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Mated To The Human

Author:Bella D'Luca




M a Rough es la empresaria del momento por lo que su presencia en eventos de renombre es muy importante Zyan L mieux es un chef franc s apasionado y perfeccionista que est ahora mismo en boca de todos con halagos y cr ticas a su impecable trabajo En boca Amelia Rose is a human that was born between werewolves. Her brother is the Beta to the Alpha King. She never give much care about being a human. Even though she was a human, her family, friends and pack loved her. One thing worried her entire life. Her mate. She was afraid that her mate was going to reject her due to her being a human. So She left to study overseas when she was 8. Now that she has return, she is in for a big surprise. Alpha Xavier Knight. He is the Alpha King. After taking over the pack at the age of 16 years old, he has led his kingdom since then. When he had turn 16, he had looked for his mate but only met with disappointments. He never had interest in having a mate. But he needed a queen for his pack and kingdom. He always wanted a strong and smart she wolf. What happens one day he finds his mate and not having exactly what he wants?

  Amelia's POV

  Finally I am back home. Its been almost 9 years since I left home and its good to be back. I miss my family, friends and the pack. Yes I am part of the werewolf pack. But I am not a werewolf.

  I still do have my werewolf instincts but I am not a werewolf. At first I was worried seeing everyone was different from me. But thanks to my family and pack support, I was ok with it.

  Due to this, my family sent me away to England for studies at the age 8. I have visited my family during holidays but that's all it is.

  But now I am finally going to be staying here for good. I can't wait to meet my family and the pack. Also recently my brother has met his mate and I am so excited to meet her.

  When I talked to her over the phone, she seemed kind and fun. She have this crazy energy to her and I cant wait to meet her.

  I am waiting for my brother at the airport for him to come and pick me up. Suddenly I felt someone carry me from behind and spin me around. I started to squeal and laugh knowing its my brother.

  "Put me down, Nathan." I laughed as he put me down and gave me a hug. "How are you baby sister?" he said as let me go. I smiled cheekily at him.

  "I'm fine. How are you? And How are mum and dad? And also Angela?" I asked him excitedly. He chuckled at my enthusiasm.

  "All of them are fine, baby sister. Everyone is waiting for you back at home." he said as he took my bags. "I can't wait to see everyone." I said as I carried a bag.

  We went to his truck and put my stuff in as we got in and drove off. "So tell me." I asked him. "Tell you what?" "How you met Angela?" I asked with curiosity.

  He rolled his eyes. "Seriously?" he said avoiding the topic. "Yes seriously." I said sternly. "Well we went to one of the neighbouring pack to search for the alpha king's mate, but turned out I found mine." he said shrugging his shoulder.

  "The alpha king's still haven't find his mate?" I asked bewildered. This is so sad. He has been searching for his mate since forever.

  "Sadly no. He has to find his mate soon or else we are going to face some big problems." he said sadly. I shook my head in sadness.

  The Alpha King took over the pack right after a month later I went to England. There was an attack and sadly the Alpha died protecting the pack.

  Soon after the current alpha king took over when he was only 16. I wish he finds his mate soon as we need our Luna Queen soon.

  "I hope he finds her soon. Our Kingdom needs her." I said hopefully. "I hope so too. Anyway now tell me about your time in England." he said changing the topic.

  All the while ride back we talked and laughed as we caught up our missed time. And soon we reached the territory. Upon reaching the territory I felt myself feel the connection of the pack.

  The pack power surge through my body. I smiled missing the connection. When Nathan saw the smile in my face, he smiled knowing what is it.

  Nathan parked the truck outside our house as I ran outside to see my family waiting for me. My father was the first one to come and hug me. I hugged him tightly as he spin me around.

  "How are you, princess?" my dad asked as he put me down. "I'm good papa. Where is mama?" I asked him. Just when I said this, my mum pushed him aside and hugged me.

  "Oh my goddess, I missed my honeybee." she said as we laughed at her nickname. She hugged me for a few minutes before letting me go.

  "Look at her. She is all grown up. Noah and Nathan is going to have a tough time keeping the boys away from her." when she said this, both my brother and father let out a growl.

  "She is not to be with any boy till she is 35." my father said making us laugh. "Oh come on Noah. She is going to find her Mate soon." My mum said making my dad frown.

  "Is she here? Where is she?" I heard someone yelling and come pushing past everyone. The moment she saw me she gasped.

  "Is this her? She looks so beautiful." she said making me blush. "T-Thank you." I said shyly. She quickly engulfed me into a hug. It caught me by surprise but I hugged her back.

  "Oh my god, we can have girls night out and shopping and so much more." she rambled on as she leads me inside.

  Everyone gave me a pity look before laughing. We went into the living room, and took seats. Dad and brother took the things inside. I looked at the living room.

  It was just the same as I last remembered it. There were still scribbles from when my brother and I were young. The same smell.

  "So how was England, princess?" my father asked me. I turned to him and smiled. "It was nice. But I am so happy to be finally be back. I missed you guys so much." I said honestly.

  "We missed you too little sister. From hereafter you are not going anywhere." Nathan said sternly too which Angela and my mom burst out laughing.

  I have some over protective males in my house. "Oh come on. Let her live a little. Anyways dear, go freshen up and take some rest. We can talk later." my mum said sensing I was tired.

  I nodded my head and went up to my room. As I entered my room, I saw the room I was too familiar to. Everything was still the same. My bookshelf, study table, bed, makeup table.

  Everything was still the same. I went into my closet and saw that some of my clothes were still there. I smiled as I took a towel and went to take a shower.

  After taking a quick shower, I went to my bed to take a nap. I didn't know how tired I was until I lay in my bed. Without wasting another minute I dozed off.

  "Amelia wake up." I heard someone calling me. I slowly open my eyes and saw it was Angela. I smiled at her as I got up.

  "Hey." I said as I rubbed my eyes. She chuckled at my tiredness. "Hey. I came to call you for dinner. Its being served." she said as she helped my out of bed.

  "I'll come down in a bit." I said as she nodded her head and left. I yawn as I stretched my body. I washed my face as I take a jacket and put on top of my tank top.

  I went down to see everyone is already downstairs. "Hi everyone." I greeted them while I take a seat. "Hey sleeping monster." my brother said as I glared at him.

  "What's for dinner?" I asked excitedly. "Mashed potato with grilled chicken and sauce." the moment my mum said this, my stomach started to growl.

  "You have no idea how much I missed your food mum." I said as I glee in excitement. "At least I have you, who appreciate my food." my mum said sarcastically.

  "What? We all appreciate your food." my brother defended himself. "You always skip your breakfast." my mum accused him. "That was so long ago." this is so much fun.

  My mum just rolled her eyes and served the food. We quickly dig in. We were having small conversation, when my mum and brother will start to squabble. I will end up laughing at them.

  "So, Nathan. When are you going back to palace?" my father asked. I got shocked. "Wait you guys live in the palace" I asked surprisingly.

  "Yes. We do. The Beta, Gamma, Delta and head warrior stay in the palace. Along with the pack doctors." My brother told me. I didn't know about this at all.

  "And we would be probably going over tomorrow. We need to start preparing for the ball." Nathan told my dad as he nodded his head.

  "What ball?" I butt in. "Well the councilman suggested holding a ball for unmated females and males along with alphas and Lunas. It is especially for the Alpha King to find his mate." Angela explained.

  "I hope he finds his mate soon. The witches are being a real pain in the ass these days. Without the Luna queen everything might fall." my father said as he shook his head

  Everyone kept their mouth shut. I knew about the witches creating problems in order to scare the Alpha. I sighed as I took my last bite.

  After dinner, we thought watching a movies together. Half way to the movie, all of them fall asleep. I switched off the tv and made sure everyone was comfortable before wrapping them with blankets.

  I went up to my room and got into my bed. My eyes slowly start to close due to my tiredness. The last thing I heard was a howl of yearn.