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DEADLY KISS- Vampire Romance

DEADLY KISS- Vampire Romance

Author: Author Wizkiss


General Romance

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imagine meeting the most charming man you have ever seen in your life. Tall, handsome, perfect nose, a captivating blue eyes and a tempting red lips with a charming smile. imagine further that this handsome stranger approaches you and start flirting with you in the most romantic way, making your cheeks flush, your heart beat and your tummy dance with a thousand butterflies and then.. The Kiss. The kiss that melts your very soul, you haven't tasted a lips this sweet before, so you kissed and kissed him more allowing yourself to be lost in the pleasure of his touch. This is the best night of your life you thought for sure and it could only get better... but then your dreams and fantasy all turned into a terrible nightmare in the blink of an eye, when you felt a sharp pain right in your neck. You wanted to scream but couldn't as you could not find your voice as you were left shocked as you watched in horror the once charming breathtaking man now has the face of a monster and is sucking the very life out of you until there was no more life left, and you drop down...dead. Horrible! A very horrible way for anyone to go. However this is no imagination, this is exactly what happens to every lady who crosses path with the charming, handsome looking stranger, Stefan Damian but he isn't no man, he is very dangerous being, a vampire who takes pleasure in luring, toying and having sëx with his victims before sucking the life out of them. An art of seduction, manipulation that he has mastered over a thousand years that it seems Impossible for any lady to resist him. But what happens when Damian meets the beautiful, bold Amanda in a lonely Alley at night? Will she become one of his many victims? Or is something rare and special about to start? Find these and more in this trilling, romanic/erotic novel. Deadly Kiss.
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Chapter 1

  Location: a small town in America

  Time: Past


  It all started long ago, during the time when man's greatest invention was a chariot wheel. In the day's were a common man travels with his foot and Kings travel at the back of a horse.

  A man, Damian was busy on the hunt. He has been in the forest tracking down a large stag he shoot with two of his best sharp and pointy arrows for three days and three nights now.

  It was getting dark but he was still following the trail of the now dried up blood of the animal which was left behind on some of the leaves of some small plants and grasses. He kept tracking down the animal with anything he could find...

  However his sight was failing him as night had fully approached and he could barely see what was in front of him talk less of tracking his game.

  But thankfully he doesn't only rely on his eyesight to track down his pray, his sense of smell is also a vital and important tool he uses in tracking down his game. Even though humans sense of smell isn't that great, his not being the exception.

  Damian however has learnt and discipline himself through many years of practice so his nose is able to pick out the slightest of smells.

  Something he learned from his late father who was a very skilled hunter. Infact he comes from a strong lineage of skilled hunters.

  The Crongers.

  His father and father before, were all skilled hunters...

  Though exhausted and very hungry as he hasn't eaten for days now, just the sack of almost empty water he had on him that has kept him goings, he still continued to track down the large deer determined not to go home empty handed...

  After some hours he finally saw the wounded and almost dead animal resting almost lifeless inside a dark cave.

  The deer could not move but it was clear it was in a lot of pain because of the arrows in his stomach as he was breathing heavily.

  Happy that at last he had catch his game. Damian still felt pity for the strong deer who battled hard to keep his life.

  “ it's alright my friend, you fought well. I will end the pain now ” he said covering the deer eyes before slitting it's neck really quick... Ending the animal pain.

  As he was about carrying his catch with him on his shoulders he became disturb and alert as he was hearing fainted unrecognized noises and sounds coming from a distance.

  Then the noises and sounds became more audible by the seconds andDamian could also see burning touches of fires from the direction the sounds were coming from.

  “ Could it be raiders ” he thought within, dropping down his large catch, preparing himself for a fight...

  “ Damian! Damian!.... Damian! ”

  He heard his name being shout aloud.

  “ Who could that be? ” he thought.

  When he paid close attention he was able to recognize the voice, it was the voice of his good friend Gerrard with some group of other people, his tribe men.

  “ I am here! ” Damian announced revealing himself.

  “ Damian? ” Gerrard said facing his burning touch at where he heard the voice and he saw his friend Damian standing beside a dead large deer.

  “ What brings you to the forest old friend.

  Hunting some game? ” Damian asked.

  “ No

  I came here in search of you. Your wife Catherine is in labour. ”....

  Some minutes later Damian his friend Gerrard tribesmen were all standing in front of a small hut.

  Agonizing scream of a woman was escaping the hut and it was killing Damian.

  His wife is the woman screaming as she was in labour, the experience women of the tribe were trying their best to deliver her safely of her child but they were facing some complications.

  “ I need to be in there ” Damian said wanting to go inside the hut but was held back by his friends.

  “ you can't ” they said.

  “ but that's my wife I need to be there ” Damian argued.

  “ you know a man isn't suppose to see his wife giving birth. It's a curse. ” Gerrard said and he managed to convince his friend.

  The screams of his wife continue..... Until there was silent and then baby cries.

  Then a old woman with gray long hair came out holding a little baby.

  Damian face brighten up as he saw his child.

  “ it's a girl. ”

  “ The gods have blessed me with a beautiful goddess! Praise be the gods! ” he shout for joy.

  But his joy was short lived.

  “ how is my wife? ” he asked still over joyed but he noticed the old woman face became sad in the mentioning of his wife.

  “ Catherine?... what about Catherine? ” he asked but she didn't reply him she just buried her face downwards.

  His friend took the baby from this hand and Damian entered into the hut.

  There he saw his wife Catherine lying lifeless... She was dead.

  Words couldn't explain what exactly Damian was feeling at that time.

  The unfamiliar emotions and thoughts that he was processing. It took him awhile to come to terms that this was a reality.

  Defeated and crushed... His whole world has just come crashing down.

  As he stared down at the pale body of his once beautiful wife. He felt there and then that it was pointless for him to keep on living.

  So he resolved in his heart to end his life by his own hands. So he can be reunited with his beloved in the underworld once more.

  There was a little sharp dagger in one side of his pants, the same dagger he used in slitting the neck of the deer.

  He reached for it...

  No one is in the hut with him to stop him.

  “ You don't have to wait for me my love. I am coming to you ” he said placing the dagger right on his neck...

  He was ready to end it all, there was no point living... But then he heard the sound of a baby crying from outside the hut. It was his little baby girl.

  Then he realized he did had something to live for, if not for himself for his innocent little daughter.

  It would be terrible of him to take his life to reunite with his wife and then leave their daughter alone without both her parents.

  He dropped down on the wooden bed were his wife's dead body laid and he cried his eyes out.

  “ I'm sorry my love, you will have to wait for me a little bit longer, our daughter needs me. I know this is what you would have wanted, for me to take care of our little daughter.

  I promise you this I will give my life to make sure she is safe and grow up to be a beautiful woman just like her mother.

  I promise to be strong for our daughter. This is my vow to you ” he said pouring out all his heart..

  After some minutes in the hut Damian came out looking like the brave man everyone knew he as.

  There was no trace of tears on his face, he had promised his dead wife he would be strong for their child.

  Walking to his friend Gerrard, he gentle took his child off him.

  “ Have you thought of what the child's name will be? ” One of the women who helped in delivering the child asked.

  “ Emily, the child's name is Emily. ” Damian said....


  5 years later

Still in the past

  little Emily is all grown up and true to his word her father Damian has always been by the side of his daughter just as he promised his late wife.

  Emily is a very pretty and lovely little girl and her father loves her so much. She was his only possession and he treated her like gold.

  But one fateful day little Emily fell seriously sick with a strange illness. No one knew how she fell sick or what was the course of this strange disease.

  Her father became really troubled by the condition of his daughter and he did all the best he could, taking her to all the healers in his town and as far as he could go.

  But all the healers he went to were unable to provide a solving to the disease.

  Every passing day little Amanda was nearing her end and her father was becoming more and more desperate.

  His desperation and the love he had for his daughter made him seek help from a demon.