother of my child and heir is so important.

  "It's a privilege for my company that you are willing to join with us. I truly appreciate it, Mr Wong. Welcome to Dale's Corp and let's get down to business."