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LUNA'S VENOM: Runaway With Alpha's Twin Babies

LUNA'S VENOM: Runaway With Alpha's Twin Babies

Author: Golden_Ink



LUNA'S VENOM: Runaway With Alpha's Twin Babies PDF Free Download


Kenley rejected her mate, Alpha Jericho, after a one-night stand with him. Depressing, she was an Omega wolf without scent, she couldn’t be his Luna. He thought she was a liar and a slut. Only when he suffered the pain of breaking the mate bond, did he know that Kenley was his fated mate. But she fled to the human world, where she rebuilt her life, finding love and a career. However, fate's cruel joke brings Alpha Jericho back into her life just when she's gotten things together with her family, her twin babies. "The kids.... They're mine right?" His gaze was pinned on her, expecting an answer from her. "No, they're my kids and they have nothing to do with you!" she spat. "I know what I did was unforgivable. I'm ready to do anything to gain your forgiveness.” "I have a life, and I love my husband.” "I don't see his mark on you Kenley. Which means you've always thought of me for the past six years, so he should stay out of our way." How dare he try to sabotage her life right now. How dare he?
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Chapter 1



A heavy smack on my head sent me staggering to the front in pain as I rubbed my head gently with a loud hiss.

I've been so engrossed in my deep thoughts that I had forgotten what I was supposed to do.

"You lazy brat! How dare you slack off again? If you don't get your ugly sh*t together and go back to cleaning the corridor I'll make sure you're sent to the mines so you'll work like the dog that you are. Useless fool!"

Greta snapped at me with anger and contempt visible on her face.

This is just one of these days where I slack off and hide in the pack house to try and see whether I'd catch a glimpse of Alpha Jericho and like always she's caught me and is sending me back to work before I could see him.

"I'm sorry... " I sobbed with my head bent and my hand itching my head where I was smacked with a broomstick.

"Sorry for yourself you fool!" Greta retorted and turned around to walk away when Jericho waltzed in with a bottle of alcohol in his hands.

Greta rushed to Jericho to support his drunk weight and tried to take him into his room.

"Oh dear alpha. You look really drunk, come... I'll give you a warm bath." She said in a completely different tone as if she wasn't lashing out at me a while ago.

I stared at the Alpha with my eyes all pinned on him.

The other Omegas whom I don't even know turn to me with a menacing look.

"What are you looking at? You wish you were her? You should know the Alpha will never even glance at a dirty, ugly and horrible looking omega like you talk more of sleep with you so just give up and get to work you ugly psycho!"

She cussed before rushing away.

I sighed and suddenly a painful tug hit my chest.

I winced in pain as I squatted on the floor.

My heart was clenching in pain as moans filled my ear from the Alpha's chamber.

It made me feel so much hurt and devastated and I couldn't even walk.

A tear rolled out of my eyes and down my cheeks as I grabbed my laps with my hands and pulled myself to a stance.

I rounded up my cleaning in that area and quickly made my way out of that area of the pack house, using the backdoor as my closest exit.

Being an omega wolf in a pack as powerful yet ridiculous as the Moonblunt pack is insulting yet my rank is so much lower than that.

I don't even get the dignity to be called the powerless of all werewolves because I don't even have a wolf to begin with.

All wolves come of age and shift at around sixteen years old.

They are expected to have a wolf of their own before they turn eighteen.

My eighteenth birthday was last week and that was the last day and chance I had to shift.

That day marked the day my suffering doubled like wildfire.

I couldn't shift or feel any wolf in me that day although I had the keen smell of a wolf which means I wasn't completely human.

But I wasn't an omega either and it's making my head spin in frustration and anger over myself and my parents.

No. I've got no parents.

I have zero memories of my childhood because I can't remember anything from when I was ten years old and below.

According to the head Chief that supervises the orphaned Omega's which is the pack shelter where I was raised I was found within the outskirts of the pack.

All bloodied and passed out, ready for the rogues to devour me.

I was saved and brought into the pack where I was raised as a servant and tormented by those omegas older than me.

Our work was to clean and clean and cook for the higher ups and mostly some of us are used as sluts and s*x slaves because we had no say in what we do and how we are treated.

And then there's alpha Jericho.

The most goodlooking and powerful of all the alpha's of the northern packs.

This man looks like a demigod.

Although he isn't fully crowned as an official alpha yet because his father Is still in charge and he still hasn't found his mate which makes it strange that an alpha who is twenty four years old doesn't have a mate.

I didn't want to think of such a thing, that I, a lowly girl without a wolf would turn out to be mated to the strongest of all alpha's because it's just ridiculous.

Then the strong scent and pull grew as I matured and I would go insane when he's near and I could smell his scent.

It always intoxicated me unlike the smell of other male wolves.

I don't have any friends in this pack so I am not able to ask about the pull and just kept it to myself.

I'd just slack off sometimes and hide near his chambers while cleaning just to look at him from afar and everytime I do that it always lands me in trouble and heartbreak because I'd have to watch and listen to him f*ck other she-wolves all the time.

It makes my heart break into a thousand pieces because the feelings only exist in my own heart and I know he doesn't recognize me because he can't smell me, no one can. Who the f* ck smells a lad without a wolf?