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The Secret Mission

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This is the story of five highschool students Airin Emma June Jake and Cris They accidentally steps into a mystery and tries hard to complete their secret mission in order to free themselves from a curse Hello friends welcome to join their secret mission Daisy stayed with Lennon because she loved him. But he only treated her as his mistress, slept with her and tortured her, just to get back at her. The murderer of his sister. But she's not! She thought as long as she kept showing him her true heart, he would realize she wasn't a dirty bad women. But luck didn't come to her. She got cancer, and at the same time, she's carrying with his baby. And all Lennon told her, was to f*ck off. Heartbroken. She finally left him and forgot everything about him. However, just as she's ready to start a new life, he found her and told her, that he had always loved her...and all he did to her, was just for protecting her from a scheme...

“Ouch… it’s painful…”

Daisy was being pressed under a man and being forced to make love with him.

She grabbed the bedsheet hard with her nails and she tried her best to endure the roughness of the man toward her, as well as the pain that she felt on her lower body.

“Daisy, cry out loud… Just shout loudly if you feel pain!” Lennon Davidson pressed on the back of her neck while moving his head beside her ear. Every single word that came out of his mouth was so vicious, “You are getting boring, and I'm disgusted by you more nowadays.”

Daisy closed her eyes but she still could not hold back her tears, which were flowing from her eyes down to her cheek rapidly.

Lennon’s movement was faster and harder. He deliberately did so in order to torture and hurting her.

“Daisy… just cry out loud… Don’t be like a dead corpse! It will only make me feel sick!”

“Did you hear me?!”

He grabbed her by her neck and gradually exerted his strength as if he wanted to strangle her to death.

“It’s so painful…” Daisy finally couldn't hold back and groaned out in pain.

Lennon seemed to feel a sense of satisfaction after hearing the groaning sound from Daisy. He finally let go of her neck but he started to slip in and thrusting her deeply in an aggressive manner.

Daisy was on the verge of fainting at that time…

Right at that moment, the phone on the bedside table rang all of a sudden.

Lennon halted his movement while putting his weight on Daisy. He then picked up the call.

“What’s wrong, Milena?” said Lennon in a gentle and charming tone. The tone that he used now was totally in contrast with the cold and vicious tone he said to Daisy just now.

Daisy opened her eyes gradually while her heart was being torn into pieces. She felt so hurt that she grabbed tightly on the bedsheets.

“Don’t be afraid. I will come over right away… Alright, I will be there as soon as possible…” said Lennon in a soft and gentle voice before he hung up the call.

His body then stuck onto Daisy’s back immediately. He was thrusting her more vigorously now to vent his lust on her.

“There is a blackout at Milena’s place, and she was very scared now. I need to rush over to her right away. So… hurry up and please me! Quench my thirst now!”

Milena George was looking for him right now, so he requested Daisy to please him in a sordid manner in order for him to finish the 'business' earlier and dart over to Milena.   

What a ridiculous thought he had right now…

“Lennon, since you are in hurry to look for Milena, why don’t you just stop and leave?”Daisy sneered while feeling extreme pain in her heart.

In his eyes, she was just a piece of useless rubbish. While on the other hand, Milena was the precious jewel that he cherished the most.

“Remember this clearly, Daisy. You are just a whore, so what is your position to care about what I should do?” Lennon turned her body over and leaned against her. He stared at her eyes and said in a vicious tone, “I paid for your body and you should provide me with the utmost pleasure! Isn’t this the main duty of a whore?"

Daisy closed her eyes in pain.

That was the truth… She indeed took his money and deserved this kind of ending now…

After a few seconds, Daisy opened her eyes, which were filled with tears, in difficulty, “Let’s put this to an end, Lennon. I do not wish to continue with this kind of relationship with you anymore. After all, you are about to marry Milena, aren’t you? Well… it is better this way so that you could live happily ever after with Milena without my existence.”

Lennon remained silent for a moment. He just stared at Daisy furiously with his oppressive and sharp eyes.

“Put an end to this?” He grabbed Daisy on her neck and squeezed hard, “Daisy Booth, who are you to ask me to end this? You do not only owe me money, but you owe me life as well!”

His eyes were bloodshot and ferociously red at the moment he said the statement.

“Nobody knows about my sister's whereabouts and I am not even sure whether she is still alive! How dare you say that you want to leave? Who are you to say so? Daisy Booth, you should make an atonement for what you have done for the rest of your life!”

“I didn’t cause that accident… I really didn’t do it…"

“Shut up, Daisy!” Lennon tightened his grip on her neck and caused Daisy’s face turned red immediately. She felt so suffocated that she could not speak further. “I saw it with my own eyes on the accident. It was your car that crashed into my sister’s, it knocked over the cliff and sank into the deep sea… I saw it myself, so don’t ever try to deny it… How shameless are you trying to deny what you have done!”

Saw it with his own eyes?

Daisy opened her eyes widely. She didn’t even drive that car that day at all. How could he be possible to see her with his own eyes?

“I am telling you now, Daisy. I am going to torture you for the rest of my life! I want you to live in regret forever! This is what you deserved! And this is what you owe me!”