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Mated To The Ruthless Alpha

Mated To The Ruthless Alpha

Author: Tofunmi Nikky



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Prologue: His name screams ruthlessness... He's handsome yet heartless and fierce He's doesn't care about death...cause he's fought through it many times and won. When he speaks...No one mumbles. When he approaches...Not even a fly remains on the land in which he'll trend. He is an Alpha!... After watching his father killed by rogues, he was sent abroad to get himself together since he was too attached to his father and the pain of losing him sulk up into his veins. But then, he got the news that his father's death was fishy. Coming back, he only had one thing in mind... Find out who is behind his father's death and go into seclusion. But then, he met her... Her emerald green eyes pleading and calling out to his soul to save her. A beauty that hides under a dirt armour that has her slowly fading away. She has a power, a power unknown to her and the world. A power to which when darkness looms...her light can prevail over it. What happens when she meet the notorious Alpha Xander?
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

By: Tofunmi Nikky

"Sir, we have arrived." The driver notified him as he slowly brought his gaze up to look at his surroundings. He exhaled deeply and stepped out of the car.

Looking around, the place hasn't change one bit. At least it was still like this when he left twelve years ago. Apart from the repair of the damages, nothing really changed.

The air was still the same and he sniffed it in as he released his tensed muscle.

The gate to the huge packhouse was opened and guards ran out towards him.

He scoffed boringly and left his bags there for them to take it.

"Welcome, Alpha to be." They all greeted him and his lips twitched at the title they used for him.

He shook his head in neglection and took a step further, his lips made a connection with his jaw in attempt to talk but just shrugged it off and made his way in.

When he got to the main entrance,a guard positioned to the door reached for the doorknob hurriedly and opened the door, stepping aside for him to enter.

"Welcome, Future Alpha."The guard greeted in acknowledge with his head bowed and hand still holding the door aside, waiting for him to make his entry.

"He's here Alpha...He's back!."

He snapped his head away from the guard and directed his gaze inside, he didn't wait a second more when he marched in his eyes burning with rage.

As he made a shocking abrupt stop, his eyes began to burn red with fury....His eyes couldn't take it seeing his figure seated on the throne.

But he did not react... He wasn't going to. He knew he wanted him to give one but he was not going to satisfy their want instead a forced smile broke on his lips.

"Uncle." He greeted with a feigned smile.

"Oh my goodness, Xander. You have grown so big." His Uncle's wife, Delilah, said. He fought so hard not to scoff and roll his eyes at her unsuccessful trial of trying to sound caring.

He smiled at her with acknowledgment as he looked back at his uncle to say a word.

A minute passed and his uncle still has his eyes fixed on him. He was about to say something when his uncle, Ronald, broke into a grin and stepped down from the throne.

"Long time no see." He said and he pulled Xander into an soul-crushing hug.

After taking eternity to bonecrush him, he unlocked from the hug and immediately, Xander breathed in and out due to his lost of breath.

Xander lifted his arms up in an attempt to stretch it without inviting a pain, his bones needs to be rearranged.

"We have miss you so much Xander, I was so worried and..."he was cut off his words when a loud scream filled the air with emerging footsteps.

"Oh My dear son.... You're back Xander!"A woman ran down the stairs as fast as possible and Xander taking his eyes to the direction of the familiar voice quickly spread opened his arms at the amazing sight.

" How have you been?" She asked him as she looked at him with a longing expression and he managed to force a big smile on his face. It was his mother. He could not let her worry. Not after he left in this pack for years.

"Fine, Mother." He managed to reply with a tone of boredom but it went unnoticed by the excited woman. A lone tears fell from the woman's eyes.

"Guess what, prepared some dishes for you and I know very well that you will be glad to taste them." She said and his uncle Ronald, smiled. Xander could not help but smile as she led them to the huge dining table.

He pulled out a chair and took a seat. "Tell me how life was in the place you were staying? Hope you we're not treated bad?" She asked in her usual caring tone which Xander was starting dislike.

He knew she was his mother. But he hated being catered for. He can do it himself. He can.

"Yes, Mother. I was treated fine. After all, I am the Alpha of this prestigious pack." He said with a hint and there was a minute break awkwardness in the dining room but his mother was quick to clear the air as she giggled softly.

"We all know that, Alexander." She said as she served him.

Words didn't go beyond that when the palace messenger rushed in hurriedly, he stopped before their table and bowed his head humbly.

Sweats had started to form on his head...

"Queen..."the guard started,acknowledging her presence.

"Alpha Xander, there is someone outside seeking your audience....A long time friend he is."The guard spoke, his gaze on the floor as he dared not look him in the eye.

He took his attention back to his food and dropped his cutleries, after observing a moment silence,his voice came out cold "I don't want to see anybody...For now!."

"....He's Connor by name, Master"the guard said, and blamed himself inwardly for his forgetfulness when he noticed Xander now has his eyes on him. He's surely in a deep mess...he shouldn't have said a word more.

Xander slowly rose up to his feet and pushed back the chair. The guard moved back as he raised his eyes a little bit to see if perhaps Xander would charge at him.

But Xander only uttered. "I will be back mother" and strode out of the dinning hall as the guard made way for him.

Standing outside, stood two young guys. They were discussing with huge grins on their face and he narrowed his eyes on them. They looked familiar. They were familiar.

"Oh, he is here." One of them said and they both turned to look at him as they sprinted to pull him into a hug.

"Hey, Xanny... You are back. You could have sent a message." One of them said and the other smiled sheepishly. His eyebrows twitched.

"Who are you?" He asked and they reared back in shock as their jaws almost dropped on the floor.