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My One Night Stand WIth Mr CEO

My One Night Stand WIth Mr CEO

Author: Kay writes



My One Night Stand WIth Mr CEO PDF Free Download


One drunken night after breaking up with her boyfriend and passionate sex with a stranger at a bar, Kathleen wakes up on a strange bed in a hotel room the next morning. Panicking as she rushes to get to a job interview—Call it unfortunate luck........her one night stand was her soon to be boss Mr Gray.
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A bad bad day...

Kathleen Turner never expected a gin and lemon tonic to taste like sand when thrown at her face, it also sent a peppery sensation to her eyes and she shut it for almost ten minutes for the fear of being blind, and listening to the crazy blonde seated opposite her table berate her for being a classless stupid whore who couldn't keep her money mongering hands to herself.

Considering the fact that Jake Coleman was a stingy human she would hardly call herself a golddigger, he barely had a nickel for her to dig and even helped in the paying of his car bills a lot of times as a devoted girlfriend even if it meant skipping meals for a few days—all for the conniving bastard to be married.

She took a deep breath and finally opened her eyes, his wife was gone and she already knew the thoughts running through the heads of the other customers in the restaurant. Rising from her seat, she quickly apologized to everyone and grabbed a napkin from the table, bolting out in a second before her embarrassment had the effontry to grow more wings.

Walking past a store and looking at the mirror knew she looked and felt miserable, of course she did—having a huge credit card debt on her hands, finding out her boyfriend who she actually loved and sacrificed a lot for just to make him happy was actually a married man, she was screwed and to make things even worse her hair smelled like gin...the worst kind of drink in her book.

She waved a taxi who ignored her at first but she was a New Yorkian to the bone and chased it down at the next street, in the midst of her wild chase she tripped on a rock and fell flat on her face. A group of fifteen year olds made fun of her predicament and she found herself hurling insults at them knowing fully well she was way much worse, she got up and for sure scraped her knee and a slight bruise on her left arm—at least it wasn't worse compared to what she felt deep inside of her.

The taxi stopped nonetheless and she went in with a loud groan when the taxi driver asked, ‘Where to ma'am??'.

‘Lincoln Avenue'. She responded still looking at her badly scraped knee, she needed some treatment and by that she meant a bandaid considering how she didn't have health insurance in the first place.

‘What's a pretty lady like you doing in that unsafe slum?'. The driver asked and she sent him a haughty glare which was enough to give him the signal that she wasn't in the mood for a conversation.

He wasn't wrong either—Lincoln avenue was one of the most unsafe blocks in the hustling and bustling cities of New York, but it was also a block of one of the cheapest apartments in the city and considering how bad her financial state was, it was her dearest home of three years.

Kathleen Turner was an exceptionally beautiful woman. She had a well defined profile, perfectly full lips, jet-black, silky and curly hair which was all thanks to her being half Dominican and her beautiful brown eyes which had a golden iridescence to it was the crowning factor. A woman like her was one who made the heads of men turn and the eyes of their wives filled with envy—that wasn't something she loved one bit.

She met Jake Coleman when she was just in her final year of business school, he looked young, was handsome and after a few rounds of drinking they became acquainted. Two years later with this man she thought she'd found the right one, although he had a lot of diminishing qualities considering the fact that he was a chronic gambler, extremely misogynistic and had an addiction to meth—being married took the whole cake!.

Thinking about it now in the car she wondered why she stayed with him, it wasn't like he treated her like a princess, he left her in debt with his constant gambling. Maybe she was too scared of being alone again, or maybe she loved the idea of having a man to talk about during her insufferable college reunion gatherings...all in all she was stupid for keeping him around and was now paying the price for it—going back home with a bruise on her knee and smelling like the homeless man who always offered to sell her was a bad bad day.

It even got worse the moment she got a call from Mr Fabrizio, her boss, taking a deep breath she put on a bright smile and answered the phone, ‘Good afternoon Mr—'

‘I want you coming to the office to get your pink slip tomorrow Kathleen. Your contract with the company has hereby been terminated...for good'. He said and it took a whole lot of emotional strength to not break down into tears in the car.

So she took a deep breath instead, ‘You know what Mr Fabrizio?! Fuck you and fuck that wife of yours who thinks it's a good idea to bring another woman into your marriage let alone your bed for a fucking threesome. You both suck, you suck also and I pray that your freaking diabetes gets worse! no I'm not coming in to get my pink a matter of fact I fucking quit!!!'.

‘You and I both know you need this job. Now if you can consider my—'

’No I am not considering your request', she cut him off in a snap, ‘You are a sick deluded man. Goodbye Mr Fabrizio!'.

She hing up and shoved a fistful of hand into her hair in a bid of frustration. She was humiliated in a restaurant, she tripped on a stupid rock and had a bunch of fifteen year olds make fun of her, lost her job too all in a matter of sixty minutes—and she couldn't even get a paycheck considering how she asked for an advance a week earlier to support Jakes appendicitis surgery, now she wasn't even sure the surgery was true and contemplating taking him to court.

The taxi finally stopped in front of her apartment and she handed him the fare but he stopped her halfway as she tried to leave, ‘Hol'up you're short with a five'.

‘Come on man', she rolled her eyes surreptitiously, ‘As you can see I'm having a bad day and—'

‘I don't care chica', he said with his thick Mexican accent , ‘You're five bucks short and an immigrant like me needs—'.

‘Take your fucking five!', she snaps and shoves the money into his hands, ‘I hope you get deported'.

They both hurl more insults at each other as she drove off and she sighed deeply, maybe she shouldn't have wished he got deported. He was an honest man trying to make a good living for himself and she wasn't in a place to cheat him out of his money just because she was having a bad day.

A short sigh escaped her lips and she turned around to leave but then heard the sound of her right heel clicking and then the feeling of imbalance a second later, then she slowly looked down at her shoes and one of it had just crumbled.

‘Oh Come on!!'. She finally bursts into tears.