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Built to Last Middleton Hotels 2

Are You Happy Now?


Author:C.M. Steele



Joseph Middleton is the eldest of the brothers and acted like it There were no women only work Yet all it took was one look at Rachael Harrison to ruin all his plans He wanted to own her body and soul but he owned the hotel He wanted to claim her but that To grow up in a world where female shifters are rare, being one is a big deal-and thats why Cassidy hides that she is one from the rest of the pack.When Cassidy turns sixteen she is finally able to find her mate; the one person who is made to love her unconditionally. What happens when he rejects her because he "needs a stronger alpha female for his pack, preferably a shifter"And that female shifter happens to be her slut of a sister-Briella. When Cassidy's world comes crashing down she finally leaves and becomes a female rogue, a rarity of its own. Cassidy will find herself in the year she is a rogue.She will make a new family and discover herself.But what happens when her past catches up with her? Also, how is Damen, Cassidy's mate, doing? How does rejecting his other half feel? Does he regret it? Does he change is man-whore ways? Or does he continue on with Briella? How is Jake, Cassidy's brother, handling her departure? How about her mom and cheating father? How is she? Then, what will happen when Cassidy is forced to return home after disaster strikes? What will she face? A regretful mate who is determined to win her over? A still bitchy sister? And how about the pathetic Alpha who has a secret of his own?

I never thought being a rogue would be something I enjoyed this much. The wind flowing through my fur. Feeling the life leave my prey as I snap their pathetic necks. I even enjoy the feeling of the cold morning dew coating my silver fur every morning.

Sometimes I like to think back to the day I was rejected by my good—for—nothing mate; Damen. He was the coveted Alpha—to—be and I was just the Beta—to—be fat and ugly little sister. My brother, Jacob, pushed me away, it felt like being rejected all over again; twice in one day. Then there was that whore of a sister that I have. If I ever see her again I vow to snap her scrawny little neck. That was the worst day of my life. But in a weird way I'm glad that day happened. Without it, I would never have become what I am today. I would have never found the man who taught me everything he knew. And I would have never fulfilled my destiny.

I left.

I'm gone.

I'm happy now.

And now I am the most powerful creature in the woods.

My name is Cassidy Knightlock and This is my story.


Let me take you back a year and a half ago.

It is my sixteenth birthday: where everything went wrong. The day I was finally able to find my mate.

I woke up like every other day. My room was dull; tan walls, four post beds, dresser, closet and mirror. The only plus to my old room was my own personal bathroom. I was the youngest of three and I was mommy's little girl. My mom knew everything about me because I didn't have any real friends. You see, everyone in the pack thought I was pathetic because I didn't turn out to be a female shifter like my older sister — Briella. I wouldn't want to be like her at all though; I think every boy and man of the pack's key has fit that lock, if you know what I mean.

In the werewolf world, it is rare to be a female shifter. This makes every single female shifter coveted by packs all over the world. In my pack, the Shadow Pack, we have three known female shifters. I say known because they don't know about a fourth; me. I learned to keep my scent hidden from the rest of the pack; I only smell like a non—shifter. The other three include the Luna of the pack, my whore of a sister, and a little four year old girl who is already figured out how special she is. Let's just say she is already a handful for her parents, I really don't envy them at all. The Luna is not as stuck up as the other two but she still walks around like a stick is stuck up her ass.

As I woke up that morning I picked out my favorite green plaid shirt, that accented my eyes, blue skinny jeans and grey vans. I even left my hair down for once instead of pinning it up in my usual messy bun. My red—brown hair hung down in its twisting natural curls. I had a streak of blond that ran down the left side of my hair, making it pop in the contrast with the red—brown. I applied a little bit of mascara to my already obnoxiously long eyelashes, and gave myself a once over. I knew I wasn't the prettiest of the pack. I had a little bit of fat around my stomach, I had the occasional zit, but my eyes always managed to stand out, in the best way. They were a striking green. My mom told me it was the color of the dewy grass in the early morning. I gathered all my school supplies and made my way downstairs to the kitchen.

As I arrived my mom pretty much tackled me into the ground.

"Oh my baby girl can finally find her mate!" My mom had tears of joy in her eyes. One could easily see that I was her favorite of the three of us. In second is the oldest, my brother Jacob, followed by my older sister Briella. Mom never really liked her after she found out about all the men she has slept with. My mom was a big believer in waiting for your mate, and so was I, and secretly Jake was also.

"Okay mom, don't want to kill the birthday girl do you?" I laughed at her enthusiasm. My mom truly was my best friend. People said I looked just like my mom. Same nose, same smile and same hair. The only things I seemed to get from my dad were my eyes and temper. My dad was a terrible mate to my mom. He cheated on her with almost all the females. I think that he thought my mom never knew but it wasn't hard to tell when a different female had her scent mixed with his the next day. The worst part about it was that my mom could feel it every time he slept with another woman. She said it felt like someone was stabbing your heart with a hundred needled repeatedly. She also told me that the only reason she was putting up with it was because my father was beta of the pack and could be kicked out if she spoke up, and for me. I've also come to the conclusion that Briella takes after my father— with the whole sleeping around thing. I never usually saw Jacob with any girls because I knew he secretly wanted his mate to be his first, not some whore.

"Okay, well let me know immediately if you meet him today! I cannot wait to meet my soon to be son—in—law!" She was never this excited for Jacob or Briella to find their mates. I guess that is another way you can tell who her favorite is. Jacob has been searching for his mate for the last few years with no luck. I know not being able to find her is eating away at him. Being the beta—to—be he has a certain reputation to uphold.

"Like Cassidy's mate would ever want her." Briella muttered under her breath. She then gave me an almost knowing like smile. What was that about? Jacob and I were the only to hear it with our enhanced hearing. My mom didn't even notice.

"Well off to school you three!" She motioned for Jacob, Briella and I to all leave. Jacob drove us to school everyday. He was a senior, Briella was a junior and I was supposed to be a sophomore but I was in all AP classes so I was moved up a year. So I am technically a junior also. Briella was not too happy when I was moved up a year. Another thing to add the "Why Briella Hates Me" list.

The car ride was just uncomfortable. Jacob had the worst taste in music— some form of metal—rap or something. All Briella did the whole car ride was talk, or as I like to say yell, into her cell phone. God who would want to listen to that high pitched mess of a voice?

When we arrived at school Briella rushed out of the car and headed to her group of friends, the ones she was coincidentally just "talking" to on the phone. And by friends I mean the other whores who are afraid of what Briella might do to them, so they pretend to be "besties!" I know for a fact that each of them hates her. I don't blame them either, she is stuck up and snotty. Even her outfit screams "easy." That day she was wearing a short black leather skirt, a see—through black lace top, and black heels. Her obviously dyed, fake blond hair with dark brown roots showing through, was straightened to the point where I thought it looked greasy and the gallon of perfume she put on at the house burned my nose. I didn't know how any of them could stand it! Even my eyes were beginning to tear up, and I was a good hundred feet from her! I was also just trapped in the car with her for ten minutes. I should have just walked to school. At least then I wouldn't have a headache from that vomit—like smell.

I got out of the car at the same time as Jacob. Jacob and I had an okay relationship. We didn't not like each other is how I liked to think about it. Jacob cared more about his reputation than he did me or Briella. Of course, Briella was popular on her own though, the whole shifting thing. Sometimes I like to wonder what my life would have been like if I had just admitted I could shift. Only my mom knows that I am one. She was the one who helped me through my painful first shift when I was seven. I made her promise not to tell anyone. I did not want to get all that unwanted attention. As Jacob and I were walking up to the school entrance I saw him. My mate. Actually I smelled him first. He smelled like apples and freshly sanded wood. It was mouthwatering. I looked around the campus until I found him.

He had that sexy messy looking hair; brown. A little button nose. Muscles that I knew one day I would get the chance to run my fingers all over. I was already perving him and I didn't even know who he was. As my eyes met him, it was like my world stopped. His deep blue eyes held mine for what seems like hours. Then it finally hit me. I knew who my mate was.

Damen Michaelson. The alpha—to—be.

I whispered "Mate," Jacob shot me a look that said "what did you just say?"

Just at that moment my whore of a sister walked up grabbed his face and roughly kissed him. She even went so far as to jump up and wrap her legs around his waist. His hands even caught her, grabbing her fat ass.

The worst part was that he didn't even attempt to stop her. He kissed her back. Knowing full well that I was right there.

My heart was already shattered.