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Broken Strings

Broken Strings



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Melissa and Wright were college sweethearts. The kind of love they have often makes others envious. Wright was from a wealthy family and he has everything in his hands. While Melissa only has her Grandmother after her parents passed away. The man who has everything and the woman who has nothing found each other and made each other feel complete. On Wright's birthday, Melissa spends the night with his pad and gives herself to him. But after a week, the man who said he loves her the most started giving him cold shoulders. Then, she found out that she was pregnant but the love of her life was avoiding her like plague. Then, one night, she visited his pad and to her surprise, she found his ex-girlfriend, Claire, inside. She confronted him about her pregnancy but she did not expect his words would make Melissa's world turn around. "Abort it. I am not ready to be a father." After that night, Melissa didn't see Wright's face everywhere. They told her that he migrated to another country and
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Chapter 1

"Hi." I put down the book I was reading and looked up at the owner of that voice. I was secretly shocked to see in front of me the madness of the women all over our campus. He sat in the vacant seat in front of me then handed me a long—stemmed rose. "Uh, for you..."

The women at another table started whispering again. The canteen was filled with whispering noises.

"What did Wright see in that woman? I'm better than her, ah."

"She charmed our Wright! That bitch!"

"Girl, you are disgusting. Your saliva is on my arms, look!"

I took a deep breath. I have been receiving insults from them for two weeks now. I'm already getting used to it. I stood up and arranged my book. I also put my bag on my shoulder. "Uh, I can't accept that. I'm sorry."

I was about to leave when a warm hand grabbed my arm. The women at the other table sighed. The murmur grew louder. I confronted him. He was still holding the rose and looking at me seriously. "'Don't listen to what others are saying to you. Just believe me. I'm serious about you."

I stared at him. Six foot, all muscles and the most arresting face — thin lips, straight nose, chiselled jaw — his unique eyes hypnotizing. Sometimes I get caught staring into those eyes and forget where I am. Wright is the sexiest man — sinful and beautiful — my eyes have ever graced. I swallowed and averted my gaze before I even melted into the intensity of its gaze.

"Why me?" I kept my voice from shaking.

"Why not you?"

What is his intention? We only met because of the coffee. I was passing by their side but the woman bumped into me. To my great annoyance, she poured the hot coffee left in her glass to me. My skin turned red.

Wright got angry with the woman and dragged me to the Clinic for treatment. He also lent me the varsity jacket he's wearing.

Yes, Wright was kind to me, but I didn't like the way he approached me every day after that. I think that in every step I take, someone will kill me.

"I mean, there are a lot of beautiful women who like you. Why don't you just date them, so you won't have a hard time anymore." It's not that I'm counting but he's been courting me for two weeks. Others said that Wright was the only one who had been courting me for so long.

"I'm surrounded by women who wanted me, but you're the only one that I wanted." He touched my hair and pinned the loose strands in my ear. When he smiled, my knees almost softened. "I love your simplicity, Melissa."

This ain't good.

"Uh .. t—thankyou." I quickly took the rose in his hand to finish our conversation. I adjusted my glasses. "I might be late for my class."

I walked over to the door. I breathed a sigh of relief when I got out and quickened my pace. My heart was still beating fast. Curse his silver tongue!

I stopped when he blocked my way. I walked backwards. What else does he need?

"Why?" I asked.

It scratched his neck like a shy teenager. "We'll have a gig later at Floderizo Bar. Can you watch?"

Bar? Floderizo? That Bar is known because that's where some well —known personalities go. The only ones who can get in there are the members. Not just members, rich people are participating.

"Uh, I don't want to. Sorry." I said quickly. Disappointment reflected in his eyes. I averted my gaze. "And Grandma won't let me."

"I'll pick you up." He says determinedly.

"You don't know my address," I said. I adjusted my eyeglass again and walked to his side.

I felt his warm hand on my arm again. I'm starting to get pissed. "Tell me so I know."

"You're too persistent, Wright."

He stared at me. "Can you... Can you say that again?"

"Which one?" What did I say?

"My name."

"Uh..." What's the matter with that? That's his name ah? Geez! "Wright."

"Music in my ears, babe." I stared as his eyelids weighed down.

I was swallowed. "Wright .. P—Please let go of my arm."

"Not until you give your address." I can't do anything either. I took a deep breath. I give up. I said our full address. It's up to him to find out. "I will pick you up at six o'clock."

Six ?! Wait! What can I say to Grandma ?!

"Huh? Wait—" I couldn't speak anymore because he already runs away from me. I even saw his hand raise as if he had won the lotto. I rubbed my forehead. "I'm upset. I'm pissed!"

After my class at four o'clock, I went home immediately. I waved to Grandma when I saw her crocheting in her rocking chair. Grandma is still strong today, I sometimes help her sell vegetables in the market. I cooked Grandma dinner before I went into my room and got dressed.

I chose to wear a black skater skirt and black sleeveless. Because I'm wearing pure black, my white skin floats even more. I have also combed my shoulder—length hair. It's natural to curl up at the end. Wright might say, I prepared for him. I just don't want to be out of place or embarrass him because I look like a maid when he is with me. I went out of the room and caught up with Grandma who was standing in front of my door.

Her eyes pierced my whole being. Suddenly her eyes twinkled and a smile grew on her lips. "Sweetheart, where are you going and why are you all dressed up?"

I was embarrassed to smile. "I have... a friend who will pick me up."

She caressed my hair. Grandma rarely sees me with my hair down so maybe she's excited to touch it. "Friend? Be careful, sweetheart."

"Yes, Grandma," I said. I no longer have a father and mother, they died in an accident. So Grandma was the only relative who took me in. I have no other acquaintance who is a relative of ours but her, she is Mama's mother. "Mom and Dad are always watching over me."

"My granddaughter is so beautiful. You got the beauty of your mother and strong—will from your father." Her hands covered my cheek and then lowered her head. She kissed me softly on the cheek.

Grandma and I looked at the door when there was a knock. I went there and then opened the door. He's just in a dark polo and it was folded up to the elbow but its elegance is still visible. No matter what beautiful dress I put on, I will still look like a maid when I stand next to him.

"Good evening." His eyes dropped to the dress I was wearing. I was so bitten on my lower lip. "Beautiful."

"Is that your friend, Melissa?" Grandma adjusted her eyeglass. Her smile widened even more on her lips. She even laughed softly.

"Grandma, he is Wright. He is just a friend." I explained.

"You're so handsome, son."

"Do we look together, Grandma?"

"All right, Grandma. We're leaving. Don't forget to lock up." I ordered then hurriedly pulled Wright out.

He opened the passenger seat door of his car for me. That's why he found our house. His car has GPS. I shouldn't underestimate someone like him.