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Taming The Alpha Play Boy

Taming The Alpha Play Boy

Author: Xiaxia



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Luke Cage a sex addict,a ruthless billionaire,a play boy, a powerful Alpha.He doesn't believe in love because while growing up he saw how his mother treated his father. He is a hybrid-half werewolf ,half vampire the first of his kind.would his perspective of women change when he meets his mate.
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Chapter 1

"awww!yeah! "come on baby,hit me harder!"Lily moaned in pleasure.Luke smirked "I would punish you for calling me baby"he said spanking her butts."yeah! punish me baby!"Lily replied.Luke thrusted harder,their moan was filled in the room.the bed was creaking"stop! please"Lily pleaded.she was experiencing pains now instead of pleasure but Luke didn't listen to her,he enjoyed it more when his prey begged for mercy.

Tears were already rolling down Lily's cheeks.she was like"what has she gotten herself into.she shouldn't have listened to her dad's advice to seduce this ruthless man,he was even ruthless in bed.

He finally stopped when he released the fourth time,Lily discovered that she was still alive,she thanked God silently and collapsed on the bed.Luke stared at her and murmured"weak humans"he left for the bedroom and took a shower ,he changed to his clothes.he dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a cheque book, he scribbled down some figures and kept the cheque on the table.

He stared at the girl lying on the bed,her hair was sprawled all over.she was a beautiful woman but to him"women were all the same"her long neck was visible and it was enchanting.he licked his lips.his eye color changed to red and his fangs appeared.he came closer to her and removed the hair sprawled around her neck.he inhaled her scent.the scent of her blood was refreshing,he was damn thirsty.he was about to stick his fangs into her neck when he remembered something.

The woman he just had sex with was a daughter of an influential person.She was Lily Carter,the heir to the carter company.she was no ordinary person.its not like he can't kill her if he wants to but he didn't want to create unnecessary trouble in the human realm who doesn't know anything about the existence of supernatural creatures.

There were rules guiding the creatures like werewolf on their interaction with humans.They weren't allowed to kill humans, great consequences would follow if anyone Break the was a curse by the moon goddess"Selene" but that stupid rule like he called it didn't apply to him because he was a hybrid.he was different,the first of his specie,half werewolf,half vampire.he was feared by many.

Many alphas wanted their daughters to be his Luna because he was a very powerful being.while in the human world,many rich business tycoons wanted him for a son -in -law because he was a very young powerful,rich billionaire.He had chains of businesses world wide.Many companies wanted to work with his.He was a Playboy who openly welcomed any girl who threw herself at him with open arms,after using the person,he dumps her.He was a sex addict who didn't believe in love.


Luke was still a pup,he was sleeping when he heard noises coming from the room.he went to check on what was happening.There he saw his father and his mother shouting at each other.they were so engrossed in their fight that they didn't notice his presence."so you still love that jerk"his dad said to his mother."when has it become a crime to love?"his mother replied.His father"James"was very heartbroken at his mom's reply."I know the mate bond doesn't apply to you but can you at least be faithful to me now,we are mates now"James cried."I never wanted this,James"Margaret replied."can you at least do it for our son"James asked."don't bring our son into this,I don't love you James and I don't want to be with you again"she shouted and was about to leave when she saw Luke staring at them.she walked past him in anger.His dad fell down and tears rolled down his cheeks.when his dad noticed his presence,he wiped his tears.Luke was irritated.the next word that left Luke's mouth kept James wondering whether Luke was a kid."weakling,how can you let a woman to treat you like this,you are a disgrace to the pack!"James pinched Luke's cheek."it's the power of mate bond,you won't understand because you are still a child"Luke scoffed"fuck that stupid mate bond and fuck that senseless moon goddess."you stupid kid, don't curse,you are also a werewolf and soon you would become an alpha"I am not one of your stupid packs,am a hybrid"Luke said but James wasn't in the mood to argue with him.after minutes of silence,Luke asked"are you together with mum just because of the mate bond?"James smiled sadly."I really love your mother sincerely."Luke nodded,he clenched his hands into fists and walked away in anger.he was really going to do something his mother won't be able to forget.


He controlled his thirst for blood.he left the hotel room,he dismissed all his guards,he went to the parking lot and entered his black BMW.he drove to a secluded area.he came out of his car and climbed on top of a very tall tree.he lit up his cigarettes and smoked.he could see the view of everything happening in the neighborhood from there.everywhere was calm,the sounds of birds screeching can be heard.he looked at his watch,it was 1 was a very calm night, his thirst for blood dissipated.

After a while,he heard moans"gosh, can't I have peace for a second"he murmured.he had a sharp hearing ability unlike other were wolves.he wanted to block his mind away from the unwanted noise but he became interested at the source of the moans when he heard their discussion."are you sure your husband isn't coming back today?"the man asked."yeah baby,he travelled"the woman said in between moans.

He searched with his eyes and traced with his mind and ears for the source and finally he found them,it was a pent house.he jumped down from the tree and relocated immediately to the place in a sharp pace.

The adulterous people were busy in their act that they didn't notice the presence of another person in the room."Today is your judgement day"Luke said in a deep voice smirking.His words made the two adulterers to become aware of their surrounding.they looked up and saw a man dressed in black,his face was not clearly visible because he had a hat on but they could tell the intruder was smiling through his lips because it was curved upwards.

"Hey,who are you?get the fuck out of here,you mother fucker"the man cursed.the woman wasn't speaking,she was sweating profusely,her teeth was clattering together,she was affected by the intruder's aura.she was more intelligent than the man who was cursing.Taking a mere look at the intruder,she could tell that the man was not a person to mess with.

Luke's gaze turned to the woman ignoring the man.he noticed that the woman was shivering like a cold rabbit.she was visibly scared.he smiled mischievously,he walked towards the woman in a slow but scary step.the woman peed immediately on the bed and the stench filled everywhere.Luke's nose scrunched up,he was irritated."dirty thing!"he cursed out loudly,I bet that I won't infect myself with your blood.the woman became more scared at his words.the dumb man replied"hey you weirdo,get the fuck out of here"he barked.Luke ignored him."Hey how dare you ignore me,am gonna show you the stuff am made of,mother fucker."He said but what he witnessed next made him to defecate on his pants.

Luke smashed the woman's neck in a go and his eyes were blood shot red and his fangs has appeared.This made the man to remember what he usually watched in movie about vampire, werewolves,witches,zombies but was this really happening for real. he ran to the door but the door was locked,he banged helplessly but no help was coming,he climbed the window and jumped off into a nearby forest,he ran like a madman,his heart beating fast.Luke was having a good time chasing him,he enjoyed to to see the scared expression of his prey first before killing them.he enjoyed the chase but his Time was up,he was done chasing.

The man was still running when Luke appeared in his front,what was left of the man was fainting but he controlled himself,he still had the chance to beg.he fell on his knees and started hitting his forehead on the ground."please don't kill me, please please,I beg you, please have mercy on him"he pleaded with tears rolling down his cheeks profusely and blood tickling down his forehead."stand up"Luke ordered smiling.The man was filled with joy at his words but his next word crushed his hope of being alive."let's check out who the real mother fucker is"Luke said smiling mischievously."PL...."before the man could complete his words, Luke sank his fangs into his neck and sucked his blood,the man's body was shaking when he was sucking his blood but Luke Cage didn't stop.The man's body stopped moving and his body turned cold,Luke left him and his body dropped dead on the ground.he used his tongue and licked the remaining blood on his lips.he put a call to his beta"clear this package"he said to the beta."ok,alpha"the beta replied and the call ended."clear this package"was a slang he used when he wanted to tell his aides to take care of the dead bodies of the people he killed.

He looked at his watch again,it was 2:30 am,he entered his car and drove home.