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Poor Substitute Bride: Who's the Real Boss?

Poor Substitute Bride: Who's the Real Boss?



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Charlotte was forced to sign off to marry Martin, the disabled and disfigured son of the Brooks family. The Davidson family needed money, so they found Charlotte, their adopted daughter, and asked her to replace Scarlett, who was supposed to marry Martin. Martin Brooks was the heir to the Brooks family, one of the wealthiest families in Catal City. But his character was so aggressive that no one in Catal City dared to marry him. But Charlotte was not an ordinary person. On the surface, she was just a country girl, but secretly she had many identities, a world-class actress, racing champion, genius scientist... And very few people know that Martin was not cripple or ugly at all. Those were the news that he released especially. What was more dramatic was that Charlotte had several big shots who were her long-lost brothers! How would such two deeply hidden people continue in this contract marriage? Or would they discover the secret behind each other?
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Chapter 1

The Davidson Villa was brightly lit.

"I won't marry him!" Charlotte Davidson said firmly.

Lucy Davidson, her stepmother, shouted angrily, "You have no choice but to marry him! We've worked so hard to raise you, and all you do is waste money. You will never have a say in this family."

"Sign this agreement, and you can have a grand wedding," Lucy said as she slammed the transfer agreement onto the table and shoved the pen into Charlotte's hand. Her sweet smile didn't quite reach her eyes.

Charlotte gazed icily at the dowry contract and corporate transfer agreement lying on the table.

She then lifted her eyes to look at Lucy who had always treated her like a fool, with no regard for her well-being or survival.

Martin Brooks was the heir to the Brooks family, the wealthiest family in Catal City.

However, it was rumored that he was crippled by an accident and his face had been disfigured. Even the best cosmetic surgeon in Catal City could do nothing about it.

His character was so aggressive that no one in Catal City dared to marry him.

At the moment, the whole of Catal City was curious about which unfortunate daughter could withstand the challenge of living with him for even a mere few days.

Lucy was practically sending Charlotte to her doom. "Scarlett is the one who made a vow to marry him, not me. If you're after his money, convince her to marry him. I won't be marrying him," she declared firmly.

"If you don't marry him, mark my words, I'll destroy the relic your father left behind! But if you obediently comply with our wishes, we'll hand it over to you," Lucy threatened, her tone menacing.

The Brooks family had come to propose to Scarlett Davidson, Lucy's biological daughter. But Scarlett had thrown a tantrum, cried, and flat-out refused to marry Martin.

Therefore, Lucy promptly fetched the family's adopted daughter from the village and coerced her into marrying Martin in Scarlett's stead, effectively using her as a pawn in their scheme.

Charlotte's frigid gaze flickered with fierce killing intent. She glared at Lucy with steely resolve, picked up the pen slowly, and signed the contract.

"Remember what you've promised. If you dare to lay a finger on my father's relic, I'll make sure you feel the icy grip of winter before it arrives."

Lucy was frightened by Charlotte's gaze, but she knew that Charlotte was just an orphan with nothing. After all, Charlotte had signed the contract, and the money would belong to her.

She picked up the contract happily and exclaimed with a bright smile, "Country bumpkins truly don't know how the world works. She'll do whatever we tell her to do."

"Mom, you are the smartest," Scarlett remarked with a smile. "In the future, the company and her dowry will be mine."

"You're my precious daughter. Naturally, you deserve everything best. That village girl wouldn't know what to do with the money even if we were to give it to her. Why don't we spend it all on her behalf?"

Lucy turned her head, only to see that Charlotte was still standing there in a daze. "Why haven't you left? Get into the wedding car this instant! Today is your wedding day," she barked impatiently.

Opposite them, Charlotte was wearing a white wedding dress that accentuated her curves, making her appear alluring and enchanting.

Truth be told, Charlotte's appearance and demeanor far surpassed Scarlett's, but in Lucy's eyes, she was an ignorant country girl who knew nothing.

"Don't say I never treated you kindly. I let you marry into a nice family. The Brooks family is the wealthiest and most influential in Catal City. Once you marry Mr. Brooks, you won't have to fret about anything in your life."

As they talked, they made their way out of the villa and were greeted by a multitude of luxurious, limited-edition cars parked outside.

Charlotte had her head lowered and didn't say a word.

She allowed Lucy to help her to the wedding car and frowned slightly at Lucy's nagging words.

She got into the wedding car obediently and looked at Lucy who was smiling happily. Her eyes gradually turned cold.

The car door closed, and the wedding car drove towards the castle of the Brooks family steadily.

There was no one in the car with her except for the driver. Charlotte pulled down the veil on her head and put it aside casually.

The wedding was so simple. Only the wedding car came to pick her up, and no relatives or friends were present.

That suited her just fine. After all, it meant she wouldn't have to deal with any unnecessary hassle.

The wedding car came to a halt outside the castle. Charlotte stole a few fleeting glances at the castle through her veil. The structure spanned over 10,000 square meters and was a sight to behold. It was a fitting abode for the affluent family with centuries of history to their name.

It was said that the groom was disabled, so she was carried into the castle by a bodyguard.

There was no special ceremony, no upbeat music, no shining lights, and no friends or family.

In the prime of her life, Charlotte got married just like that.