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Alpha Asher And The Hunters Daughter

Alpha Asher And The Hunters Daughter

Author: Faithuba



Anna have always been abused by her father every since her mother died. And at school, she is seen as a freak who wears a hoodie all the time. Out of no where, a new boy in schools comes to her life and change in t for better. But will it always be like this or will her father cause a stop to her happiness?….. Asher have been looking for his mate for two years now. He finally found her, but there are weird stuff about her. She does not interact will others and she has built a strong wall around her. Will Asher be able to break down the walls or will other factors keep them apart? Find out as you read more.. **warning** There is a little tiny bit of abuse in the early chapters of the book.
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    Anna POV~

    I am doomed!!!

    I had woke up very early so that I can finish my chores before my dad wakes up.

    Only for me to walk into the kitchen and check the fridge and see that all the beer drink have finished. I am seriously doomed.

    My dad needed to drink his beer every morning just like how normal human beings need to take a glass of water every morning. Now that no beer is available, he is going to take out his morning frustration on me. My heart begins to beat very fast as I already know that today will be another day of getting an early morning beating.

    Dad wasn’t always like this. In fact, once upon a time, to me he is the best dad in the whole world. But everything change after mom died. Dad couldn’t handle it and got into heavy drinking. He started to emotionally abuse me a year after before it turned verbal. Dad always blames me for mom’s dead and I also blame myself because if I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, mom will have also survive the accident. I remember the day it happened. The memory is still very fresh in my memory.

    ~ six years ago~

    12 year old Anna

    “Mummy why do we have to leave? Why can’t we stay here?”. I cried to my mother.

    “O dear, You know we have no choice. Your father’s nature of job determines traveling a lot.” Mom explained to me but I wasn’t have it. I have already settle down here and made some friends. Heck the boy I like just ask me to go on a date with him next week. And now I have to throw a that away and go snd start afresh all over again.

    “But I don’t to mom, I am tired of traveling all the time.!” I murmured.

    “I know darling and so I am. Luckily enough for us, this is the last time we are moving!”. Mom cheered.

    “You promise?”.

    “I promise dear!”. Mom said. I wipe away the tears that were forming in my eyes and continue to pack.

    Just then, dad entered into the house and informed us that it is time to go. We load our stuffs into the bonnet of the car and started our journey. Dad sat at the driver seat with mom at his side while I have the backseat all to myself.

    I normally hate wearing my seatbelts so I refuse to put it on.

    Around the evening time, it started raining. And there is no motel or gas station nearby so we continue to drive for the mean time. The road is becoming slippery due to the rain water and dad is finding it hard to drive straight.

    “Anna, put on your seatbelt!”. Mom commanded. I rolled my eyes but still tired ti put it on. But the belt won’t hook. So I complained to mom. She removed her own seatbelt and turn to help me with mine. Just as she turns to seat down, a truck appeared from no way in our front. Dad tire to dough it my swinging the car off the road. Seen mom isn’t wearing a seatbelt, her body flew out of the car. The last time I remembered is shouting her name as the car hits a big tree and I fall unconscious.

    When I woke up in the hospital, they told me and dad that mom didn’t make it alive. I wish I was the one who died instead of her since they could always make another me. That day, I didn’t only lose my mom but my dad also.

    Dad could not handle his grief that that cause him to loss his job. All the does is drink and go hunting with the other hunters.

    ~Back to the presence~

    I wipe away the tears that were already dropping from eyes. This is the reason why I never blame dad for what he does for me. And even though I have turned eighteen already and I can legally choose to leave him, I choose to stay because that is the least I can do for him after causing the death of the love of his life.

    I quickly rush and stared to make breakfast. I want to see if I can leave the house before he wakes up and save myself from some beating. I quickly made some pancakes since it is one of the easiest good to make for breakfast.

    After that, I did some dusting before I rushed upstairs to take a shower. After I have my shower, I quickly put on my regular black hoodie. I raised the hood up and cover face with it just like I do all the time. The hoodie actually belongs to my mom and I have been using it since she died. I use to wear it every day. Some people at school call me a freak for doing that but I don’t care.

    I wore my only blue Jeans and black sneakers. I took my bag and quickly rushed out of the house as if I am being pursued my a monster. I did not stop running until I am ten minutes walk away from our house.

    I did it! I let out a deep breath. I save myself from some beating.

    I arrived in the bus stop just in time the school bus arrives.

    “Good morning Mr Joe!”. I greeted the bus driver as soon as I entered,

    “Morning Anna. How was your night?” He asked me.

    “It was fine Mr Joe. How is your wife and little Joe doing?” I asked. Mr Joe and I usually exchange pleasantries every morning when he comes to pick us. He had informed me last week that his wife gave birth to baby boy. I am one of the few student that greets Mr Joe when we enter the bus. The rest don’t even bother to look at him at all.

    “Bye Mr Job!.” I waved at him as i alight from the car. I made my way straight to my Locker. I had this strange feeling that someone is looking at me but I brush it away. Who will make time to look at a freak like me.