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Billionaire's Sugar Baby




General Romance

Sheevenwentonablinddatewithestrangentmorning,gotmarriedintheafternoon,andletttogethernight.ThatmanturnedouttobeabillionpresidentChapter1Wiltspoon'shotweaterinOctoberwasakiller.Still,themoringsandveningsweareasdbythelateautumnbreeze.SerenityHuntgotupfirstt For mature audience, mentions of violence, sex and 18+ stuff...! DYLAN GREY, the richest billioniaire in the city, bought CELESTE KNIGHT for one night, wihout knowing who she really was! A ONE NIGHTSTAND GONE WRONG! EVERY PERSON HAS A STORY OF THEIR OWN! READ TO FIND CELESTE'S STORY.


  The night was dark, with stars shining brightly in the sky. There was complete silence, except for the sounds of stray animals, that kept resonating a few times. The clock was indicating, that it was past 1 'o' clock, in the middle of the night. Everyone was on their beds, taking rest after their long tiring days, except for a girl, who was walking down the street, alone.

  She was wearing a short white dress, that was barely reaching her thighs and a matching white coat, to not feel too cold on this cold night. Still she was feeling chills run down her spine, due to the cold.

  Her hairs were swaying with wind, often coming on her face as well, which she was pushing back with her fingers. Her face was painted in dark, exotic makeup, while her heels were hanging on her right hand, with the clear attempt to not make any noise. She looked like a lonely angel, who fell from the sky, late at night.

  She was cautiously looking around once in a while, but she was not scared, as she already got used to roaming around late at nights.

  She was Celeste Knight, a beautiful woman in her mid twenties, with beauty everyone dreamt of. But, her beauty was a curse to her.

  She pushed her left hand in her pocket and took out her cell phone to check, if she was heading in the right direction.

  She was resting earlier, when she got a message from her Sugar baby company, that she had to meet someone. She didn't know about the person, who wanted her to be his sugar baby. But it was not new to her. It was probably an old man, who didn't have any relationship for a long time and he was asking for a sugar baby. It didn't affect her at all.

  She was chewing on a gum, still walking leisurely, checking her phone. She looked up at the building, that was standing tall in front of her. It was one of the largest and expensive buildings in the city. She again checked the address on her phone, to make sure, that she was not at the wrong address. Whoever had hired her, as the sugar baby, was filthy rich. But, it was none of her business. She was not going to see that old man for a long time.

  She dropped the heels on the ground and crouched down to wear them. After that, she fixed her hair and started walking inside. No one stopped her, indicating, that the man had already informed the security.

  The inside of the building were like a royal hall. Every corner was screaming perfection and money. It was a combination of black and gold, which was elegant and pleasing to eyes. What she liked most, was the chandelier hanging above in the center of the hall. It seemed like it was made of gold, due to its shine, that momentarily blinded the person looking at it.

  She looked away and focused on the gold colored Elevator, on the left corner. She started walking towards it, her aura screaming Confidence. She stepped inside and pressed the button for the top floor, where the pent house was located, as mentioned in the address.

  The lift started going upwards and she felt her heart dropping to her stomach once again. She always felt this before going on her job. It was getting tiring, but she didn't have any other option.

  She shooked all thoughts from her head and focused on her reflection on the door. Her face was perfect with big doe eyes, a perfect straight nose and heart shaped lips completing the perfection. Her beauty have always been a curse. She smiled slightly at her reflection, but this gesture didn't reach her eyes.

  The elevator made a ding sound, following with the doors opening. She stepped outside and looked at the double doors, that were right in front of her. She heaved a sigh and started walking towards them.

  She pulled a fake smile on her face and kept taking small steps, when the door opened and a man stepped out. She was startled, so she stopped at her spot. The man turned around and also got startled, seeing her standing there.

  The man seemed like, he walked out of a magazine, with his perfect tailored suit and a face, that could charm anyone. The most noticeable thing about him were his shoulders, they were impressively broad. But Celeste, was not one to be impressed so fast.

  The man had placed his hand on his chest after seeing her, because he got scared. His eyes were closed and he was taking deep breaths.

  He opened his eyes, giving Celeste the chance to notice, that the colour of his eyes was dark chocolate brown. It was alluring.

  His manly voice brought her out of thoughts, " You scared me! I thought it was a ghost."

  Celeste's lips curled up in a smile, " Do I look like a ghost?!" She teased him, who was still taking deep breaths.

  He placed his hand down and smiled in return, " No! Not really! You look like an angel" His smile was cheesy, while his perfect shining teeths were also visible, adding to the sweet effect.

  He walked towards Celeste and raised his hand for a handshake, adding, " I am Daniel Hale! And you are?!" There was a question in his eyes and a polite smile on his face. But he was making Celeste feel comfortable, not judging her for her scandolous outfit at all.

  Celeste raised her hand and shook his hand. She smiled and introduced herself, " I am Celeste Knight! It's nice to meet you Daniel!"

  They both let go of their hands and Daniel looked at his watch, indicating that he needed to be somewhere else. He patted her shoulder in a goodbye gesture and started walking, while uttering, " He must be wating for you! I also need to be somewhere. It was nice meeting you. Hope we see each other again!" He said all of this in a single breath and stepped inside the elevator, before Celeste could reply. So, she muttered to herself in a low voice, " I don't think we will meet each other, ever again Daniel!"

  Only if she knew what fate had in store for her.

  She shook her head and focused on what she was here for. She again fixed her hair, which was a nervous habit and started walking towards the double doors. She raised her hand and knocked on them, while waiting for someone to open up.