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Vengeance is Key

My Ex-wife,My Mate?





the world broke me so I 'll break the world n n(pt 2 to a quirkless reject) n n nafter killing Bakugo on live TV broadcasted to all of Japan what happened ! what 'll happen to UA n nand n nis Midoryia really done with the class n nthis is a part 2 to 'a q I will release this book on June 1st. Save it in your library. A forced marriage between a human girl, ugly and fat at first sight and a very handsome and rich alpha? Thanks, but no thanks! For six months she was his luna and yet he has never seen her in this time! He left her alone and lived in his packhouse. She was underage at the time of their marriage because she was adopted and none knows her real age , but things are never easy in the world of werewolves. And when you discover after divorcing that your ex-wife was your fated mate , all you have to do is learn that the sky starts at the ankles, right from where you stepped on it. But Meredith and Max's story is not a sad one. It's just another story about what happens when karma hits you with all its might. It is a story about mistakes , reconciliation and forgiveness. But most of all, it's about love.

Author’s POV

In the middle of her living room Meredith Cruz is watching the news on TV and the poster head is her own husband, no one other than Maximillian Cruz, the alpha of New Moon Pack. She is looking at him kissing a young woman , almost naked and dancing on the tables in the middle of a bar.

She doesn't even know when was the last time when they spoke.

She didn't wanted this marriage, but every day, since she became Maximillian's Cruz wife and luna, she's been doing everything she can to be a good wife. She has taken care of the house where she lives, prepared meals every day for the last six months and has been waiting for her husband to eat together, although he has never set his foot in the house since she has been here.

Maximillian remembers that she exists only when Meredith calls him on an urgent matter, and that only happened once since they married. So, Meredith doesn't draw the wrong conclusion at all when she realizes that her husband has completely forgotten about her.

"Luna, please," aunty Jen said. "Please don't look anymore."

“Don’t worry, aunty. I am fine “Meredith said and looking one more time on TV she takes her phone and calls her husband.

“Good morning, my dear” she said, making aunty Jen smile.

"Ah, it’s you…" she heard Maximilian puffing nervously. "What else do you want this time?"

"I wanted to tell you that I decided. I want to divorce, ”she tells him straight away, without looking around, and looking up she sees aunty Jen with tears in her eyes.

"When do you want to go to finish this …thing…?" alpha Max Cruz asks her and his voice changes completely. Meredith can feel his joy.

“There is no need to meet. I already signed the papers. Aunty Jen will give it to you and I am sure you know exactly what to do with it. ”

"If this is a prank, I will…." but Max can't tell her anything anymore so Meredith immediately shuts the phone in his nose.

"It's over aunty," she said.

"Luna, but why?" and bursting in tears aunty Jen asks Meredith:

"Is there really nothing that can be done about it? You are so kind and our former luna and alpha love you so much. And what about Grandpa Cruz? You will break his heart! ”

Of course that aunty Jen knows all that because she was an omega in alpha’s house for more than forty years. She loves this family, and raised Maximilian, but right now she loves this pure and simple girl that is her luna more than anything else.

"Aunty I can't do it anymore." and her dark blue eyes are so clear right now that auntie's Jen heart is softening.

"He will regret losing you," she said.

“He won’t. We’ve been married for six months and he’s never come home since the day of our wedding. But I am alright. I never wanted to be his luna just as he never wanted me. I am just a human, a weak human being in his strong pack. Is normal for him to be disgusted of me ”

“Still, you are our luna . You can’t leave us! ” begs aunty Jen.

“He will find his real luna, maybe he will find his mate. Who knows? Everything is possible ”and embracing her she looks lovingly at the old woman who took care of her all this time.

“I need to pack my things. I don't want your alpha to find me here. ”Meredith said and walked to her bedroom.

She looks in the mirror and smiles.

“We did it, girl! We are finally free from him! I've tried for mom and dad, but I can just stay here and feel lost. ” and she immediately takes off her suitcase and starts packing her clothes. She takes her favorite light blue lace dress and puts a light make up on her angelic face.

She takes her nude stiletto shoes and looking one more time in the mirror she is happy to be the old Meredith Quinn again. The one that is elegant and refined.

"Luna ?" Aunty Jen exclaims in shock when she sees her coming down.

All these months she saw Meredith in simple clothes, living humble. She always worked in the house and never let aunty Jen to work by herself.

“You look so beautiful! If alpha would see you right now I am sure he would like to stay at home just to be with you. ”

But just the thought of Maximilian finding out how the real Meredith Quinn looks ,makes her tremble.

“No, aunty. If you really care about me, please don’t tell him about this. Leaving this place I have the chance to live for the first time in my life. I want this. It's my choice. Meredith told her and took her in her arms making the little old woman cry.

"My alpha could not have a better luna than you, I will miss you my luna .” and looking at Meredith one more time she asks” Do you want me to call you a taxi? ”

“No, aunty. My brother is waiting for me ”and kissing her aged and wrinkled cheeks, Meredith walks out of the house without looking back and runs straight into the car waiting for her at the gate.

The thing is that she never wanted to marry Maximilian Cruz but this was her parents' strongest wish. To see her in a good family. Her parents knew that a Luna's life would be smooth.

And she loves them so much that she couldn’t stand to oppose them.

She is the adopted daughter of Alpha Landon Quinn. She was found in the forest by her brother, when James was only seven years old. He loved her with all his heart and took her home. Olivia and Landon Quinn adopted her even if she was human, but they loved her so much and all her life she was protected by them.

This is why they looked for a man that would offer safety to their daughter . Because Landon Quinn and Carter Cruz, Maximillian's dad, were old friends, they asked their children to marry each other.

Maximilian vowed never to love Meredith . He wanted to mate later, but mating with a weak human was out of discussion.

Meredith felt the same way. No one knows exactly her age, all assumed that she is already eighteen, but in fact she was just a few months younger. She just wanted to live, to stand by herself.

She accepted Maximilian Cruz, but Maximilian refused to look at her and meet her until their wedding.

Seeing that he doesn’t want her ,she knew that she needs a plan to escape.

“I can’t be all my life a burden for Maximilian Cruz and live like a weak human. Maybe that I am a human in a werewolf world, but I can do it ! I can stand for myself. I am tired of relying on my family. ”

So , on the day of the wedding she caught a bee and let it bite her on her face, so that Maximilian would be disgusted by her face, which in reality is beautiful.

She knows too well what a manwhore Maximillian Cruz is, the whole world knows.

Her clothes were simple. Clean but in a way that hides her thin body and made Maximilian think that she is not voluptuous enough for his taste.

And all those decisions brought her here today.

She was more than sure that Maximillian would never accept someone like her as his luna, but she still tried. If only once Maximillian would had come home he would have seen the real Meredith, but he choose to live like a manwhore ignoring his wife.

So , Max never came home. He put her in one of his houses and asked aunty Jen to take care of her. Only his parents visit her, and his old grandpa but Max is not interested in her. She is just a pathetic human who thought that marrying him would grab God by the foot. That is what he thinks.

And that’s the way it all started.

An underage girl married the bachelor of the century and divorced in six months without seeing each other for more than five minutes all this time.

"Are you alright?" James asks, opening his car door so that Meredith can walk in.

“Yeah ,I am. I can’t believe I’m free, James, ”said Meredith, almost crying.

"Mom and Dad shouldn't have insisted on this marriage." said James hugging her,

“Please don’t tell them what’s happening. They will be upset. Tell them that there were irreconcilable differences between us. “

James smiles at her and starts the car.

“Where are you going now? Tell me and I will send you wherever you want in this world. ” and takes her hand in his hand.

"Paris." said Meredith, closing her eyes and dreaming of Parisian music and chocolate.

“I want to study design .I’ve always wanted but I got stuck in New Moon Pack”

“Then let’s put you in a plane and give you some wings. It's time to learn to fly, sis! ”

And her flight in life just started.

But next day on New Moon packhouse grandpa Cruz come in Maximillian's office and entering angrily he asks him:

"What did you do to my granddaughter?"

"What granddaughter, grandpa?" Maximillian asks looking at the old man amused.

"You have only one grandchild. And that's me!"

"Where is Meredith?" grandpa asks and immediately Carter Cruz comes in.

"Dad, why are you yelling? You will get sick again." he says and take the old man by his hand, but grandpa is so furious as soon as he pushes Carter Cruz and says angrily:

"This brat divorced Meredith and he didn't tell us!"

"I didn't!" max said and looking at them he says " She divorced me and I have nothing to do with her decision."

"Nothing?" suddenly Lisa Cruz asks. "Nothing? When was the last time you were home? When did you talk to her last time? When did you eat together or when did you ever sleep in the same bed? "

But horror appeared on Maximillian's face just thinking about it. How could he sleep next to that woman with such a swollen and deformed face?

"It was her decision. She signed the papers and left. What would I have to do? Should I go look for her?"

And looking at his parents he says firmly:

"That woman was not right to be my luna. She is not the right material."

"And who is the right material?" Carter Cruz asks his son "Any of your whores?"

"Is my life! And I want to live it as I dreamed!" Maximillian shouted at his parents. "That was the most ugliest woman I've ever seen in my life! You can't force me to live with her!" he says and gets nervous out of the office.

"Did they really divorce?" Lisa asks with tears in her eyes.

"Yes" grandpa said snorting angrily, but he immediately looks at Carter and, thinking of something, begins to smile.

"Let this brat think it's all over. But mark my words, Carter. I won't lower my white hair into the grave until Meredith is not coming back. She is the perfect girl for him!"

" Dad, calm down please. I will run plan B to make her his luna, just stay calm." Carter said and take the old man out of Maximillian's office.

"Bring her home, Carter!"