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Scheming With The Alpha Duke

Scheming With The Alpha Duke

Author: Mystique Luna



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Anais Marlee has been rejected by her mate named Grant Thompson, the young Alpha and the Marquess of Reasien, for having Omega blood. While she is wandering in the Enchanted Rain Forest, she comes to meet the nemesis of Alpha Marquess Grant whose name is Sylvester Callaway, the Alpha and the Duke of Ascian. He makes a proposal to her. If she becomes his Luna and his Duchess for a year, he will help her avenge her broken heart against her former mate. Then she can leave his pack after that. What if after her Luna term, Sylvester won't allow her to leave? What if this is all just a trap and she is just being played by the cunning Alpha? How can she escape from him now? Or can she really be escaped from him?
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Chapter 1


Seeing my reflection right now makes me anxious. The way I looked right now was different from what I was before. Looking at my forest green orbs was enough for me to see how nervous I was.

I flinched when a pair of hands were placed on my shoulders. Sylvester's face popped out from behind my shoulder. Our eyes met through our reflection.

He smiled, eyeing me up and down. "You seemed a little nervous, Anais."

Taking a deep breath, I released a short chuckle. "Indeed. It is my first time wearing a very fancy dress. I'm afraid I might tear it down if I become such a klutz."

I glanced at his unique eyes which Sylvester told me before that he has heterochromia eyes. His right eye has amber eye color while his left eye has cornflower blue eye color.

His eyes are very unique. That is the truth. They were also interesting to look at.

He chuckled and gently squeezed my shoulders. "Worry not for you will wear more of them once you become my Luna and my Duchess. My Luna Duchess."

I plastered a brilliant smile at him, looking back at my reflection. I will never think that this is how my life turned out. Thanks to Sylvester.

I snapped back when Sylvester put his chin on my shoulder and spoke. "In less than a month, we will be holding our wedding, Anais. I wonder what that dork's reaction would be if we invited him and showed himself before us." He released a soft but cynical chuckle. "His nemesis and his rejected mate are coming to avenge. He would think that I stole you really from him." He grinned after he said them in a dramatic tone. "I am very sure it will be priceless."

I showed a condescending smile at Sylvester. "I can't wait to see his reaction. I'll make sure that he will regret rejecting me just because I have Omega blood."

A furtive smile appeared on me afterward. Glaring at Sylvester, he had amusement in his eyes with an enigmatic smile. When our eyes met through our reflection to the mirror again, he grinned at me.

"I knew that you are the best decision I ever made," he said meaningfully but that sent tingles down my spine when he placed his lips to the crook of my neck.

I shivered, catching my breath when he licked it. It was like he was giving me an idea that is where he was going to mark me when I become his Luna Duchess based on the glance he was giving me.

I felt him smiling when his lips remained on my shoulder. I watched him going up to my earlobe and carefully licked them. My chest rose up and down from that bold move of his.

I saw his glance in the mirror. "We'll make him pay for everything," he said meaningfully.

I bit my lower lip and nodded. Then I looked at my reflection. I just really hope Alpha Marquess Grant Thompson is prepared for my comeback. I'll make him pay for what he did to me.

I grinned mentally.

I'll make him feel the same pain I felt when he rejected me.

Through that, the Alpha Duke of Ascian, Sylvester Callaway, and I have a scheme for Grant Thompson.