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Trauma BoyxBoy

The Legend of A Male Gynecologist




Realistic Urban

Talon Brooks is a 17 year old gay boy overcome with fear and trauma He is scared of touch and barely speaks His father left when he was young so he lives with his older brother and his mother He 's just a scared little gay boy n nSebastian Reynolds is the Thomas Lewis was a male gynecologist. He lived with his brother Albert and his newly wedded wife Joyce. He had a secret crush on Joyce the moment he met her. But he knew he couldn't have that kind of thought towards his sister-in-law. But how was that even possible? Especially with his brother Albert working in another city and barely at home, he was literally spending his every minute with Joyce. He already tried his best not to look at her beautiful legs and cleavage. But he couldn't help it. He drilled a hole through his wall to watch her live show with her husband. But he found out Joyce was not into sex with Albert at all. But Albert wanted a baby. One day, Albert asked a favor of Thomas, to have sex with Joyce and he would watch in the next room...

After graduation, Thomas Lewis was assigned to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the County Hospital as an intern, mainly responsible for doing B-ultrasound for people.

Because his hometown in the countryside was far away from the county, he spent too much time on commuting every day. However it was unrealistic to buy a house in the county... While he was worrying about the problem, his elder cousin, Albert Lewis came for him.

Albert had earned some money these years as a truck man. He not only bought a house in the county but also married a beautiful woman named Joyce Flores. Joyce was a teacher in the County Primary School.

Albert warmly invited Thomas to live with him, since there was a room available. Lucky for him! Thomas pretended to refuse Albert at first, and agreed to move into his house in the end.

Albert and Flores were nice to Thomas, treating him as part of their family. But after a few days, Thomas felt inconvenient because of Joyce.

Albert, as a truck man, often went out for days, leaving only Thomas and Joyce alone.

If Joyce were just an ordinary woman, Thomas would be less distracted. However, Joyce had a first-class figure and beauty, with a good temper. Any man would be attracted to a woman like Joyce.

As time went by, it was inevitable that somethings embarrassing would happen.

For example, late that night, Thomas woke up from urination and hurried to the bathroom in a daze.

He smashed open the bathroom door in a panic, and quickly took off his shorts and pulls out hard stuff to take a leak, only to hear a low shout.

“Ah, Tomas...”

Thomas suddenly woke up and opened his eyes, and he was completely dumbfounded. D*mn, Joyce was there too.

At that moment, Joyce was sitting on the toilet, parting her two long white legs wide with her underpants down. Joyce was frightened by Thomas's sudden intrusion, overwhelmed for a longtime.

"Ah, Joyce. I did not notice you are here." It was so awkward. Thomas blankly stared at Joyce and said.

"D*mn it. Thomas Lewis. Why did not knock the door first?" With her face blushed, Joyce quickly pulled down her skirt and covered her private parts with her hand, while giving Thomas a poisonous look.

"I, I am..." Thomas had no idea what to say, and he uncontrollably took a few more glances at Joyce, reluctant to move his eyes away.

"Joy, what takes you so long? Don't waste our precious time when I am home. I've been suffering these days." All of a sudden, Albert's hasty knock came from outside the door.

Thomas was so scared, it seemed that Albert had come back after he had fallen asleep. Albert would be crazy to see Thomas and Joyce in the bathroom together.

Thomas had his heart in his mouth, waiting for Joyce's reaction. If she shouted, Thomas would be dead.