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Black Hearted A Ruby Red Romance

More Than A Human





He 's used to getting everything he wants But he never wanted love Until now n nJack Blackhorne never wants for anything Or so he thinks Money 's not an issue influence in the boardroom and the bedroom never a problem But after losing (ouch!) to his ex wi Sophia Hale has been abused by her stepfather for years. she was always strong enough to take any type of abuse, but when he hurts her little half brother, it's the last straw. she runs away with her little bro. they were always on the run, because their stepdad was a werewolf and they were just humans. He could always track them down since he was a tracker in his old pack She and her brother hears about a pack that is so big that they have their one town. They move their hoping her father would stay out of another pack's territory. But what happens when she finds her mates and also learns that she isn't just a human but so much more. will her mates love her ? will she love them? or will they hurt her and reject the broken girl ? Will her father find her?

  It's been a week since my little brother and I have moved too the new town -

  Mysticwoods. The town is small, but has a lot of character. The only problem is, we don't really fit in here. I think it's, because we are human and the rest of the town- not so much. Let me explain. Many many years ago, the town originally started with a small amount of people, okay not people, but werewolves. They claimed the land as their territory. Back then the pack only build a few huts for them and survived of the land, but as time went on, the pack become bigger and the amount of werewolves were to many to just live of the land. So they started developing their territory into a small village with only a few shops, but now. Now it's an entire Town, with a lot of shops, restaurants, grocery stores, clothing shops etc. When the town got so big, It caught some people's attention, so they moved here. Most of them move away again , since the werewolves are mean, cruel and sometimes scares them away. I think the only humans that live here now are matted to a werewolf.

  It doesn't really matter if anyone wants me in this town or not, they can try and scare me away but I won't leave, since I have no choose but to live here. It might be the only place were my brother and I will be safe. We ran away from home about two months ago. My stepfather wasn't the nicest person ever or nicest werewolf ever. Okay that's an understatement, he is the devil himself. He has abused me more times than I can remember and he has done things to me that no 17 year old girl should have had to experience yet and what made it worse was that he would abuse me in his wolf form as well. It's easy to say that I hate him, I hate him with my entire heart.

  I would have ran away on my birthday, which is in a week, but two months ago he attacked Noah so badly that he had a blue eye for a week and claw marks that still look like their healing. After that I couldn't take it anymore. I mean I could take him abusing me, I actually wanted him to hurt me, because that meant that Noah was safe. It meant that he wasn't the one bleeding or crying or bruising and that made it worth it. I know Noah isn't my really brother, but he means everything to me. I love him as if he was my own baby. I would rather have all my bones broken, then have him bleeding from a cut.

  But anyways getting back to the town. It's in the middle of the forest, witch I personally love. Their is almost 1300 people living in the town, well in the territory. Only some pack members stay in the town it self. The members that live in the town are either very old or very young. The rest of the pack lives in the forest somewhere. The town has your regular places, like a Cafe, clothing shops , boutiques, a mall and ect. Theirs also a high school, which I of course go to, and I bar that I also work at. All and all it's a beautiful place.


  "You hit like a girl" the man said as he smeared the blood from his nose.

  "Don't worry you can too, if you try a bit harder." I retorted as a huge grin spread through my face. The man scoffed and tried to land a punch again, but I was to fast. I quickly sidestep him and landed a knock out punch on his left cheek. I smile at the man laying still in front of my feet. Maybe next time he won't underestimate me. The announcer grab my arm and lifted in the air and began saying...

  "And the black hood wins again." He shouts. The crowd cheers and claps as I claim out of the ring. I love boxing. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I'm actually very good and I haven't lost a match yet.

  I mean I've only had like 8 fights, but still. I have even gotten my own stage name- black hood. I think I got it , because I always box with a black hoodie on to cover my face. It's better when people don't know they are fighting against a girl, a specially a human girl. I know you probably don't think I could actually beat a werewolf , but I have my own little tricks like, putting a layer of wolfsban over my gloves. What it's not cheating, its leveling the playing field. Plus it only works on werewolves so if I am fighting a human nothing will happen. After the match I quickly grab the money I earned for the fight then move to the cleaning supplies closet. I grab my bag that I hide behind a box and empty it out. I quickly change into my bartender outfit and sigh when I look down on my self.

  I hated the bartender outfit. I looked so - slutty. The outfit consists out of black converse , black jean shorts that stop just under my bum and a black crop top that showed most of my flat stomach. The crop top had the bar name on it in gold 'the ring'. I redid my hair. I pulled my raven black hair into high ponytail and then decided I can't do anything to look less bad, so I packed everything into the bag and went to the bar to fetch my apron.

  "Sophia, I know it's only your fouth day, but this is the second time you have been late. If your late again I will have to let you go." Todd said in a mad and sad voice. Todd was tall and had brown short hair that match well with his brown eyes. He was the one that gave me the job and he's very nice, well as nice as can get in this town. I quickly apologized and promise not to be late again, he doesn't know I'm the black hood - nobody does. The rest of the night I just take orders and fetch people's drinks as they continue to watch people box. I finally finish at 11 and greet todd before leaving.

  I move towards the black, rusty and old Harley Davidson bike and start to drive home. I can't wait to see Bilbo, the last time I saw him was this afternoon when I picked him up after school. After 5 minutes I pull up to the house. The only house I could afford was an small, old-ish, wooden house right at the end of the town. The house was very close to the forest, but it didn't bother me, since I love to run in the forest. I walk up the stairs and unlock the door. Just as I finish unlocking it. Bilbo pulls the door open and jumps into my arms. I stumble back a bit, but stabilize myself and hug his small frame back. Noah is only 6 now, yet he is more grown up and smarter the most 12 year olds. He always has so much energy and joy in his small body.

  "I missed you Fify." He yells as he hugs me. I move to sit on my knees and place a kiss on his forehead.

  "I missed you more, Bilbo" I grab his hand and stand up again, before pulling him into the house. I walk down the hall and move to his room. I pick him up and tuck him into his single bed.

  "You , mister Bilbo, should have already been sleeping. " I say lightly and rise one eyebrow. He quickly spins on his side and shuts his eyes, before he fake snores. I giggle at his dramatic reaction and kisses his cheek before leaving his room. I walk to the bathroom, witch only consist out of a toilet and shower. I get undressed and take a record breaking shower, since the water was ice cold. Ya, we don't have hot water. I can't even remember when I took I nice long hot shower. I move to the door next to the bathroom , which is my room before I fall into my bed and instantly fall asleep.