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One Night Love

One Night Love

Author: Docky



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Freya had a wild, exciting and romantic night with a total stranger after a terrible heartbreak. They confessed their feelings for each other after that steamy night. She was heartbroken once more when she discovered that the man she had given herself to had another girl. She left without telling Jacob that she was pregnant with their child. Seven years later, fate let them meet again. Will forgiveness and love dominate over hatred? Is it only a ONE NIGHT LOVE or A LOVE that will last for a LIFETIME?
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Chapter 1

"The horoscope says, this is where I will find my forever. Where could he be? Hmmm," Freya said while patiently observing the surroundings.

Today, her heart was broken because she was not chosen by the person she had loved for a long time. She went to H-Club to forget and have fun. She preferred to go to a place where she was not staying rather than sulking in the four corners of her room.

“I will not waste my tears on a useless man! Did he think I was going to chase him? What am I, a dog? Tsss. If he can be happy in the company of others, well, so can I!" Freya said.

While she was comforting herself, a very handsome man approached her. His eyes, nose, lips, everything about him is almost perfect! Just by looking at it, she knew immediately that he was rich. The man grabbed her goblet and directly gulped down its contents of wine.

"Hey, that's mine!" Freya complained as she frowned.

"Ow, sorry dear. Why are you drinking alone? Do you want me to join you? By the way, I'm Jacob ... Jacob Anderson Gray."

Jacob is the illegitimate son of John Vandolf Gray, a multi-billionaire. He went to the club to forget how his girlfriend betrayed him over his half-brother, Jackson. He extended his hand to shake hands with Freya and he was not disappointed.

"Freya Oligario. Nice to meet you." Freya's irritation quickly dissipated due to Jacob's charming smile.

Freya is a rank and file employee in a famous company in the country, La Niño's Group of Companies. She lost her parents early but that did not stop her to finish college.

"Are you really alone?" Jacob confirmed.

Freya nodded in response. Jacob looked at her from head to toe. His mouth seemed to become even drier when he stared at Freya's red lips.

'I am going to get rid of my thirst by kissing her. Her face screams innocence and her scent, it's driving me insane! I won't go home until I'm with her. I'm going to spend this whole night with this woman,' Jacob thought.

They talked about themselves and how they ended up in that crowded, loud and messy place. Their hearts were both crumpled like a piece of paper so they decided to drink wine until they got wasted.

"You know what, I'm a Virgo and some freak out there wrote something interesting on a piece of paper. He said, tonight , I will meet the person who will complete my well-being ... the person who will be with me until my hair turned gray," Freya said. Her cheeks were already red because she has been drinking a lot of wine. She accidentally looked into Jacob's seductive eyes when he suddenly put his arms around her.

"I don't believe in horoscopes but because you said it, I want to believe it."

Jacob slowly moved closer to Freya. He cupped her cheeks while staring directly into her eyes. In a snap, they were kissing each other. The two could feel every movement of their lips. Soft moans could be heard between their kisses. Jacob could no longer bear the heat of his body so he took Freya to his condo to continue what they had started.

"You can step back," Jacob said while staring into Freya's eyes.

"You think, I will retreat?" Freya replied teasingly.

Jacob smiled mischievously before he finally closed the door. He approached Freya and removed her eye glasses.

"You look more beautiful without this.” Jacob threw Freya's glasses on the sofa.

"I ... I need that to see clearl---"

Jacob sealed her lips with his. He kissed her passionately until it became aggressive. The alcohol started to affect them. At the same time as the heavy rain fell, their møans sounded like music to their ears.

Freya herself unbuttoned the long sleeve that Jacob was wearing.

"Once I'm näked, there's really no turning back," Jacob said while undressing her. Now, he could see her curves more clearly. She has healthy breästs and a flat stomach. His lips started to roam over her body - from her lips down to her neck and breästs.

"Uhmmmm," Freya møaned when Jacob sucked the peaks of her breästs. He gave her an unfamiliar feeling, which made her møan his name.

Freya seemed disappointed when Jacob suddenly stopped what he was doing.

"Let me see your bud."

Freya frowned, 'Bud? Did he mean my püssy?' Jacob removed the remaining cloth from her body. The girl's cheeks turned red. She was shy. She covered her püssy with her hand but Jacob immediately removed it.

"Don't be shy. Your bud is fucking beautiful just like your face and body!"

Jacob kissed Freya again. He rubbed his living masculinity into her femininity. Freya’s cheeks flushed when she saw how Jacob stared at the thing between her legs.

"Ahhhh! Ja-Jacob!"

Freya flinched when Jacob inserted his middle finger into her vàgina. It was in and out and soon, two of his fingers were inside her.

"Fuck! You're so tight!"

Freya almost went crazy because of the strange sensation that Jacob was giving her. All this was unfamiliar to her. She suddenly grabbed his partner's hair and buried his face between her thighs.

Jacob started to lick her most sensitive area. He sucked it while he massaged it. Freya's møans filled Jacob's room. She could feel the heat of her body as well as Jacob's.

"You're soaking wet, Freya!"

She's going crazy. Jacob wasn't joking when he said that he will take her to heaven!

"Uggghhhh! Jacob! Fuck!" Freya couldn't stop words from coming out of her mouth.

Only then did Jacob stop when he saw that the juice had come out of Freya's vàgina. He took one of the girl's hands and rubbed it against his angry pénis.

"It's your turn. Make me møan! Make me call your name!" Jacob exclaimed.

Freya had no idea what she should do.

"How do I do that?" she said unconsciously.

"Shit! Don't tell me, this is your first?" Jacob said in disbelief.

Freya just nodded.

"Okay, don't worry. I'll teach you how," Jacob said. He took off his pants and briefs. Freya's eyes widened when she saw how long and thick Jacob's hidden weapon was.

"Suck this like you're eating a lollipop," Jacob said while holding onto his pénis.

Freya wet her lips before she began to pleasure Jacob. He closed his eyes as Freya slowly learned how to make him happy.

"Damn! You're a fast learner! Shit! Suck it faster!" Jacob ordered. Almost everything coming out of his mouth are curses. 'She's fucking good at this! Is she really a virgin?' he thought.

"Freya! Ahhhhh! Shit!" Finally, he said her name.

Jacob made Freya lie down and he slowly put his pénis inside Freya. Jacob almost pulled it out when his partner screamed in pain.

"Please, be gentle." Freya's tears fell. The young man had finally claimed the honor she was guarding.

"It's just painful at first. Later, you'll ask me to do more," Jacob said. He started moving on top of Freya. He granted the girl's request but when he saw that she was no longer hurt, he did what he wanted. He’s moving faster and faster until he finally reached his climax. He kissed Freya on the forehead.

"I like you, Freya. Out of the many women in the club, my feet took me to you. I didn't know how, but you pulled me closer to you, like you’re a magnet. Thank you for giving me pleasure on this heartbreaking night," Jacob said before he hugged Freya. 'If she won't come back, I'm going to pour all my love to this girl,' he thought before he closed his eyes.


Two months later, Freya found, out that she was pregnant. At first she was terrified because she didn't know if she would be able to become a good mother but that fear didn't last long either. She boldly went to the place where she had willingly gave herself to Jacob.

"You can do it Freya! Don't be nervous. For sure, Jacob will be happy when he finds out that he's going to have a child," she told herself.

Freya and Jacob didn't lose communication after that hot night. They agreed on many things so after a month of exchanging messages and meet ups, she gave her sweet "yes" to the young man.

Freya was about to press the code to enter Jacob's condo when suddenly a woman came. Her nose is pointed and her skin is as white as snow. She is wearing a red dress and stilettos. Anyone who will see her will turn around and admire her beauty. The woman is rich because her jewelries and accessories aren’t ordinary. Freya noticed the paper bag she was carrying. The thing inside it must have been an expensive thing also.

"Excuse me, miss. I guess you're lost. Your eyes seem blurry. You're going to open the wrong room," the woman said gently.

Freya adjusted her glasses and looked at the room number again.

"Thanks, but no thanks. This is my boy—"

Freya stopped talking when she heard a familiar voice.

"Hey babe! What are you doing here?"

Freya's smile widened when she saw Jacob. She was excited to tell her boyfriend that she was pregnant, so she immediately stepped closer to him.

"Jacob! I have some good news for yo—"

What Freya was going to say was left up in the air when the beautiful woman suddenly hugged and kissed Jacob. Her jaw dropped suddenly. 'Oh, this girl is flirtatious! All of a sudden she's groping and kissing someone,' her mind screamed.

Freya was about to pull the girl from her boyfriend but her feet became numb. She couldn't move where she was standing. Her eyes gradually widened when Jacob kissed the beautiful woman back. She could feel that her blood suddenly escape her body. She looked pale! Her knees trembled as she watched the man she love kissed another woman.

"Babe, do you know her?" the woman asked while hugging Jacob.

Freya silently prayed that Jacob will tell her that she is his girlfriend. 'Jacob, don't do this to me. Tell him that you love me ... that I am the woman of your life!'

She hoped that Jacob would recognize her as the woman he loved but she was wrong. The man she considered her world just raised an eyebrow at her and threw a lie in her face.

"I don't know her, babe. Maybe she's one of the sluts who has a strong need for money. Just don't pay attention. Come on, let's go," Jacob said emotionlessly.

At this point, Freya felt a raging flame in her chest. It was as if she had been stabbed repeatedly. Her whole body felt cold as if someone had poured ice water on her. She was also unable to open her mouth to speak. She was stunned. In an instant, she felt afraid to blink her eyes because when she did, the tears she had been holding would spill out of her eyes.

"Okay babe. I miss you so much. Here, I bought you something. You'll like it for sure!" Jacob said.

Before stepping inside Jacob's condo, his girlfriend looked at Freya again. "Nice to meet you. Take care! Be careful next time because you might be mistaken for a thief. Buy new glasses because that one looks defective."

Freya smiled bitterly as she looked at the door they had entered. She couldn't digest what just had happened. She could barely saw the room number of Jacob's condo because of her tears. It gushed down from her eyes continuously.

"Why do I believe in horoscope?" Freya said while laughing.

She left the ultrasound result enclosed in a brown envelope at the door. She silently left the place where she had been happy for a short period of time. After she arrived at her apartment, she started packing her things. She will go home to the province and raise her child there, alone.

When she got on the bus, her cell phone rang. She laughed heartily when she read the message from the man she trusted so much, the man whom she gave everything she had.

{ "Freya, I'm sorry. What we have, it's just a fling. We just made love for one night, Freya. I just felt guilty that’s why I dated you after that. Ivana and I have gotten back together and we will get married as soon as she gets her inheritance. I hope you will move forward and may you find the right man for you. Thank you for the happy memories." }

Freya cursed in her mind.

"That ONE NIGHT LOVE you are talking about will become my present and my future. Because of what you did, you will not be able to see our child," Freya said as she teared up the photo of the man who cheated on her.