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God s Favourite

The Billionaire's Pregnant Ex Wife




General Romance

| L Light Matt Mello X Reader n n n n A ASTRAY n n n Lily De Silva, had been married to the devilishly handsome CEO of Bradford enterprises for four years but their marriage fell into an abrupt end when he asked for divorce due to her inability to bear him another son Unwillingly, she lets him go. Grey rekindles his romance with his first love, Natalia, the stunning Italian model and gets her pregnant Months later, after they were legally divorced Lily discovered she was pregnant. Grey came crashing back in her life again, wanting to claim her back. But Lily, who has now become an heiress, refused to take him back. Would the enigmatic CEO win her love back? Or will hate prevail in the end.

“Please Lily, I want divorce.” Grey told me with a paper blank expression on his face.

His words were like a knife, plunging deep through my heart. I felt as my world collapsed on my feet and scattered into a thousand pieces.

Frozen like a statue, I slowly raised my eyes to him amd fought the tears from falling down my cheeks.

I have known all along that Grey, my husband, would open up about divorce. Especially now that his first love had returned to the country after five years of staying in Paris. However, I was not expecting him to discuss it tonight.

We were okay. Why would he ruin this wonderful night?

“Why Grey? What have I done to tou to deserve this?”

Deep down inside me, I already know the reason. And yet, I still want to hear the answer from his lips.

Even if it kills me, I still want to hear the truth from his own lips.

I would rather hear the truth and cry than smile because of a lie.

“I want a son, Lily.... I waited but tou still haven't given me another one.” He replied, his tone remorseless. His face maintained a paper-blank expression as he looked at me.

A shadow of pain crossed my eyes at the mention of the word 'son' and unpleasant memories came rushing back to me. Our two-year-old son died two years ago because of a car accident. I was there on the scene when it happened. Until now, I still blame myself for losing him.

I tried to conceive another child, but despite years of trying, I failed to get pregnant.

“I've been waiting for years and I couldn’t wait any further. Maybe it's time for us to part ways and move on.” He added, my eyes widening more in considerable disbelief. He does not sound the Grey I knew for years.

I knew it! He was lying. That was not the only reason he wanted a divorce. My fingers turned into a ball on my lap as the memory of Natalia and Grey sharing a date in a fine dining restaurant flashed through my memory. I saw them accidentally. Since then, I kept quiet about what I saw and waited for him to open up about it. But unfortunately, he did not.

If he has nothing to hide, he should have told me. And since he did not share what transpired between him and Natalia in the restaurant, only means he has secrets to hide.

But who am I to judge him? Natalia, the stunning Italian model, was his first love, but she left him to prioritize her modeling career in Paris. Though it had been four years since she left him, Grey has not forgotten her yet. Deep within me, I knew he was still in love with her.

It has always been a one-sided love between us. Grey married me to spite his father for marrying his mistress after his mother left. The same year his father got married, Natalia left him. Grey married a lowly restaurant server to get revenge. Until now, his father hasn't forgiven him for marrying me.

Suddenly aware that I was still holding the glass of.

My gaze shifted back to his face. Painfully, I lowered my pride. “I'm doing my best to conceive a child, Grey. Please give me another chance. Let's wait for another year and after that if I’m still unable to bear a son, I will agree to a divorce.” I pleaded. It was the only way I know to save our marriage.

“I couldn't wait anymore, Lily. I want a child, and as my wife, you have failed. That reason alone was enough for me to leave this marriage.”

His sharp words pierced straight to my heart. For a moment, I was speechless.

The Grey Bradford I knew wasn't as ruthless as the man seated opposite me on the round table. But now, he was far from the man I knew, as if he was just a stranger.

Though he wasn't in love with me when we married, Grey was a good and generous man. Never did he once lift a hand to hurt me, nor did he say a single word that had hurt me during the length of our marriage. But now, the goodness I saw in him faded entirely.

My chest tightened, and I suddenly had difficulty breathing. A thousand knives repeatedly stab my heart.

I sacrificed everything for him, even my only chance to go abroad for my dream job because I love him, but all he had to give me now was pure heartache.

Seeing how he was taking this divorce lightly shattered my heart to a million pieces. If only Dylan, our son, didn't die from an accident, then this would never happen.

I closed my eyes to gather some courage to hold my tears. Then my fist turned into a ball under the table to contain the bubbling anger that had been wanting to erupt from inside me.

Grey was the dream guy of every woman, but to me, he was my worst nightmare.