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Operation Boomerang

Hurtfully Bounded





Wade Boeman let his eyes wander up the hull of the huge silver ship He thought if only Tomer were here now! He caught himself and quickly erased the thought before he remembered more things that were better left alone hidden behind the thin veil he had cr BOOK THREE OF THE BEAUTIFUL SERIES Benedict Edward Saintclare. The man who has everything that every man would be jealous of. He's the son of the world famous Hugo Saintclare. He's the wealthiest businessman England has ever had and the hottest entrepreneur England has ever known. He's a man with too much money to spend and too many women that is vying for his attention and wealth. He's one of Forbe's most eligible bachelors. He's mysterious. Secretive. Privileged with his insane wealth. Famous because of his family's background and status. Wickedly hard to resist. But despite these positive attributes that he has, he's also ruthless, tyrant, cold and heartless. His employees feared him the most and they know he could fire them in just a snap. Then there's Thea Thibault, an intern from Lure Magazine with a dark past that she's been trying to forget but still keeps on hunting her. She was tasked to interview England's wealthiest bachelor. She knows he's a heartless manwhore. She knows he just fucks around with any women he wants. And she knows she needs to stay away but she knows too well she can't. She's intimidated but she denies it. She's attracted but she doesn't want to feel anything towards the manwhore. What happens when Benedict wants to break down her walls? Will she let him in knowing that they have to set limitations and restraints? Will she let him in when she knows she's bounded by her hideous past?


He placed the money on top of the table right in front of her and it was quick to capture her attention. She loves a great pile of money. Her eyes were quick enough to land on the bills and it always interest him so much.

"That is three thousand dollars." He says it so calmly.

He kept staring at her eagerly while his hands held onto each other.

"What's your name?" He questions with interest in his eyes. He loved her figure and how a lot of sex positions he had in mind to do to her.

"Well..." She flutters her eyes at her. "You can call me anything you want to, babe." She flirts as normally as she would, trying to hide her real identity and nervousness,

She smiles at him as the music blares loudly through the walls of the club.

"Why are you doing this?" He asks.

She grins at him while she twirls her glass of champagne in little circles.

"Why not?" She asks back, still with that flirty tone.

She slightly pulled her head up to him and just smirked at the man who was wearing a charcoaled black suit and tie with a white dress shirt under it. He sits right across her with his leg over the other as he tries to study this kind of woman that he hasn't met before.

"You don't have to do this you know? You don't have to be this.... kind of woman that you're not." He adds.

She was gutted by his words but he tries to ignore him. "You don't know me." She answers right away.

"But you don't have to be like this. You're young. You're supposed to be in a university." He debates.

"Well, you're the one who isn't supposed to be here as well." She smirks at him. "Don't you have someone waiting for you back home?"

He smirks at her because he has been injured with her words, "You fascinate me. But I have a huge feeling you're forced."

She snorts. "It's who I am." She answers.

"This isn't you." He snaps back.

"I have reasons. I have no choice." She answers softly.

He sighs inwardly. "Everybody has choices to make."

"Well, mine's this." She's witty with her answers.

He takes a long pause as he drink his glass of champagne while his eyes were still glued at her. He knows that there's something more about this woman that was before him. She intrigues him. They went quiet for a long while as she kept her eyes on the pile of money in front of her. She knows she needs it.

"What's your name?" He asks her again.

"I already told you. Anything you wanna call me." She answers the same thing.

He pulled out another cash and placed it on top of the other bills. "Another $3,000 just tell your name."

She smirks. "You play with money."

"Not this often." He answers, resting his back as he held his lower lip.

"How about cheri?" He asks.

"Like a fruit?" She asks back.

He chuckles.