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Author: Mikeey Boa





He stood pale, his sword falling from his hand and it stuck to the ground while his feet wobbled like a jelly. He fell on his knees and he could feel his life force fading away, he traces his hand to his chest and he smiled sadly as he felt the hole in his chest with blood sputtering out from it. He felt his foe move towards him and the strong hand of his held him strongly on his shoulder and he also fell on his knees but this time, staring at him with a look of disdain. "The Dark world belongs to me now... Your rule is over..." He said. "You betrayed me Klaus... I trusted you..." "No Scott... I didn't, your Supreme rule is over and it's now time for a new dawn" Klaus replied. "I promise you Klaus... When I'm Reborn, I will make you wish you had died, I will let you watch your descendants and anything that relate to you die..." Scott stated, his words barely audible but the frown on Klaus' face showed that he heard it clearly. "C'mon brother... No creature can be Reborn... Goodbye" Klaus said and ripped off Scott's head from his body. Now, the Dark world is in his grip, no one can stop him again, it is the beginning of a new dawn.... He turned into a giant bat and flew off, leaving the body to decay. But little did he know that it was the beginning of the End..
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Chapter 1

"You useless c*nt still sleeping by this time of the day! Get your lazy ass up now!"

The stout man yelled and the green haired boy jumped up in fright, his green beautiful eyes matching the Colour of his hair and he looked up at the man.

"Father Mathias"

The green haired boy said, his voice still heavy from the heavy sleep he had been woken from.

"Go to the Death Valley now and help your brothers out there before those crazy vampire soldiers arrive to start their crazy torture... I don't fucking know why you'd be fucking useless yet so lazy every day! You piece of crap! Without any powers... I don't even know how you ended up in my house!"

Father Mathias, as he was called ranted.

"Aye father... I'm your son, remember? You even named me Scott..."

The boy, Scott slurred out the word and he walked towards the wooden handle axe laying beside the door.

"I'm not sure I gave birth to you asshole... No one has green hair and green eyes in my family, you hear? Maybe you gotta ask your mother where she got you from in heaven when I kill you myself..."

He yelled again and Scott chuckled.

"Mother is dead... father. And for you to birth an asshole, that makes you an asshole too!"

Father Mathias was stunned. He knew Scott had always been the one who was always seeking for peace, he had never yelled at anyone before but the Scott he was seeing seemed a little bit off. He was about to speak but Scott didn’t give him the chance to break in.

“I don’t know why of all the people in the Dark world, why am I the only person to be born without any powers! I don’t fucking know either! People compared me to be a human! Do you know about that?! Gosh! I’m the son of a werewolf!”

"Why out of all the werewolves, our family were the only ones who lived in a very different area from others, and you are the only Werewolf who was allowed not to work!"

" And why were the werewolves banned from using their powers and sent to Death valley to break rocks where lava erupts from? Why were the vampires given legitimate supremacy in the world? Clearly, we all knew that the werewolves were much stronger than the vampires!”

“Neville mocked by the vampires, then he took on five vampires alone and defeated them before the rest of the vampire soldiers had come to rescue their fellow! You know that too! Father! So tell me why werewolves are still enslaved by vampires! Why don’t kill them all!”

Scott finished his words resentfully and bolted out of the door, heading to the fields before his father could get to him.

"You fucking C*nt!! Be glad we werewolves have been banned from using our powers, hence, I would have ripped you apart!"

Father Mathias yelled but he was speaking to an empty space.

Scott ran through the fields, apart from having an axe slung on his shoulder, he had a small catapult in his hand which he uses in killing small prey like birds.

He breathed out tiredly since he had been running for some hours without stopping...

He broke into a sprint again and in no time, he was at the Death Valley.

Unlike your imagination where you expect to see skeletons littered around in a plain field with black smoke filling the air and fire shooting from the hot ground into the air while prisoners were shackled together and soldiers on horses and shiny Armour with huge swords tormenting them... Death Valley is a small cave, in it was the real meaning of Death Valley.

The inside, unlike the outside, was extremely wide, sloppy to begin with and following the sloppy region was a vast dark land of rock, the werewolves were lined in position while each had a hammer and an axe with them for them to break rocks and go deeper.

No one knew the reason for digging the rocks but it was an order from the Supreme one himself and it must not delay.

Littered around the death valley were werewolves, their pale faces filled with cruel laughter as they watched the werewolves work and there, lava shot up from the ground a couple of times and if they were not fast to evade it, the hot red liquid would burn them but who cares, their unique ability to heal fast made them unbothered.

"Hey... You! Come over here..."

One of the vampire guards called Scott with a sly grin, grin knew instantly that the vampires were up to no good.

They loved picking on the werewolves and now, it was the time to pick on him.

"And he's not coming!"

Scott clenched his fist, but before he could respond, Neville's voice rang out behind. He felt a relief flood within him and his brother's hard muscled arm draped on his shoulder protectively.

The vampires frowned but they dared not approach him, Neville, unlike the other werewolves, seemed to carry this sense of commanding aura that made the others respect him.

"I see, an older brother wants to save his brother so much that he forgot his place..."

One of the vampires said and stepped forward towards Neville.

Another vampire came beside him and whispered something into his ears and his eyes shifted a bit.

"I see the Wolf boy who took on five trained guards... but you gotta pay tribute to your ancestors that I'm in a calm state, hence, your disobedience would have been dealt with."

"Now get out of my sight!" The guard added again and Neville pulled Scott along and they joined the rest of the werewolves.

Scott smiled as he stylishly pulled out a snack for his brother, Neville, the latter took it and popped it into his mouth and he resumed his hammering work.

All Scott had to do was pile up the broken rocks together since he had no inhumane strength to break the rocks.

Whatever must be below the rock must be something sacred and he was going to find it out when the time comes.

Suddenly something in the rock piles flashed under the sunlight, attracting Scott's attention. He looked carefully, and finally found that shiny thing in a hidden place.

It was a tiny silver thing, buried under the rock pile, only a little bit exposed. Scott dug hard, and in a short while, he dug out all of it, wiped the dust off, and placed it under the sun to check it carefully.

It was a small silver pocket knife, with no patterns or words on it, and it looked very ordinary. Scott checked at it for a while and didn't see anything special about it.

But this is still a silver knife, it's best to hide it from the vampires in case they found out he kept a silver weapon. Scott hid the knife secretly in silence and continued to do his work.

After spending almost the entire day in Death Valley, Neville and Scott headed home.

"I wish I could be like you..."

Scott said, by now, they were at the open field that led to their home, Neville unlike the others who had passed out, tired from hours of breaking rocks, still looked agile like he hadn't done any work.


Neville asked, his black pupil resting on Scott while his long blond hair slowly caressed his cheek.

"You are super strong... Even the vampires fear you so I'm thinking you have the alpha powers, like the day you defeated those vampires... If I had your powers, I would not have been easily bullied"

Scott ranted and that made Neville chuckle.

Typical Neville, always the funny time with well sculpted muscles and chest.

"Okay.. I'm sure you are special, maybe your powers need time to manifest..."

Neville replied but suddenly he stopped.

Scott stopped also as he saw Neville sniffing the air like he sensed something.


He growled and broke into a sprint, heading home at insane speed... And in no time, he dusted Scott behind but Scott was non resenting ...

Whatever the vampires were doing at their home wouldn't be anything good.

All that was left in his mind was his father to be safe.