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Coins&Vouchers Reward
Author Grade Coins Vouchers Free Book Cover Free Blurb Polishing Free Start Polishing
Lv1 N/A N/A N/A
Lv2 1000 N/A N/A
Lv3 2000 2000
Lv4 5000 5000
Lv5 10000 10000
Lv6 15000 15000
Lv7 20000 20000
Lv8 30000 30000
Lv9 35000 35000
Lv10 40000 40000


1.The author grade will be given by the system automatically. No need to apply for it;

2.The coins and vouchers of each grade will be issued only once;

3.If your grade goes up more than two levels within a month, you will get the rewards of each grade in total; e.g., you will be rewarded 3000 coins and 2000 vouchers when your grade goes from Lv1 to Lv3 in a month;

4.Your vouchers will be valid for 30 days. Remember to use them timely;

5.Coins do not expire.


1. For authors above level 2, you will be rewarded with the coins & vouchers by system automatically as listed above;

2. The coins and vouchers will be issued to your writer's center, please allow half an hour to one hour delay to the account;

3. You can use the coins and vouchers to unlock chapters or subscript the novel(s) you like.

Exclusive Bonuses
Signing Bonus
Author Grade Signing Bonus


100 USD


150 USD

Lv7 and above

200 USD


1. For authors above level 5, you can apply for the signing bonus as listed above after you get an exclusive contract, publish over 100k words and get over 200 followers;

2.One signing bonus for one novel only;

3.One author can apply for one signing bonus for updating novels at a time.

Updating Bonus
Bonus of 1st
2nd and Following Requests
Monthly Income
Requirements ($)
Monthly Bonus
≥ 60k words 100 USD 20<=x<99 40 USD
100<=x<399 100 USD
400<=x<1199 200 USD
x>=1200 300 USD
≥ 100k words 200 USD 20<=x<99 80 USD
100<=x<399 200 USD
400<=x<1199 400 USD
x>=1200 600 USD
≥ 150k words 400 USD 20<=x<99 160 USD
100<=x<399 400 USD
400<=x<1199 800 USD
x>=1200 1200 USD


1.For authors above level 5, you can apply for the updating bonus as long as you get an exclusive contract and your updating break of the month is no more than 3 days;

2.For novels published before January 2022, as long as you are above level 5, you can apply for the updating bonus when your novel meets the income requirements as listed above;

3.For the first time of applying, there is no income requirement; from the second and following requests, you can apply for the bonus when your novel meets the income requirements as listed above;

4.Each author can apply for one novel only per month;

5.From the 2nd to the following requests, there is no limit to the times of applications, i.e., once your novel reaches the updating word count and income requirement in a month, you can apply for the relative updating bonus of that month.

6.Income here refers to NovelCat coins share plus gift share income.

Completion Bonus
Author Grade Novel Length (words) Completion Bonus
Lv5 and above ≥150 k

100 USD

≥200 k

150 USD

≥300 k

300 USD

≥500 k

500 USD


1. Your author grade is level 5 or above;

2. Your novel is exclusively signed with NovelCat and not found publishing on other platforms;

3. You get the chapters of your novel locked;

4. Your updating break is no more than 3 days per month since your chapters are locked.


After finishing the story, remember to ask your editor to help you mark your novel as “Completed” timely.

Non-exclusive Reward
First Release Reward
Author Grade First Release Reward
Lv5 and above

50 USD


1. For authors above level 5, you can apply for the first release reward after you get a non-exclusive contract and publish over 80k words;

2. One first release reward for one novel only;

3. One author can apply for one first release reward for updating novels at a time;

4. You can apply for this reward only when your novel is a first release over all platforms and you publish each chapter at least 3 days earlier on NovelCat than on other platforms. Otherwise, the reward will be disqualified.

Other Benefits
Upgrading Reward
Author Grade Reward

10,000 USD


30,000 USD

Gift Share

When your novel gets gift(s) purchased with coins, your gift share will be accumulated to your remunerations.

One-on-One Editor's Guidance

A professional and experienced editor will be assigned to you by the system. They will provide feedback on your novel and assist you to achieve more on NovelCat. You can contact your editor via email (about how to find your editor's email, see FAQs No.3).


1.How to apply for a contract?

Easy. Follow the guidance on NovelCat Writer's Center after you start writing! You need only 5000 words to apply for a contract.
Tips: Contact your editor timely after you applied a contract in case of any omission.
To apply for a contract:

To contact your editor:

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1.Can I apply for the bonuses if I signed a contract before January 2022?

Sure! As long as your novel meets the requirements, you can apply for the bonuses or rewards according to the upgraded writer's benefits. All benefits applied after January 10th, 2022 will be reviewed under the upgraded plan.

2.How can I tell if he/she is a NovelCat editor?

Please be aware that the email of a full-time NovelCat editor is followed by @novel-cat.com. Besides, all available editors are shown in the editor list of the writer's registration page.

In case of any defective content,
including but not limited to content that involves suspected plagiarism,
copyright concerns, repeated uploading, or meaningless plot,
a novel could be disqualified for all benefits.
All benefits apply to authors who accept distributions only.
Novelcat reserves the right of final interpretation for the upgraded writer's benefits.
Stay tuned for more benefits!