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Coerced Wedlock

Secret Love and Secret Marriage





Mehul is a handsome decent nice young man he is forced to marry the daughter of his father's friend as they were betrothed to each other Who gets betrothed in this century He marry her with a promise to himself that she would regret that she married him M This platonic asexual love lasted six years. She finally found out it was a huge mistake. It turned out her husband loved her mother! Seeing two intertwined on her bed, she realized he, the dear husband, did have feelings about women. He just was not thirsty for her!!! She decided to suicide on a bridge at midnight. Unexpectedly a handsome young man appeared. She gave this stranger her first time without any thoughts. After this one-night stand, he never disappeared in her world, turning up at her aunt's engagement banquet, as her uncle-in-law...OMG...

Jiang Xu had chased me for four years and we got married after graduating from college.

But I didn't know it until I got married that he couldn't do that.

Because I loved him, I accepted this platonic asexual marriage. I thought that as long as two people love each other, that's enough for me.

Unexpectedly, the marriage that I took as a faith still broke after all.

Jiang Xu cheated on me, not with my beautiful best friend or the coquettish female assistant beside him, but the one who gave birth to me and raised me, my mother.

When I saw two of my favorite people rolling on the bed with flushed faces and disheveled clothes, I thought it was a dream and slapped myself.

The burning pain on my cheek told me that everything was true.

It was a kind of unspeakable despair. How could they do such a thing while I just lost my father?

My father regarded Jiang Xu as his son. What kind of creature he is?

We have been together for a really long time, but he never touched me even once. Then what? It was not because he didn't want to, but that he didn't want to do it with me.

I didn't even have the courage to go inside the room and question them. I ran out of the house hurriedly.

My mother seemed to be calling me behind my back, but I didn't look back. I couldn't face these two people in my life anymore probably.

When I went further, there became silent around.

Under the thick night, the neon of the city was like an unreal dream.

I even don't know why, I just walked to the river bridge.

The cold wind messed up my hair. I looked at the dark river under the bridge and remembered that Jiang Xu used to bring me here to enjoy the river scenery when I was at school.

At that moment, the last rampart in my heart also collapsed. I jumped over the guardrail, took off my high heels, and sat on cement which was the edge of the river bridge.

Probably because I was wearing a black skirt that day, which was not conspicuous at all. I sat on the bridge for a long time and no one had found me.

In fact, I really wanted to jump off and finished all of it, but the thought of my father's death was not clear. If I died, there is no one who can take justice for him.

The struggle inside me slowly dispersed after a long time. I wiped tears, intending to move back my legs.

Just at that moment, I heard someone was talking to me suddenly.

"What happened to you?"

I suddenly turned my head, seeing a man with a black cap and a black jacket, sitting next to me with a cigarette in his hand.

I have no idea when he sat down beside me.

"Here." He handed me the cigarette in his hand.

"I don't smoke." I woodenly replied.

"You're going to die anyway. Why not have a try?" His voice was very pleasant to hear, like a kind of special magnetic, and his shape of the lips was also very beautiful and thin. As for his eyes, I can't see them, because his hat was pressed very low. All I can see was a straight nose and a sharp chin.

I took a sip of my lip, stretched out, picked up the burning cigarette, and then put it in my mouth.

"Ahem, ahem ..."

Just a whiff of the cigarette, my lungs barely coughed and my eyes were tearing as if burning by smoke.

"Hehe." He smiled and moved toward me. He raised his hand and patted me on the back. When I got better, he took back the cigarette in my hand.

"If you don't smoke, you shouldn't grasp such a heavy one." It's looked like he was blaming me.

I thought he would throw away the cigarette that I had tried. Unexpectedly, he didn't, and he took a swig at it.