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Alpha Leo And The Heart Of Fire

Alpha Leo And The Heart Of Fire

Author: Moonlight Muse



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"Run little she-wolf, as far as you can because if I ever catch you, your worst fucking nightmare will become your reality.” He whispered dangerously, his grip on me painfully tight. A smile curled the corner of my lips, and I raised an eyebrow, running the tip of my nail down his chiselled jaw challengingly. “Oh but you’re wrong Blue-Eyes because I am the stuff of nightmares, and I'm here to create hell in your life. Not scared, are we?” Icy blue eyes met my unblinking bright blue. “I'm warning you, don’t mess with me.” He growled. “Oh? But the thing is, I always do what I'm not supposed to.” ----- Azura Rayne Westwood. Known for her devilish ways and wild personality, was the youngest child of the renown Westwood couple. From her days at the Academy, word of her antics spread far and fast, yet there was far more to the young nineteen-year-old woman. The skeletons of the past are never left buried, and life isn't all as carefree as Azura portrays it to be. When demons from her past begin to make life difficult, she ends up making an even bigger mistake. Spending a night of intense passion unknowingly with the infamous stone-hearted Leo Rossi, changing her life forever. When Leo finds out that the woman he bedded was from none other than one of the packs he resents the most, he turns away from her, but he forgot one very vital detail; Azura was no angel, and when you mess with the Westwood Devil, you're tied for life. In a journey of passion, fire, strength and rejection, who will triumph? The young girl with the heart of fire, or the Alpha who yields nothing but hatred and resentment?
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Chapter 1


The laughter rings in my ears but there is nothing merry about it, filled with malice and jeers.

“Go on!”

“Awe, what’s wrong, too much of a wimp?”

“You’re meant to be the boss' woman, can't you do it? Too weak?”

I freeze, standing between my boyfriend and his men. They are torturing someone who I don’t even recognise in his wolf form, but what else is new, this is the usual for them. I always try to ignore his ways and stay out of his business. Trying to focus on the good in him instead, but today, they expect me to join in with their sick games.

I don’t want to do this, staring at the bloody mass on the ground, my stomach churns. This is not meant to happen.

“Just pull the trigger.” His voice is devoid of emotions, his cold murky eyes meet mine as he holds the gun out to me.

“I... I'm not so sure about this, this isn’t what you told me.” I reply calmly, despite the way my stomach is twisting with nerves.

“Not even for me, my little Pet?” He tilts his head, looking at me whilst the rest of his friends spur me on.

I stare at the gun, trying to think how I got here…

But I don’t know when I fell into this toxic relationship. I’m not someone who needs sympathy, I’ve never been one who can’t sleep at night because of my demons. I’m always carefree, unbothered, and wild. I love to have fun, crush on the good-looking boys in my class or whatever hot Alpha crosses my path. But now… I find myself tossing and turning, trying to push away the nightmares my so-called boyfriend has pulled me into.

“Please, come on, let’s forget this.” I try to shrug it off, wrapping my arms around his neck and hoping he listens.

His scent fills my nose, mixed with the smell of cigarettes and drugs. His hands stroke my waist and I try to remember the man I fell in love with.

Where has he gone?

“Forget what? Oh yeah, forget what he called you? Let me rephrase that, little Pet, you don’t want to be an outcast, do you? The outsider… The odd one out… The freak?” His tone is a cold sneer, as his eyes burn into mine.


My heart thumps as I stare at the bloody wolf on the ground. 

I’m not a freak.

I am Azura Rayne Westwood, daughter of the previous Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack. Even though I’m a child born in a way that played with the very laws of nature, I’m not a freak.

I should be dead, but I'm not.

“Freak. Freak. Freak” His men begin to chant, only making the anger rise within me. He smirks, knowing it’s getting to me, making me yank away from his hold, my heart thumps violently as I snatch the weapon from his hand.

I remember when I was a child, I didn't understand why I was disliked. Occasionally there were kids in the Pack whispering behind my back, but they didn't dare to do anything to me because I am the daughter of their Alpha. Plus, I was not someone to mess with, I always made anyone who tried to hurt me or those I loved suffer.

However, there is one name that never left me - The Freak.

“Do it.” 

I look at my boyfriend, he knows I hate that term, but he still uses it… It’s my fault, I’m the one who was blind enough to tell him my darkest secrets.

“Fine.” I spit as I turn, pretending to do his bidding and raise the gun.

What should I do?

“Shoot him, Baby.” His quiet voice, laced with a deadly warning, comes from right behind me.

My hand shakes as I stare at the whimpering wolf on the floor.

His breathing is so shallow…

No amount of logic makes this ok. 

I am not going to do this, but the urge to turn around and shoot my so-called boyfriend instead tempts me. 

I lower my weapon, the laughter fading as a tense silence falls at my act of disobedience.

“I'm not going-”

I gasp when something knocks into me from behind, making me accidentally pull the trigger, the body on the ground shivers before it stills.

“No!” I scream, dropping the gun, as I run to the wolf’s side.

No, no, no!

Laughter follows me as I look at the wolf before me, I can’t feel his heartbeat, but he doesn’t even shift to his human form. Whatever those bullets contain, is deadly, it is so fast he couldn’t even shift back.

“Why, Judah!” I scream.

Silence falls as I glare at the man who stands there, his cold eyes on me. Although he says nothing, the anger in his eyes makes my blood run cold. He hates to be disrespected.

“You do not talk to me like that.” He whispers menacingly as he strides over to me. Grabbing a fistful of the wolf’s bloody fur, he lifts his body from the ground in one sweep. “You did this.” With those words, he throws the heavy body of the dead wolf on top of me, the weight crushing my legs.

“Do you feel sorry for him? Here, take care of him!” He snarls as I glare back at him. My anger rises as I try to push the body of the wolf off me. “Who said you can get up, my Pet?”

“This is not a joke! I'm done with you and your sick ways.” I spit resentfully.

He’s no different from all of the others, in fact he’s worse.

His eyes darken and he grabs a fistful of my hair.

“Oh, we aren’t done until I say we are.” He snarls menacingly.

“You don’t own me, and I am not your pet!” I hiss, glaring at him in defiance.

He simply laughs loudly, like my childish words amuse him, but I know better. He is beyond angry; I have just disrespected him in front of his men. He won’t forgive that.

“Yeah, I will. I'm done with you.” I spit, my heart pounding with rage.

He tugs my head back violently and using the hand that he had grabbed the wolf with, he rubs the blood over my face, before shoving me roughly onto the ground.

“I think it’s time I show you exactly who you belong to.” He spits as he hits me across the face, making my vision darken...


I lurch upright in bed, my entire body is soaked with sweat as the memories of that night fill my mind once more. My heart is thumping violently as I look around, and it takes me a few moments to realise I am in my bedroom. Safe.

Taking a shaking breath, I get out of bed and walk to the adjoining bathroom, splashing my face with water.

It has been a year since I walked away from my toxic ex, one year since I thought I was done with him for good. Until two days ago when I received a video of that night along with the message: ‘Remember that I know what you did.’

My stomach knots, feeling sick as the words ring in my head.

I turn the tap off and take a deep breath, returning to my bedroom.

I’m safe here… right?

No matter how many times I think it over, I don’t know how I got involved with him.

The worst part is that if my parents knew, they would be more than disappointed in me, and the one thing I hate most, is letting them down. 

Even though my parents are no longer the Alphas with my brother having taken over, they are still highly respected, their reputation is known across the country and Dad is on the Alpha King’s Council. He is also one of the Elite Eleven, a title that has been unofficially given to the selection of the most powerful Alphas of our time and here I am making things worse for them.

I wish I never met him, and I wish I could turn back time. Glancing at the clock, I realise it’s five in the morning. 

I should try to get some rest. I turn the lamp off, just as my phone beeps.

Tensing, I frown as I stare at the sleek device. Taking a deep breath, I unlock it and read the message.

‘Can’t sleep? Well, I’ll give you something more to think about. Come back to me or I think your entire family would love to watch all those videos. Do you want them to see exactly how FREAKY their little girl can get?’

I know what other videos he means and it makes me sick.

I cover my mouth unconsciously, my stomach twisting sickeningly as I glance towards my window.

He is watching me.

I walk over to the window and peer out. My heart thumps as I scan the darkness outside.


I can’t see anything out of the ordinary… Is he just messing with me?

My phone beeps again and I look down at the new message that pops up on the screen, a message that makes my blood run cold.

‘I see you still sleep in your underwear.’