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The Big Bad Alpha

No One's Angel,But You





Aubrey never thought her life was special she never thought she was special She lived in Kansas withholding a secret that could cost her her family and her life the fact she was a Lycan However when her and her mother have the opportunity to move away fro "Hey, don't move!" I was robbed by a stranger. But what he wanted was not money. He tore my clothes off, kept kissing me hard, not to rape me. He wanted me to cover his blood and track from his enemies. I saw blood running out of his stomach. He said thank you after he fooled his enemies. I let him come into my place to get the bullet out of him. I was a doctor. He gave me a kiss the next morning and disappeared from my life. It felt like a dream, I couldn't help thinking about the night making out with him. Until one day, I saw him again in the hospital. I learned that he was a soldier and that he had looked for me and loved me for a very very long time... But I had no memory of him, until...

"Hey, let me go..."

The man covered Selena Quartley's mouth with his rough hand before she could finish her words. 

She didn't expect to be robbed in front of her house the minute she came back from a night shift!

She had never learnt any self-defense skills. However, the robber must be naive if he thought she would surrender so easily! 

Selena gritted her teeth and then bit down on the man's palm, instantly tasting blood in her mouth. She thought the robber would be in extreme pain. However, the robber did not relax his grip nor flinch a muscle. He was not even panting at all.

But why?

Selena wondered amidst her panic. Maybe she did not bite him hard enough? 

At that moment, the sound of incessant footsteps could be heard nearing them, the footsteps growing louder along with the sound of people talking urgently. 

"I've just received the news from the organization that he assassinated Fire Wolf! We must catch him this time."

"Don't worry! He's seriously injured. I'm sure he won't be able to go too far."

"What if he manages to get away? We'll be doomed for sure!"


"The 'he' they are talking about is not the man who is holding her hostage, is it?"

She wasn't aware that this man was seriously injured. Furthermore, she never would've suspected this man to be a wanted fugitive on the run because of a murder he committed... 

The man was trying to rob Selena, wasn't he?

Could he be planning to silence her? 

The man lowered his voice and said calmly, "You'd better cooperate with me unconditionally. Otherwise, you won't be able to survive if I die." 

To cooperate unconditionally...

His tone was not that of a bargain, but instead an immediate and direct order to Selena. 

As soon as he said so, the man forced her between him and the wall. It gave Selena no chance to escape. Then, the man brushed his lips against hers immediately, not giving her any chance to object.

Selena was so shocked that she widened her eyes in disbelief. This man was kissing her wildly! 

What sort of outrageous cooperation did he expect from her? 

However, she gradually stopped struggling when thinking of the conversation she had overheard a while ago. The rusty taste of blood from his palm was still lingering in her mouth. Although Selena was still staring wide-eyed at the man, they ironically looked like a young couple who was having an intimate moment in the middle of the night.

Selena prayed silently, hoping that time would fly faster. 

However, the sound of the footsteps was getting closer. Selena was so nervous that her heart was beating wildly. All of a sudden, she felt her clothes being torn apart, the icy wind penetrating the skin of her back. 


This b*stard!

Selena beat his chest in exasperation, her eyes glaring at him angrily. 

The man ignored her silent complaints and continued kissing her. Her struggles made their intimacy look even more realistic and arousing. Under the dim, yellow lights from the street lamps, her fair skin and faint pants brought the tension between them to greater heights. 

"What's going on?"

"Can't you see? That couple is making out!"

"Why are you still looking at them? Are you caught off-guard by this beautiful woman? We will be in big trouble if we get caught."

"They really know how to make things exciting! I'm going to do this too!"

With that, the sound of footsteps faded away.

Selena seized the opportunity and shoved the man away. She did not expect to see blood oozing out of his stomach...