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Awakening Rejected Mate & Following Fate

Chasing My Rejected Mate





Alora Dennison is an orphaned child from a shamed bloodline surviving in her families old pack. On the dawn of her transition pushing her into adulthood she imprints on the mate she will be bonded to for an eternity, in an unexpected turn of fate.Only he Dwayne is next in line in the Alpha title. He rejected his mate because she was just a human. But as soon as she accepted his rejection his whole world crumbled. After a month they met again but it was not a simple encounter it turns out that his human mate is connected to the royalties of werewolves. Would he be able to chase her back? Or end up regretting it for the rest of his life?

Dwayne's P.O.V

“Dwayne! Don’t you feel her?”

Leaning against my car, I was struggling to hold my wolf down as he stirred to escape from my control. I tried to push him behind me, but he reacted more resistant.

Damn it! I couldn't find any other way to solve his overexcitement other than chaining up this rutting wolf.

“It's her! There she is!”

And there she was... I stood there with my eyes wide open, staring at the woman who was making my wolf crazy.

I could certainly feel that fatal attraction, and the moment I looked up, my eyes are suddenly widened and easily locked on the woman who was driving my wolf crazy.

The moment our eyes met, tingling sparks crawled down my skin with addictive pleasure.

Long black hair stuck out of her hoodie and hung down to her waist. Her beautiful blue-gray eyes stared at me with wide-open eyes, as if she was sucking me into her eyes at that moment, making it impossible to take my eyes off her.

My eyes soon rested on her tantalizing red lips, which she nibbled on, while what I wanted more was to bite them myself.

The sweet smell of her vanilla lingered in my nostrils, and I declared that vanilla became my favorite smell from today onwards.


The word popped out of my mind as I stayed staring at her. I grabbed the door of my car harder to keep myself from claiming her. My wolf whimpered in excitement and joy as he stared at our beautiful mate. How can someone look so perfect with hoodies and sneakers! She hid her beauty behind her hood, trying not to stand out from the crowd.

I was about to take a step toward her when reality hit me.

She's a human, but weak humans don’t deserve to be my mate.

That idea itself made me stop my track. A slight growl escaped my throat as I stared at her; a brush of anger started surfacing in my head. I could feel my wolf beginning to emerge, but I blocked him out. I knew he wouldn't do any good once he revealed himself.

"Come with me." I knew exactly what I should do with this human being.

She slightly frowned, but I still find it adorable. I could feel my friends staring at us like the other students.

Wake Up! Dwayne! She’s just a human!

A slight irritation had shown on my face as I watched her having a second thought, but she finally gave in and started following me at the school's back.

Once alone, I had this urge to fight myself from marking her. Her beautiful eyes stared at me with confusion, but I could see a glimpse of affection with them.

I needed to end this now...

"I Dwayne Carter Reject you human as my mate. I don't need a weakling human as my mate." I said emotionless as I looked into her eyes. Sadness and pain were written all over them, but it changed into a rage in no time. Her tortured look haunted my inner self.

“What the hell are you doing? Dwayne!”

My wolf cried as I felt his anger at me for rejecting his/our mate. I could feel something inside me was breaking into pieces, and it was discomforting, like my soul was being torn into two. A growl escaped from me as I felt my wolf trying to surface so he could mark her and stop me from rejecting her.

I felt her touch my arm as it lit a thousand sparks up throughout my body. I found my wolf relaxed in her communication. Once I gained control of my furious wolf, I shut him out at the back of my mind. She watched me closely. When she was sure I gained control, she let go, and I began to miss her touch.

My eyes soon stopped on her kissable red lips. She was about to speak, but I forbid her, and the next thing I knew, my lips claimed her. I found myself getting crazy as her warmth sent a shiver to my body. I bit her lower lips to ask for entrance. She was hesitating at first, but she let me. A moan escaped her mouth as I slid my tongue inside her, tasting her sweet mouth. My hand traveled around the hem of her shirt while her hands kept playing with my hair, tugging it harder. I deepened the kiss as I let out a groan. I inhaled her scent and found myself getting even crazier. I felt my canines surfacing... MINE! My wolf groans in my head.

But what happened next caught me off guard. She pushed me away, wiping her lips with the back of her hand as she stared at me with hatred and disgust. My body stiffened as her beautiful eyes looked at me with slight confusion but were now consumed with nothing but pain and anger. I felt my wolf become cold all of a sudden.

"W-what do you think you're doing!" She hissed; I must be crazy, but I found her voice sexy, and it was turning me on. But this wasn't the right time to think about that.

I took a step forward, but she stopped me, eyes glaring with pain and hatred. But that is nothing compared to what she said next...

"I accept your rejection."

I stood there frozen as I watched her turn her back on me, and at that moment, I didn't know that my whole world would crumble into pieces.