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Moonlight Kiss


Author:N.X.H Hậu



i nh m t gi c m ng khi t nh l i ng m l i truy n qua cu c i v th ng m i truy n qua nh l n kh i m o ch ng ti u tan kh ng th n m b t kh ng th thay i kh ng th n m b t th n n h y s ng h t m nh kh ng ph i h i h n nh ta Nh n v t ch nh Nguy n H u sinh ra trong m For sweet and innocent Adriana, life was nothing but a walk through the park. That was, until she turned 18. Adriana feared for this day her whole life, but it was finally time to face them as so many women in her family has done in the past. It was the day for her to attend the Revendal, an annual Grand Ceremony which was held for none other than the pure blood, Draven Cruz. Not only was he famous for his good looks but his temper was well-known amongst the vampires and the humans as well. And now? It was time for him to choose himself a keeper from the ceremony and Adriana silently prays that she wasn't the one. But what happens if he does take a sudden interest in her? Does a human really stand a chance with a vampire?

Adriana's pov

They say that all of us are truly afraid of something. You can't really stop being afraid of something by pretending everything that scares you isn't there. This is my world. A world where you live in constant fear, at least in my eyes, it was.

Today was finally the day that I was going to face my fears. Although, there's no doubt that if I had a choice, I would have chosen to avoid them. Today was the day I come face to face with the vampires.

Truth be told, humans had discovered about the existence of vampires years ago and was able to get along with them "normally', as they say, it, but in my eyes, it was nowhere close to being normal.

The fact that we breathe and live in the same world as them wasn't right. The fact that we, weak humans had to obey their every command wasn't right. The fact that we humans look up to the same people who kill and abuse our kind for their own pleasure wasn't right. And the fact that they had

the right to choose an innocent human girl every year to be their "'soul mate", or shall I say, their

personal blood-bag was sickening and wrong

beyond words. None of this felt right. Yet my

people praise and follow their every command.

Why? You could say that half of them wanted

power. After all, if a human was able to drink the blood of a vampire with pure blood who were the descendants of the very first vampires, they'd be able to become vampires themselves. 

Not only will they be able to gain the powers that a vampire possessed but they'll also be able to become part of the Ardelean vampire family. They were the descendants of the first vampires ever known to mankind and the strongest of their kind. And out of all the pureblood vampires, "Draven Cruz "was

considered the most powerful and strongest one.

This reason alone is why everyone's so desperate to make sure that their daughters were chosen by Draven.  because they can become part of the Ardelean Family. While most of my people craved for power, the other half craved for freedom.

To escape from the constant fear that runs through their mind. I was one of those very few people. I wanted to stay away from vampires and be able to have some sort of self-security throughout my life. But with the mix of humans and vampires in the same town? Peace was nowhere to be found

in our dictionary"Stop, that's enough mom." I murmured, to which my mother responded with a scoff. 

Her dark blue eyes pierced into my brown orbs and I returned the glare."It's just some powder" she brushed some more before I turned my face away."God, why do you have to be so persistent  Adriana!" she snapped, slamming the powder on the dressing table before tucking some strands of her wavy, golden hair behind her ears."I told you that I do not want to dress up in a way that would catch anyone's attention." I shot back,

tears already welling in my eyes as I turned to

face my mother."Do you realize just how important this ceremony is? Damon Cruz is finally willing to take a partner that fits his taste, and you could be one of them." she huffed, pacing back and forth, an old

habit she used to do when she was either

stressed or nervous."How many times do you want me to repeat myself, mother? I do not want to be chosen! If I had a choice, I wouldn't even attend this dumb excuse-of-a-ceremony!" I snapped, standing up from my position and adjusting my sleeveless red gown that effortlessly reached all the way down to the floor."Yes, but make sure to wear the bracelet and necklace your father bought you." her ignorant words saddened me and I bit my bottom lip, fighting back my tears. She was supposed to be

my mother, yet she wasn't able to understand how hard this was for me."1 don't want to be chosen mother-" I choked out helplessly, turning to face her, hoping that for once in her life, she'll put my feelings before hers.

"Nonsense, you're being dramatic. Girls your age are delighted by the news that none other than Draven Cruz was willing to choose a partner this year" my mother retorted with a hint of annoyance in her tone. "Why can't you be just as happy?" she questioned, brushing a hand through her hair in a frustrated manner and I sat back on the chair, knowing very well that there was no way that someone who praised vampires could ever understand the position I was in right now."He's choosing not one, but five girls' mother."I muttered, grabbing the brush from the dressing table before running it through my hair."All the more reason why you have a better chance, sweetheart. Only one can pass from those five girls and I'm sure you'll be the one to win his heart." her voice returned back to her old cheerful one and I went silent.

I hardly doubt I'll be able to win the heart of a heartless demon."Aren't you going to miss me?" Il asked, slipping on my bracelet and necklace before turning to face her again."Of course, I'm going to miss you, darling! But I'm sure that you'll be much happier there" she reassured, walking towards me and bending down to give me a hug.

"Oh, I know you're going to make me so proud tonight." she smiled a little, wrapping her arms tightly around my neck and blinked away my tears before resting my head on her chest.

"I-H hope so." I lied, breathing in her scent before pulling away.

"Now hurry, your father is waiting for you outside." she smiled and I nodded before slipping on my black heels that matched my jewelry. If only the dress was able to conceal the shape of my body. I want to make sure that no attention was drawn towards me tonight. As I stepped inside the front seat of the car, my father cleared his throat and I hung my head before fiddling with my

fingers in silence."No slouching." his words were harsh as usual and I straightened my back before pressing my lips together into a thin line. It's no surprise that my parents were not being themselves around me anymore.

Ever since they found out that I hated the the idea of being chosen by any vampire, they've been treating me rather coldly. But then again, what do you expect from two people who have practically praised vampires their whole life? The ride was quiet and I stared out of the window the whole time, watching the trees and malls pass us by, silently praying that this nightmare would come to an end soon.

But how could it when it barely even began?"You look beautiful tonight" my father stated parking near the Grand Mansion and I gave him a weak smile before nodding

"Go in there and make us proud, he said,reaching out to take my hand, giving it a small squeeze. 

If only he knew how badly I wanted to turn around and go home right now. "Even without so much make-up, you still look so beautiful

Adriana." he complimented, fixating his dark brown eyes into my own ones and I smiled a little as I ran a hand through my long, straight brown hair."Thank you." was all I could murmur and he shook his head before sighing. "I hope you know that we love you very much and that we'll miss you, sweetheart." his voice turned all sweet and pleasant and I couldn't help but smile a little."I love you too." I said and he gave me one last smile before leaning closer to give me a peck on the cheek."Now go. he said softly, his voice not shaking in the slightest bit. I nodded and took one last shaky breath before opening the door and stepping out.

As I straddled along with my dress, I noticed a

guard standing near the gate and walked up to him, my heart racing faster with every step I took."Name?" he bellowed and I gulped softly before speaking."Adriana Reed" I murmured softly and he opened the gate almost immediately.

I slowly walked inside the lawn and immediately admired my surroundings. The first thing that caught my eyes was the marble fountain sitting towards the right side of the lawn. Water spurted and fell gently towards the crystal blue pool beneath it, causing ripples to form. Bushes were trimmed into all sorts of animals and I stared in awe before walking towards the black door. I gaped at the large mansion that was now towering over me as if it was attempting to intimidate me. Here we go. I was about to ring the doorbell when it suddenly opened, causing me to gasp and in front of me stood a butler, wearing a black work suit. 

He bent down politely, allowing me to enter and I gulped softly as I stared at the unfamiliar girls and guys around me.