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Alpha's Hidden Child

Alpha's Hidden Child

Author: Ally Robinson



Everyone knows what happens when you find your mate - you connect with them, fall in love with them and finally, complete the mating process and live happily ever after. That's how it goes. And every she-wolf dreams of the day that they are found by their mates. Angelica had this dream. She didn't care if he was an Omega, she just wanted to be loved. One day, after a heated argument with her oldest sister, Angelica runs into the woods to her hiding place. There, to her surprise, she meets her mate! They talk and get to know each other slightly and then she loses her virginity to him - and then he leaves her! Broken, she goes back home and confesses to her family what happened, her family move states and while moving into their new home - Angelica discovers that she's pregnant. However, she is determined to keep this baby hidden from the father and when she hears that he's looking for her, she does everything in her power to stay away, regardless of the mate bond.
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    Ever since I was little, I always wanted what my parents had. A connection. A mate. I envied their love and understanding for one another, they way they seemed to just fit perfectly together. I thought that finding your mate was supposed to be like feeling the sun kiss your skin for the first time, feeling a welcoming warmth wrap around your heart and keep you safe.

    I was not so lucky to have such a fate. My heart was shattered like fragile glass and I had no words to describe my pain. I suppose that's what happens when you have a broken heart. When your heart is broken, there are no words to describe the feeling. You could describe the feeling of sadness afterwards, but not the actual heartbreak - because when your heart is broken, shattered even, by someone who was made for you, no words come to mind, no words can get passed your tongue. All you feel is an intense numbness taking over your body, no feelings could be felt, no sound could be heard, no scents could be smelled, no nothing. Just the knowledge that your heart is being broken and it may never heal. You held out your naïve heart and in one motion it was crushed by the one person the Moon Goddess made for us and when they're made for you, you have no choice but to accept them, love them and have them forever...right? So...if they reject you, let you go, that means that you have the power to choose your fate, choose your destiny.

    This was me.

    In one night, I gave my everything to someone who was made for me, who was meant to become the love of my life the way I always dreamed he would - but instead he lied to me, lead me on, pulled me in with his fake smile and fake heart of gold and stripped me bare, taking my everything. I thought he would mark me, claim me as his mate and stay with me. But he didn't. He left me and with him took my virginity, my pride, my dignity and left behind the only good which came out of it all.

    But I wasn't expecting the road ahead of me to lead to so much pain and suffering, not just for me but for others too. But there was someone out there who wanted me, someone who wasn't my former mate. Their intentions were anything but good.

    All I wanted was to protect my baby. How did it all go so wrong?