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My Personal Assistant

My Personal Assistant

Author: Gina1lv


General Romance

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My name is Justin Styles. I'm the youngest billionaire in the world. I own many estates and shopping malls across the state. People said I was a hotheaded man with anger issues. I have fired six personal assistants in a month. They quit for not knowing how to cope with me or get fired for any slight mistake. Isabella was the only personal assistant that HR could find for me. God, she is a beautiful girl with a blabbermouth. Her talkative personality makes me dizzy. Meanwhile, she often wears strange clothes--her grandmother's shoes or her uncle's trousers. She is good at anything, except being a good personal assistant. Every time I intend to fire her, she could make me change my mind. Gradually, I was irresistibly attracted by her. Well, the drama unfolds when Izzy showed up in my office. God, it is a disaster!
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Chapter 1

  "What is this?" I shouted at my personal assistant, throwing the coffee latte at her.

  " Sir.... It .. s" she stuttered

  "Why can't you just do one thing right? You're fired"

  "No...... Please Sir"

  "Tell Eunice I need a new assistant before the day runs out"

  She rushed out of my office crying, idiot, don't know how to make common black coffee.

  My name is Justin Styles, I'm twenty seven years old. I'm the youngest billionaire in the world. I own many Estates and shopping Malls across the State.

  I'm what most people call a womanizer, an introvert. I don't care about peoples feelings.

  I've had more than six PA's in a month. It's either the get fired or the quit for not knowing how to cope with me.

  My phone rang and I picked it up "Justin,I'll be sending in a lady in a few minutes"

  Eunice is the only woman who tolerates me. I've known her since I was little and she doesn't care if I'm the CEO, always putting me in my place.

  I hanged up and waited for the person who would want to be my PA.

  Few minutes later, a lady walked in. I had to blink cause at first look you'll think it's a mad woman.

  She was wearing an old big suit, I'm sure she borrowed. The skirt reached her calf.

  I blinked, of all people looking for job, why did Eunice pick this one?

  I looked back up at her face, well she's pretty. Her hair is the only thing I find attractive right now. It's so dark you'll think it's blue. She wrapped it around her head in a way that left me wondering if it's really her hair.

  "Good afternoon sir" she greeted with the most beautiful voice I've ever heard

  "Sit down"

  Once she settled down, she brought out a book and a pen from the ugliest bag I've ever seen, what would she use that for? I wonder

  "What's your name?" I asked her

  "My name hmmm..... Well you see, when my I was born, I looked just like my great grandma so my parents decided to name me after her, infact look"

  She got up" you see this suit, I inherited it from my great great great grandma, she also inherited it from my great great great great grandma so I'm also going to pass it on to my daughter and granddaughter and great grandkids"

  "Your name! " I shouted seriously where did they get this girl from? She's so weird and a talkative too.

  "Oh sorry...... It's just that I thought this was part of the interview so I wrote many histories of my family. I can read it out for you if you want"

  No ... Please don't, I thought putting my head in my hands. Would someone tell this lady to shut up before I do something I might later regret.

  She put her legs on my desk. What the hell!!

  I've never seen this kind of shoes in my life, it looks like she got it from the museum cause it's so ugly and ancient. Hmmm are you sure this was not the shoes Moses wore in his time?

  She continued talking even when I didn't reply

  "This shoes are my great great great great great......"

  "ENOUGH!! I get it just shut up" I took a deep breath cause I'm seriously loosing my shit.

  "Have you ever worked before?" I asked her

  "Yeah I usually sing by the roadside, should I sing for you?"

  Before I could reply she started singing Without Me by Halsey

  Tell me how's the it feel... sitting up there

  Feeling so high but you're far away to hold me

  You know I'm the who put you up there

  Name in the sky does it ever get lonely

  Thinking you could without me/2*

  Maybe I'm the one who put you up there

  I don't know why...

  Wow!! Who would have thought that this crazy girl would have such an amazing and melodious voice. I even found myself nodding while she kept singing.

  I decided to snap out of it and cleared my throat

  "It's okay" I enjoyed it but I won't tell her that.