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Imperial CEO's sweet sweet love

Author:Er Nie



Realistic Urban

COMPLETED now that you 've had your fun electrocuting me would you care to hop in the backseat n nFreak DNA That 's what I like to call it nThe fault to my genetic code More often than not it 's a curse n nThe static running through my blood gave me a nam It was rumored that Gu the third looked ugly and was cruel and evil. Besides, he had long been in difficulty in his family. Yet there was one problem here---these were not rumors but truths. But Xu Yinuan was a typical husband-protector. She wouldn’t allow anyone, in any way, to despise her husband. "Gu the third, it doesn't matter that you look ugly. I'll introduce you to a plastic surgeon. It doesn’t matter that you’re not rich. I can bring home the bacon... " Before Xu Yinuan finished her words, Gu the third interrupted her. "Baby, let me do that. All you have to do is to stay beautiful and spend money like a queen!"

The room was in darkness.

Xu Yinuan lay on the bed with her body stiffened, feeling that she was spellbound and could not move.

This night... was her engagement night with an old man!

She heard the sound of opening the door, feeling so scared as to close her eyes and afraid of what was happening next.

It was rumored that Gu's third son was hideous, eccentric and notorious. He seemed to have sexual dysfunction and so had no women around.

In the whole city, even if someone was greedy for Gu's property, they dared not marry their daughters to him.

However, Xu family did.

Because Xu family was short of money. Xu’s group was in a serious crisis, so Xu Yinuan’s dad went to a loan shark. Now those people went her home to ask the money back and if Xu family did not pay the money, they would claim her father's life.

Her dad was reluctant to sacrifice her older sister, and so she was sent over.

The debtee accepted at once and asked for inspection tonight.

Inspection...It meant checking her body, insulting as it was. For Gu the third, she might be like some insignificant merchandise, but, anyway, they just took what they needed.

She felt that Gu the third was around forty or fifty years old, but he had not married yet, so she guessed that he might have some sexual malfunction or have some eccentric hobbies.

Like, abuse!

She trembled more when thinking of this.

The quilt was uncovered, and a big hand touched her, slightly coarse and cold, like the devil's hand from hell.


She was so scared that she screamed.

The man fell into a short silence and then said, "Afraid?"

His voice was hoarse and low. Extremely nervous as she was, she could not tell whether it sounded pleasant or not.

She only felt that the voice was low and deep as if he was angry.

Yet when she thought of that her dad was still waiting for the life-saving money, she clenched her teeth and endured the fear and said with a trembling voice, "Yes... I'm a little scared, but I can overcome it..."

"I'll turn on the lights, which may let you feel more secured."

The man seemed like a gentleman, because he did not force her to do anything.

He raised his hand to touch the switch on the wall, but Xu Yinuan held it tightly before he could.


Her voice trembled as if she were begging him.

People said Gu the third had a fierce, dreadful look just like a demon's, and, what's worse, there was a finger-long scar on his face.

If the light was on, wouldn't she black out because of her fear to him? After all, she was too sensitive and vulnerable now.

Turning on the light?... Never!

Gu the third kept silent and seemed to have realized what he was doing. He slowly drew back his hand to stroke her cheek. She tried to stop it, but she dared not.

"Sir... I haven't had any man, so can you... Can you be gentle?

She said humbly.

His finger touched her, from her eyebrow, to her nose, lips, to her slender neck, then to her delicate shoulders and collarbone.

Further down was the charming, breath-taking, tempting, seductive...

Her body was more stiffened and later she believed at that moment she might be as stiff as a stone. Her little hands clutched the sheet so hard that she almost tore it in pieces.

The man knew she was scared, but he still took his time, as if he was deliberately breaking her will step by step.

"Do you know what it means lying here tonight?"

"It... It means that I will be... yours... from now on."

"Well, you are quite aware of the situation. I need a wife, and you need money, so we can be partners." When saying this, he moved his hand even downward and covered her pure, fair skin.

In her whole life, Xu Yinuan had never experienced such a shameful thing and now she blushed and felt that she preferred to die.

She felt this strange man repulsive and disgusting, but she had no choice but to be his girl tonight and his wife this life.

He had been over forty while she was only eighteen...

How ironic!

Maybe she was destined to end like this.

But she was not in the mood complain anything or blame the fate because the man's hand had been on her...