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Author: Arr.Jay





TITLE: OH MY EMPEROR! SYNOPSIS Get a glimpse of fantasy by starting and ending your day with two bloodthirsty and revenge-filled Alyssa Arnold and Cole McCawley. Meet Alyssa Arnold Daughter of a skilled warrior and alchemist. Hot stature that'd surely make heads turn in awe. Cold ever since life had cruelly snatched her only most valuable treasure away. Now goes undercover into the Palace for one Mission. To get revenge for her Father's death! Meet Cole McCawley The heir to the Throne of the Mongol Empire. Hot and delicate. Possesses all things capable to make a lady drool. However, Alyssa doesn't seem bedazzled by him. Revenge filled to get to the bottom of his mother's death and would surely do anything to make his revenge possible! Now what happens when this two bloodthirsty souls meet? Would they fall in love and conquer all forces against them? Will they get rid of their revenge and accept one another? You're yet to find out Grab your popcorn Note: this story is only based on inspiration and fantasy so there's nothing real or anything as they're all imaginations of the writer
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Chapter 1


  "Father! Father!! Father!!! Don't leave me here father. Take me along! I can't live without you. Fatherrrrrrrrr!" I screamed as I shook my father's dead body vigorously

  "Fatherrrrrrrrr" I screamed again as I shook his body

  "I promise I'll get revenge for your death Father. Just trust me on this one Father." I spat

  I carried my father's limp body outside and called some guys to help me dig the ground so I can bury him. I know he's supposed to go for ritual first but I don't think I have enough time for that.

  Whoever murdered my Father would surely pay for this. I won't let him go free. I promise him or her that. That's the last respect I can give to my Father.

  I'm sorry Father but I have to do this. Forgive me. I know you've always said everything happens for a reason but I won't come to terms with it.

  I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn't even know when the finished burying him.

  "It's gonna be okay Alyssa. It'd be okay" Avery said as she patted my back.

  "Would it really be okay Avery? I can do nothing right now but live in utter pain Avery" I said again as I bust into tears again

  "Shhhhhh. You'd live better even without him. Besides, you have me with you don't you? I'd stay with you through thick and thin" Avery said and with that, I hugged her

  "By the way, I heard the King had so quarrel or so with Father so I think it's likely he had something to do with Father's death" Avery said

  I released the hug immediately I heard that.

  Those Royal Family! Always feeling like they're Gods.

  "I swear with my father's grave, all of them will die by my sword! Just wait and see Avery! and I need you on this, Please Avery. Please" I said with venom

  "What are you talking about Alyssa. He was like a father figure to me and took me in when no one did" Avery retorted

  "Thanks so much Avery" I said gratefully

  "But before we plan our revenge, you need to eat something first. Let me get you congee" She smiled

  "Hmmm" I nodded in agreement COLE

  "No. I don't wanna go there. She looks annoying. Seeing her face alone makes me wanna puke." I told my eunuch.

  "I understand you Your Highness. But for the sake of our Nation,, you have to do this. Please Your Highness. For the sake of your Father The King" My eunuch replied

  "He isn't my Father, John" I said and with that, I walked out

  I kept walking around the village to see something that would divert my attention but they all looked lame to me.

  Just as I was walking, I walked past a house and saw two beautiful ladies. I was still drooling on how beautiful they are but I found out they were mourning.

  I wanted to walk away but I couldn't. It was like my legs are glued to the floor.

  I felt like going over and hug her and tell her it's gonna be okay but it was weird, wasn't it?

  I just felt sympathetic for her and walked away.

  "Mother. Wake up mother! Wake up!!" I cried in agony

  Memories kept flooding back to my head as I remembered the night my mother died.

  I couldn't help but breakdown more as I remembered her death.

  I need to gather up all the informations concerning her death!