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??Ms.GenevieveRachford,yourhusbandiscurrentlywithawomaninRoom2588attheLangfieldHotel.??GenevieveRachfordheldherbreathanxiouslyasshewaitedfortheelevatortostopatherdestination.ShehadspentamonthinMusbaneonabusinesstrip,onlytocomebacktoreceiveastrangetext.Ass Rebecca slept with her husband's uncle, Justin Weil. This was all because her husband cheated on her! And she knew the real reason her husband married her--she was only used as a tool to carry baby! She only wanted to get back at her husband with that one night stand, but what she didn't realize was that she had caught Justin's attention. She knew Justin was the golden bachelor and someone she couldn't touch, so she did her best to avoid him after that night. However, Justin happened to be her new boss! She thought she would have a hard time at work, but instead, she got Justin's help and support. Gradually, she fell for him. However, as she decided to get a divorce and stay with Justin, she found out a dirty secret, which was enough to make her leave forever...

Rebecca Swift had never thought that her husband would have cheated on her on their anniversary!

No, maybe he had had an affair with that woman for a long time, but she just found it out.

After all, she was supposed to be on a flight to Munich at this moment.

However, after wrestling with herself for a long time, she decided to cancel this business trip. Instead, she booked flowers, cake, and red wine, preparing to give her husband a surprise...

Looking at the two in bed through the crack of the door, Rebecca felt a chill all over.

What a big surprise!

After quite a while, the groans of passion in the bedroom finally stopped!

Rebecca heard the woman's voice ring again, as well as the rustle of her putting on her clothes.

"Simon, I've divorced. When will you divorce that woman? Anyway, she can't satisfy you. You'd better make up your mind soon."

"I will, but no rush," Simon Weil replied.

He once thought that love was enough to keep the marriage going, but for so long, Rebecca had never allowed him to touch her.

As a normal man, he needed to vent his exuberant energy. Therefore, he had got used to enjoying himself outside.

However, he hadn't found a proper way that would get Rebecca to agree to a divorce without getting a penny!

Rebecca grabbed her mobile phone tight, trying to suppress the urge to throw up.

No wonder Simon seldom came home recently. It turned out that he had had an affair with another woman!

She vaguely remembered that the woman worked in the same company as Simon, and she was his boss.

Simon had mentioned that if he wanted to get a promotion, he had to flatter that woman.

Was this his so-called way to suck up to her?!

Gritting her teeth, Rebecca tried her best to hold back the impulse to rush in.

She hadn't lost her mind yet. Instead of throwing the cake and flowers away, she took out her phone with the other hand, turned on the camera, and shot the scene in the bedroom.


Striding out of the apartment, Rebecca threw the things in her arms into the trash can. When she reached out to stop a taxi, her mobile phone suddenly rang in her pocket.

She didn't want to answer the call. However, after she had got in the taxi, her mobile phone was still buzzing. It seemed that the caller wouldn't stop calling until she picked the phone up.

Being a little impatient, Rebecca finally pressed the answer key—

In an instant, the voice of her mother-in-law rang loudly on the other end of the line. "Rebecca! What do you mean? Why didn't you see the top fertility doctor I made an appointment with? What's more, you didn't even want to take my calls! If you don't want to have a baby with Simon, you'd better leave him asap! A lot of women are waiting to marry into the Weil family!"

Hearing her mother-in-law keep cursing, Rebecca couldn't help but clench her fists.

Indeed, ever since she married Simon, her in-laws had never taken her as a member of the Weil family.

As far as they were concerned, as a woman from a poor family with no background, she should feel honored to give birth to a child for the Weil family.

How come she had believed what Simon said? She started regretting it.

He said that he would be good to her for the rest of his life, he would convince his parents to accept her, and even though she was hurt in her last relationship and couldn't bear to have intimacy with him, he would try his best to let her open her heart.

Now she was ready to open her heart to him, but what about him?

Listening to her mother-in-law's curses and recalling what she had seen in the apartment just now, Rebecca turned pale in anger.

Grabbing her cell phone, she spat out the words slowly, "Don't worry, I will divorce him. You've been longing for a grandson, right? Okay, you'll have one soon."

However, he would not be Simon's son!

As he had cheated on her, she decided to pay him back in kind before they divorced.

"You! You b*tch, what are you talking about?" Before hanging up the phone, she still heard her mother-in-law's overwhelming curses.

Rebecca turned off her phone and said to the taxi driver, "Please drive me to the Paradise Club."