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The Hidden Billionaire Son-in-law

The Hidden Billionaire Son-in-law



The Hidden Billionaire Son-in-law PDF Free Download


Chace Heaton, an orphan who was 'married' to a beautiful president, had always been looked down upon. But one day, an old man came to him and said he was the heir to the Hidden Sect...
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Chapter 1

"Mr. Chace, the one—year appraisal is over. Congratulations on passing the examination. Now you're the heir to the 'Hidden Sect'."

"Derek, I have to go back to City N."

Then Chace Heaton flew from the PK City to City N.

He arrived at the destination after half a day.

He came to a company called Waterskin.

Now about six or seven people were standing at the gate of the company.

The leaders were a lady and a baldhead, both in middle age.

"Ask your boss out!" The lady snarled at the security guards.

The baldhead said fiercely, "Right, ask your boss out. Damn it! What kind of product are you selling? My sister used your product and was disfigured. If you don't give us a few million in recompense today, I'll bankrupt your company tomorrow."

The security guards didn't dare to presume to make a decision on this and immediately notified the CEO.

About ten minutes later, an ice—cold woman, who was 1.78 meters tall, walked out of the company. She was dressed in a business suit and wore black—rimmed glasses.

When she appeared, almost everyone fixed their eyes on her.

She was so pretty that she instantly became the most beautiful scenery in the crowd as she showed up.

"Wow, the woman is really beautiful. Is she a star?"

"Yeah, she is just like a star. She is young and tall. What a stunning woman!"

"But she looks so aloof, totally a cold fish."


Many people were whispering.

At this moment, the security guards respectfully said to the woman, Martha Potter.

"Ms. Martha, these people want to see you. We can't stop them...."

Those troublemakers were all shocked.

They didn't expect the beauty in front of them to be the CEO of the company.

"So you are the unscrupulous boss of this company...?"

The middle—aged lady pointed at Martha and spoke coldly.

"Madam, what do you mean?"

Martha frowned. She was indeed the CEO, but she wasn't an unscrupulous merchant.

She had always been a good businesswoman and never earned unconscionable money.

"What do I mean? Look at my face. After using your company's cosmetics, my face ended up like this. I was disfigured by your product!"

The middle—aged lady, Irene Bowen, angrily pointed at Martha.

Rex Bowen, the baldhead standing beside her, said, "We're here to ask for an explanation. My brother—in—law is the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce in City N. If you don't pay us a few million, my brother—in—law will definitely close your company."

He looked fierce as he spoke.

"A few million is not enough. Is my face just worth several million?" Irene touched her face and said madly.

She was a person of status, so several million couldn't compensate her for what she had suffered.

Martha first thought that Irene came here just to extort some money and it wasn't a big deal. However, she knew she was wrong after hearing Irene's words, her heart sinking.

It was truly easy for the Chamber of Commerce in City N to close her cosmetics company.

Martha frowned, contemplating how to settle this problem.

On cue, a familiar voice sounded.

"Madam, your face is disfigured not because of our product but something else," Chace walked over and said.

Just now, he made a diagnosis of Irene's face through a method of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The cosmetics wasn't the causation. It was because Irene had a special constitution and would get boils on her face when exposed to certain allergens.

"Don't even try to deny it. My sister bought your product here yesterday, and her face hurt after she used it. Worse still, she found herself disfigured the next morning. Now can you deny that it has nothing to do with your product?" Rex growled.

"Who are you? The boss's driver? You're in no position to speak."

Irene glanced at Chace and said with disdain.

Meanwhile, everyone at the entrance looked at Chace who suddenly appeared.

Martha was also surprised to see him and blurted out after recovering from shock, "Chace, you bastard. You still have the nerve to come back? Do you take me as your wife?"


'The gorgeous and graceful woman is married?'

'Her husband is the guy who is plainly dressed and looks like a gigolo?'

At this moment, all the men at the gate stared at Chace with envy....

"You're her husband? So you're the real boss of the company?" Irene looked at Chace.

As she spoke, the security guards burst into laughter.

Although Chace had left City N for a year, these security guards knew him.

They knew that Chace was an uxorilocal son—in—law and was supported by Martha. Thus, they couldn't help but laugh when Irene asked if Chace was the real boss.

Martha glared at Chace.

Chace said, "I am her husband, but this company isn't mine. Madam, your face...."

"Shut up, Chace. Don't talk nonsense...."

Martha really wanted to slap Chace in the face.

He just came back, but why couldn't he be good? What nonsense did this loser say?

Was he going to interfere in this matter?

Didn't he know his ability? Could he fix it?

But Chace continued, "Madam, we have plenty of customers. Why are you the only one who is disfigured by our product? Why didn't this happen to other customers?"

Hearing this, Irene snorted and said as she pointed at Chace, "Are you saying that I lied to extort your money?"

Chace shook his head, "I don't know if you're intentionally blackmailing us, but I know that you're sick."

"Damn you! What the hell did you say? Watch your mouth!" Rex was irritated and rolled up his sleeves in an attempt to beat Chace.

Meanwhile, Irene pointed at Chace with her finger trembling with anger, "Good. I've never suffered such humiliation before. It's okay if you don't want to compensate me, but how dare you say I'm sick? I think you're sick. Forget the compensation. Now I just want your company to go bankrupt. You wait and see. I'll definitely ask my husband to shut down your company!"

She was truly enraged by Chace.

But Chace was serious.

Irene was really sick. She suffered from an invisible skin disease called 'allergic eczema', which would be triggered off by some allergens. If not treated promptly, not only would she get disfigured, but her life would be in danger.

Chace patiently explained this to Irene and said, "I can cure your illness and completely eradicate it."

"I'm sick? You help me eradicate it? Are you a doctor? Such a young doctor?" Irene asked doubtfully.

Suddenly, a security guard couldn't help but chime in, "He isn't a doctor. He's just an uxorilocal son—in—law, supported by our boss. He has never studied medicine."

"Damn you! You haven't studied medicine, and yet you said that my sister was sick. Are you cursing her? You guys are really unscrupulous. The product you sold disfigured my sister, but you denied it and refused to compensate us. Now you even say that my sister is sick?" Rex said.

Irene was riled up when she heard that Chace was a kept man who had never studied medicine and was despised even by the security guards. 'He actually said that I was sick in front of so many people. How dare he!'

As for Martha, her face was extremely cold now. If it weren't for the fact that many people were here, she would slap Chace across the face.

What nonsense was the bastard talking about?

Irene was sick?

Chace must be crazy!

This bastard was just a loser in the past, but now he was an insane loser after being out for a year.

Chace still wanted to say something, but Martha hastily scolded, "Chace, shut up! If you speak again, you'll have no food for the next two days."

Hearing this, Chace shook his head and shut up.

The security guards couldn't help but laugh. They thought to themselves, "Chace is indeed a kept man. He is completely at the mercy of his wife."

Martha said to Irene, "Ms. Irene, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. He isn't our employee, and what he said just now is nonsense. Don't take it seriously. It's okay if you want compensation. I will bear all of your medical expenses and compensate for your mental anguish. Is it all right?"

Although Martha felt aggrieved, she had no choice because businessmen had to compromise with officials. If money could solve the problem, then settle it with money.

Although several million wasn't a small sum of money, Martha could afford it.

"No, I don't need your compensation now. Just wait for your company to be closed and file for bankruptcy!"

Irene was really mad. She snorted and walked towards an Audi A6 nearby in high heels, covering her face with her hand. She got on the car and left with her men.

Martha's face turned even paler.

She looked at Chace, her lips shivering with rage.

This bastard was not only a loser, but also a troublemaker. Why couldn't he shut his mouth? Now he offended the wife of the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce in City N, which made things worse.

All the companies here were under the management of the Chamber of Commerce in City N. Thus, it was a piece of cake for the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce to deal with Martha.

"You ... You...." Martha pointed at Chace and was speechless with anger.

The security guards also looked at Chace and shook their heads.

Many people in the company had heard Chace's name. Although Chace had left City N for a year, the old employees knew that he was Martha's husband and was a kept man.

Even the security guards looked down on him.

"Go into the company ... I'll fix you when I'm free tonight," Martha coldly said to Chace through clenched teeth.

Chace followed her into the company.

Martha was in no mood to scold him. In fact, the main reason was that she got too much work to do and had no time to scold him.

Now she was considering how to placate Irene, whose husband was the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce.

"Alas! Now I can only pull some stings to beg Ms. Irene's pardon."

Martha sighed and took out her phone to call some officials she knew before.

However, most of those people just put her off. It seemed that they didn't want to get involved.

Meanwhile, the phone in the secretary office kept ringing. As her company was short of money now, some cooperative partners were worried that her company would go bankrupt and called in advance to ask for the balance payment.

Martha was plagued by these things and became even angrier when seeing that Chace was sitting beside her dully.

"I really can't count on him at all. He can do nothing but cause trouble. What happened today just proves it. How do I have such a good—for—nothing husband?" Martha sighed to herself.

"Just go. Hurry up and leave. I'm sick of you. Just go home." Martha didn't want to see Chace and motioned him to go home.

"Martha, I've learned a bit of financial investment in the past year. Do you need me to help you with the company affairs?" Chace said. He was quite proficient in investment now and was back to help Martha.

"No need! Just go home and enjoy yourself. I don't dare to hire you. You've offended the wife of the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce. If I hire you, you'll probably offend some big shots later. Besides, my company is likely to go bankrupt, so I can't afford to hire you...."

Martha was disheartened and waved her hand, signaling to Chace to disappear in front of her.

Chace opened his mouth and wanted to say that he could help her. If she needed money, he could give her 1 billion in an hour. However, he hesitated.

In fact, he could also help her settle the dispute with Irene....

He just needed to make a phone call.

But before he could speak, Martha glared at him and said, "If you don't leave, I'll call security to chase you away."

Chace was frustrated.

Finally, he sighed and bit back what he really wanted to say.

A moment later, he said gently, "Alright. Then I'm going back home to make dinner for you...."

"Scram. Hurry up and scram...." Martha felt desperate. This was her husband, a man who only cared about household chore. She hated him for being such a loser.

After Chace left the company, he took out the special phone owned by the Heatons and gave Derek a call.

As the phone went through, the person on the other end said respectfully, "Mr. Chace."

"Derek, I need you to do me a favor. Can you give me some money?" Chace said straightforwardly.

"You want money? How much?" Derek asked, "How about I give you 1 billion as your living expenses?"

"Alright." Chace nodded. Hidden Sect was so affluent that 1 billion wasn't a large sum of money to it.

"Mr. Chace, I will transfer the money into your account today," Derek said.

Chace replied, "OK. By the way, I have one more thing. Do we have members of the Hidden Sect in the Chamber of Commerce in City N?"

Unexpectedly, Derek was silent for a while and said, "No."

Chace was a little disappointed.

However, Derek's voice sounded again, "We don't place people in City N as it's just a city in a low level. It's under the jurisdiction of Province JN, so we just have some people planted in the province. The president of the Chamber of Commerce in Province JN, Baron Harper, is our man."

"Give me his number. I'll go find him and ask him for a favor," Chace said and told Derek what happened to Martha today.

Hearing this, Derek said, "There is no need for you to do this. I'll take care of it."

"Alright. Thank you, Derek. You'd best call Baron today. My wife is upset and worried about this. I don't want her to be unhappy," Chace said.

"Alright, I'll do it right now...."