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My Beautiful Nerd Maid

My Beautiful Nerd Maid

Author: Tricy



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It all started with the bet he made with his friends, he thought it was going to be like others but little did he know that this particular bet would change everything about him forever. Meet Liam Parker, every lady's dream man. He's hot, rich powerful and have different whores at his beck and call. He has tasted almost every girl in school well except one particular nerd and they're in the same class of course. Meet Aubrey Connor, the pretty gentle nerd that no one associates with because they think she's poor and not up to their class. She dresses like a nerd to school but her parents aren't really poor, just that she doesn't want attention or popularity. But what happens when she becomes a victim of the bet among the popular and hottest guys in school, she definitely isn't the first person to fall into their trap but will her case be different or is it just going to be like the other bets in the past? Find out in this interesting and intriguing story. TBC....... ©️ Tricia
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Chapter 1

  Episode 1

  Liam's POV

  School is resuming today after the long holiday and finally I'm in my last year in high school. I wish I could skip the first day of resumption but I have strict parents that wouldn't let that happen.

  That doesn't matter since school will be fun, there will be lots of girls throwing themselves on me and I'm sure I will screw at least five girls today because they always make themselves available except one particular nerd and I must have a taste of her before I finish high school.

  Ohh where are my manners, I'm Liam Parker, the ladies man. My parents are among the top richest businessmen in America and I'm the richest in my school.

  I have two best friends Jayden and Daniel and we're the school playboys, we don't believe in love so we just fuck girls and that's all. We sometimes place a bet on girls especially if we're sure she's a virgin, we'll find a way to lure her into bed and deflower her.

  The person that gets to do that takes all the money from the bet after showing the rest the video of the sex, that's how we've always lived our lives so maybe I should also do that to Aubrey. She doesn't look beautiful to me but I just want to make sure I have a taste of all the girls in school before I finally go to college.

  Aubrey's POV

  I hate the first day of resumption more than any other day and I really wish I can just stay at home but I'm a nerd in school which means I must not skip school.

  I finished dressing up and went to the dinning where I greeted my parents and had a light breakfast before I took a taxi to school

  A quick introduction: I'm Aubrey Connor and no one in school actually knows I'm a rich girl. Anytime I'm going to school, I always make sure I apply some things on my face that would make me look ugly after which I'd put on my nerd glasses and dress like a poor girl because I don't want attention.

  I have two elder siblings; a boy and a girl named Jason and Sophie respectively. You'll get to know more about me in the story

  So right now I'm on my way to school dressed poorly in a taxi and I'm fully prepared for the bullies I always get from the rich students in school especially Khloe and her friends. I have no friend in school, not like I'm the only nerd but the students just hate me for no reason so I'm always alone.

  I paid the driver and went into the school. After putting my books in my locker, I turned back to go to class when Khloe and her friends stood at my front blocking my way.

  Their group consists of four girls; Khloe, Sydney, Natalie and Lillian, they're the richest girls in the school with Khloe being the leader and I know right now that I'm in trouble with no one to save me

  "Our beautiful nerd is here again, isn't she just too cute?", Khloe said in mockery

  "Oh you're right, she's as cute as a monkey", Sydney said and the students around busted into laughter

  "Please just let me go, I didn't do anything wrong to you", I said almost in tears

  "We should let you go? We'll definitely let you go but just do something quickly for us", Khloe said with a smirk

  "What's that?", I asked

  "You'll be our school maid from today, anytime we get to school, we must not remind you before you collect our bags from us and keep them in our respective lockers.

  During break you'll get lunch for us and stand behind us until we finish eating so that you can take the plates back. Lastly all our assignments will be done by you and we must not fail anyone, is that clear?", she said and I know I had no choice except if I want to blow my cover

  "Yes, I've heard you", I answered

  "You must not call us our names from today, whenever you want to talk to us, include ma or young miss"

  "But we're classmates so why are you asking me to do that? I asked and before I could process what was happening, she gave me a resounding slap

  "You're my maid so you should only listen whenever I talk and obey everything I say, understood?"

  "Yes ma"

  "Good. Your work starts today" and that was how I became their slave from that day but I wasn't affected cos I know it's just for a year and I'll be in college.

  Samantha's POV

  My name is Samantha. and I'm finally in my last year in high school. I just returned from school and it was really fun, I mean I've been away from my friends for a while and I miss them so it's a good thing we saw each other today.

  The only best friend I have is Aubrey but we don't attend the same school, besides she doesn't want anyone to know who she is in her school. Let me give you a brief explanation about her.

  Aubrey is from the second richest family in America so in her school, no one is as rich as her and that's probably why she's going to school in disguise. If she were to go there as who she really is, then everyone in that school including the teachers will always bow to her but Aubrey being who she is doesn't want attention to herself and there's another interesting secret about her but I can't tell you guys now.

  Right now I'm in Aubrey's house waiting for her to get back from school but it seems she's taking longer than usual. I think I heard the doorbell now, let me just check who it is.

  "Ooh it's you Aubrey. How was school today?", I asked her but it's like she's tired or something

  "Fine", she answered simply and I know something is definitely wrong.

  The Aubrey I know would have jumped on me if she was okay since we didn't see each other during the holiday but she doesn't even looks like she's happy to see me, I understand her and that's why I won't get mad at her.

  I helped her with her bag and we went to her room together

  "Spill it"

  "Spill what?", she asked feigning ignorance

  "I know something is wrong so talk now"

  "I don't want to talk about it"

  "So you now keep secrets from me, I'll be on my way then"

  "Okay fine I'll tell you"

  "Khloe and her friends turned me into their slave today", she said leaving me surprised

  "How? I mean you're all students whether you're rich or poor so what do you mean by she turned you to her slave?"

  "I don't know Sam, I just want to finish high school right now. Why can't they just let me be for once, I'm not the only nerd in school so why me", she said already close to tears now and I had to pull her into a hug.

  One thing about Aubrey is that she's really weak and I really pity her, she doesn't want attention and yet she's suffering. She's the most humble girl I've ever come across in my entire life and I'll do anything at all to protect her and make her happy.


  ©️ Tricia