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Author:Tema G.M




Sequal to Lillian n nAkasha is known as 'mentally unstable She 's always seemed to be seen as different childish unstable unable to understand things around her n nThat is until she finally gets tired of it She isn 't stupid She isn 't a child She isn 't ‘Marking you was the worst mistake I have ever made in my life.’ Raven was switched at birth; Alpha Greyhemm's younger twin daughter taken with Raven left in the crib instead. Her life is one none would wish for. Bullied and abused for reasons beyond her control but hope blooms when the alpha king picks her as his chosen mate. According to the constitution, the alpha king has to pick a mate within three years after his coronation. Time is up and he picks the girl with nothing and no one to lose. A curse looms over his head and war heavy on his door. He has no time nor the patience to deal with a mate filled with power no one understands. He doesn't care but fate has other plans for the cursed king and the royally screwed luna. SNIPPET: “I don't care who you are but I am the luna of this pack. I am the Alpha's mate and when the alpha is gone, I am in charge. When the alpha is gone, I am the alpha. When the king is gone, I am the damn king. And if you have a problem with that, take it up with the man who marked me. Any attempt or any threat to my life will be taken as treason and I will tear that person’s head apart with my bare hands.” I said, my voice sharp and low yet sure they could all hear me. “You can tell them, you can tell them all what I said and if anyone has anything to say about that, they can find me in the king's office.”

It was three days later yet the Greyhemm pack was still celebrating the birth of the two beautiful daughters of their Alpha who was beyond overjoyed himself.

The pack was filled with music, a feast and dance as the night poured away with laughter echoing all through the air, showing that nothing but better days were coming ahead.

The drinks kept coming, Were-Ale drank as if there was no tomorrow with the music turned even higher. It was the first night the Luna had joined the celebration after having had such a difficult labour. She sat on her high chair next to her chosen mate with their hands intertwined. Her skin was still pale but the smile on her face was nothing but genuine. Many had cursed that they would suffer until death after Alpha Greyhemm rejected his true mate to mate with her.

Everyone had wished nothing but the worst for them yet there they were, in love, happy and having been blessed with two beautiful daughters. The luna picked up her head, scoffing internally knowing that some of the people before them were jealous to no end, cursing over and over but how would that help since she got everything she wanted. She snared an alpha and gave him not one but two daughters that would bring more wealth and status in the pack by marrying right.

Her head tipped, thinking of all the families her children could marry into that would bring nothing but more fortune to them. At the top of the list were the royals but that was a far fetch even for her. No one had seen the three princes since their birth, no one even knew if they were still alive but one could only hope.

Next on that list was the son of Alpha Herbwolf who came from one of the wealthiest packs they had in the area. A smile spread over her face; she had many more years to plan for her daughters because for sure by the age of eighteen they would both be married off. And maybe she was still to give her chosen mate a son. She would, there was nothing that would stop her from opening her legs for her mate and give him a boy, which would carry the family line. It was a good start with the twins but more was to come.

The Greyhemm Luna beamed where she was, nothing but a good life waiting for her.

Her eyes snapped away from where she was staring seeing the nurse run to her with her hair flowing away, sweat coating her forehead. The luna sighed, rolling her eyes for she knew the nurse was coming to bring more stress for her. She did not need that, couldn’t they just leave her alone, she had already given birth, what more did they want seriously.

People turned, seeing the nurse tear through the dancing area with nothing but tears rolling down her face, her skin red.

The alpha and luna seeing this sat up in their chairs with the alpha rising to his feet to hear what had the nurse in such distress. The nurse threw herself at the mercy of the alpha, weeping her heart out with her head bowed down, words fumbling out of her mouth over and over again.

The whole pack went silent, the nurse raising her head with hands clutched together looking at the alpha dead on the face to spill the words that rocked the whole pack.

“Thyra….Thyra is gone Alpha, someone took her and ….and left another baby instead. I don’t…I don’t…” The nurse could not even finish, she could not understand it herself. She had been there, she had been sitting right there. One minute the lights flickered and when she peeped in the crib the baby that was laying there next to the eldest twin was not Thyra. The baby was wrapped in what she guessed was a skin of some kind of animal she could not recognize with her eyes completely dark. Those dark eyes had stared right at her as if a demon coming straight from hell.

The alpha did not have to be told twice, he ran with all he had, tearing through his people to get to his babies. He loved those girls with all he had and ever since he held their petite frames in his arms, he swore to protect them even beyond the grave if that was possible.

He pushed the door to the nursery open, the other nurses there staring into the crib with tears streaming down their faces. His heart seemed as if it would stop for as soon as he walked in he knew something was wrong and could smell the darkness in the air with each step, so much darkness he could taste it.

His eyes closed when he reached the edge on the crib. His eyes opened to find his first daughter sleeping and next to her was a baby he could not recognize, a baby that looked so foreign and those deep red eyes stared at him as if seeing into his soul. His heart shuttered just as the baby smiled and giggled as if laughing at him. His fists clenched only to unclench with his head turned back as he howled so loud all the nearing packs came running.