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Villainous Husband's Unstoppable Affection

Villainous Husband's Unstoppable Affection



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Ni Muyan has transmigrated into a book! Unfortunately, her luck was terrible. She had become the cannon fodder wife of a villainous boss. Worse still, the boss has just gone bankrupt, becoming penniless! She sighed, but it wasn't a big deal. If necessary, she could sell luxury goods and write online to make money, helping the boss to make a comeback! Just consider it as repaying the years of care the boss had shown for the original character. But one day, she suddenly saw the boss's bank statement... huh? He's gaining over a hundred million a day?!! She angrily said, "Zang Liansheng, since you're not bankrupt, let's get a divorce right away!" Zang Liansheng laughed, "How could I bear to get a divorce from a wife who has suffered with me? I can't wait to spoil you!" "Want a divorce? Maybe in the next life!"
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Chapter 1

"Let's get a divorce!"

"I am now bankrupt. All our fixed assets and other properties under our names have been cleared out. Fortunately, we are not in debt."

"I only have thirty thousand yuan left. If you agree to divorce, I will give you another twenty thousand. I've already paid half a year's rent for this house. You don't need to move out immediately. You can stay here until you find a suitable place to live."

The man calmly relayed all this, not looking like someone who had just gone bankrupt.

Seeing the indifferent face of Zang Lishen, who proposed the divorce, Ni Muran felt no blame at all. Instead, she thought he had been exceedingly kind and just.

Because she knew that the reason why Zang Lishen proposed the divorce was that he didn't want her to suffer with him.

After all, transitioning from luxury to frugality would be difficult. If she stayed with him, she would inevitably have to pinch pennies.

If it were up to the original character, a gold digger woman, she would probably agree to the divorce immediately.

But she was not the original character. She was a person who had been reborn in this body after crossing over.

In her previous life, she was stabbed in her heart by a villain. When she woke up, she was in a novel called "The Gentle Overbearing President Dotes on Me". The person whose soul crossed over was a cannon-fodder supporting character with the same name as her in this novel, with no memory and knew nothing more than shopping, a brainless gold digger.

The original character's role in the novel was the wife of the villain boss. She was merely a stain on the villain boss's perfect life with no significant role.

In the novel, the villain was defeated by the protagonist, his business fell apart, and the cannon fodder character sat on the bedroom floor of their rented house surrounded by designer clothes and luxury bags.

Unable to accept the fact that the villain boss had become bankrupt, she locked herself in her room for three days and nights without eating or drinking, staring resentfully at the luxury items she had bought in the past.

She decided to divorce Zang Lishen and leave this man who had nothing left.

Then everything in front of her went black, and she passed out among these piles of luxury goods.

When she woke up again, it was an hour ago, and this body had already been occupied by Ni Muyan, who had traveled through time.

She was not about to abandon the villainous boss!

Zang Lisheng, seeing that she remained silent, continued, "You don't need to worry about lacking a financial source. After I handle the affairs at hand, I'll strive to earn money. I promise to give you three thousand yuan every month as a living allowance. I know it's not a lot, but I can't be sure of the situation in the future, so I can only promise you three thousand for now."

"If ever I manage to bounce back in the future, I will definitely compensate for the debt owed to you during this period."

Upon hearing this, Ni Muyan was almost moved to tears.

The villainous boss was truly a paragon of benevolence and righteousness!

Although they had been married for many years, there was no emotional foundation between the two. They had married because Ni Muyan's grandfather had saved Zang Lisheng's grandfather, and he had taken Ni Muyan, who had become an orphan while in college, as his wife as a way to repay the favor.

After marriage, they led lives that didn't interfere with each other. Besides providing her with money every month to satisfy her shopping needs, they had no other interactions.

So when he heard that Ni Muyan wanted a divorce a few days ago, he didn't feel perturbed in his heart.

He only returned to discuss this matter with her after settling some urgent matters in the past few days.

At present, he just wanted to get the divorce discussions over with as quickly and smoothly as possible.

"Do you have any more demands?"

On hearing this, Ni Muyan snapped back to reality, quickly shaking her head and explaining, "I don't want your money, nor do I agree to divorce you. I have thought things through these past days, and I accept reality."

"From now on, I will control my expenses, save on unnecessary expenditure, and lead a normal, ordinary life."

"You just focus on handling your matters, don't worry about me financially, and don't put such pressure on yourself."

When Ni Muyan thought about how Zang Lingsheng was very kind to the original host when his career was flourishing in the book, she couldn't bear to leave after dividing what little money he had left during his downfall.

In the past, Boss Zang supported the original host. Now that she has taken over the original host's body, it's time for her to pay back that favor.

Even if she wants to leave Boss Zang in the future, she must wait until he has income or rebuilds his career.

Before that, she can earn money to support Boss Zang!

Plus, the original host was an orphan, and she had no relatives to rely on in the world. She had just crossed over, and she was unfamiliar and helpless in this world. After much thought, she felt it was safest to stay by Zang Lingsheng's side.

Zang Lingsheng was taken aback at her words and asked in surprise, "You're not agreeing to divorce? Weren't you insisting on divorce just two days ago? Why the sudden change of mind?"

At his mention, scenes of the original host scolding Zang Lingsheng for his incompetence and stubbornly demanding a divorce in the days before flashed through Ni Muyan's mind.

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but feel tense in her heart. After a few seconds of quick thought, she spoke, "I was just unable to accept reality at that moment and said those things recklessly due to my anger. I have calmed down and thought it through; I won't divorce you."

"I've seriously reflected on myself. Since I have married you, as your wife in name, I have the duty to share life with you. I will work hard to support myself in the future, and who knows, I might even be able to support you."

"Trust me, as long as we strive for a better life, things will only get better!"

As Ni Muyan spoke, she even made a cheering gesture with her fist clenched, appearing full of fighting spirit and ready for a wonderful life.

After she finished talking and looked up, she met Zang Lingsheng's strange gaze. Only then did she realize her behavior was too fervent, completely different from the original host's dispirited personality.

She immediately put her hand down, not knowing what to say to save the situation. She could only look at Zang Lingsheng with an awkward smile.

Zang Lingsheng was surprised by her unusual behavior, but he was more curious about her real intentions.

So, he decided to continue observing her actions to see whether she had genuinely awakened or was just paying lip service, or if she had ulterior motives.